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Dream About Bluish Black meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does MY dream mean?

so many people ask this question.
ok ...well this is how it goes:

i wake up in grey/bluish/greenish cell. it is not small. there are all these dirty-blue bars around and there's an O.K. sized square window in the middle of one of the walls. i see two of my friends ..(never knew these people)..both of them have short hair. They are both girls. One has black hair, the other has blond. they look tired, one's head is looking down. they are leaning against the wall.
i am lying on the floor. it is humid and somehow i know that im somewhere in South East asia.
i slowly get up and start hearing voices, probably the other cells because later i hear them even more. anyway, something happens and then i see this man walk in with a gun. i only see his torso and legs. he is wearing brown/black pant and a beige shirt. he says something and we all look up at him. he starts smiling & mumbling and goes to the black haired girl. grabs her arm and pulls her away from the blond. girl starts crying..

omg that must have been horrible! But gont worry most dreams mean the oppisite of what happens sooo youll probably have a very long life and none of your friends are goining 2 die sometime near the future! So cheers 2 u. lol:)

Example: Weird dream?

I have had the strangest of dreams. I was wondering if anyone can help me get some meaning out of it . Maybe it was just meaningless... I dunno. Here goes:
I am back home at my parents place. My husband is (of all ppl) Matthew Mcconaughey ! (Believe me .. he's not even my fav actor nor have i ever had a crush on him) And he is shirtless... ;)
Then I am going fishing with my family (in real life we have never gone fishing) to place near the outskirts of my hometown. Some how I dont know the place I am going ... but I know I have read abt the place and have seen the picture. I try to identify landmarks on the way, but am not able to do so. Neways we reach , its a kind of a foreboding forest (something like what they show in the movie ET) we can see the silhouette of the trees and the light through them , like the silhouette of the trees is black and the background light is kinda bluish white ... but somehow I am not scared... I feel I have seen a picture of the place before.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have been having many dreams lately. At first it was really blurry and foggy at first, but now I know what I dreamed.

I was in a forest. I was walking around when suddenly, things started to get black a little bit. I heard grass rustling behind me. While I was turning I was stabbed. I didn't see who it was. I fell to he ground. The whole forest turned to black when I hit the ground (I heard voices when I was drowsy and continued hearing them in the dream). A few seconds after I hit the ground I was in a bluish/redish sky. Falling, I was falling. When I hit the ground it turned black. I tried to climb back to the portal up in the sky but I was attacked again and fell. As I was falling. It turned into a huge mansion. A stain glass window with all my friends formed on the ceiling and I woke up when I hit the ground.

So what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a bluish-black coated german shepherd and he only like me not the people near by?

in my dream the dog was full grown and in my dream he was familiar. I dont own or know anybody with a black german shepherd dog. He was only aggressive with the people around me and was protecting me but he never harmed me instead he licked my face and acted like a puppy. Could some one please interpret my dream...Thanks

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so, I'm gonna break this into parts.

The character I was was a sexy, slutty hunter (from left 4 dead) and I had amazing parkour skills and could sneak anywhere. I was also a good liar, and had a flashlight watch on my left arm, and a lazer pointer on my right arm. They couldn't come off if I tried. I had to giggle the flashlight in order to make it work. Also, I wore a thick, plain bluish black hoodie with brown, shredded pants. I was covered in blood. I kept the hoodie over most of my face.

So basically, friday night, I asked my mom if I could go out. It was around midnight, she said sure. I met a phillipino guy, and we went sneaking around, and then killing animals, usually cats. Sometimes I ate them. (being a zombie, a hunter from left 4 dead is undead)

Then he found out I was a girl, because I lifted my hood up breifly. He then wanted to **** me. So we went in a spot that wasn't secluded whatsoever, and the cops came up and accused us of public sex. After he did that, he was like "wait... aren't you the two going around murdering pets?!" I was scared, and I immideately tried jumping away with my hunter skills (the hunter can get around 25 feet with one leap) but after the second jump, he tazed me and I fell to the ground. I felt the pain in my dream. He then tied me up and interrogated me. I don't know what happened to my phillipino friend.

They somehow let me go from that incident, I don't remember why. I think I lied about killing the pets, and I think I accused my philipino buddy of raping me, so he got all the blame. (I was somewhat evil)

Years passed, I was a very wanted girl. I explored caves with my flashlight, and for some reason I usually brought little girls with me (probably as bait). The animals in these caves were very... alienish.

I remember getting lost in the cave but then I came back out.

The rest of my dream is fuzzy.

All I really remember is that my mom scolded me for coming back at 5 AM.

Also, I lied to her where I was. I told her I was hunting around the block, but, I was really exploring caves in greenland (in my dream greenland was about five miles away from my house)

So what do you think?

Example: Crazy Dream! What da Hell does it mean!? LoL? O.o?

So I went back to bed at 9 because I needed some more sleep and I had the morbidly funniest dream ever...

So an alien invasion was happening in a suburban town with some skyscrapers etc...

Below, the police were going, "HUT Hut HUT Hut!" and shooting bullets at this grey blimp looking like thing with a edge that looked like the rails on a stairwell. A fat black woman in an orange shirt was on one of the top floors of a building and also madly shooting away at this object. Suddenly, an orange-blue really bright electricity looking like beam came out of the blimp and hit the fat black woman. She was flying around in the air in circles being carried by the electricty beam and she was saying "LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" and then POOF! She disappeared.

Next thing I know I was under water in a city that looked like Venice where the rivers run through where the roads and highways would be. There were bluish rocks and corals and sponges in the water and I could see the surface shimmering and everything in the sky. Suddenly this large black hockey puck looking like object with a green ring in the middle that kind of looks like the green ring on the Xbox logo showed up. From this hockey puck UFO, a quick flash of a straight blue beam came down and went through the water. It caused the ground underneath the water to rumble and a bright blue ring started spreading outwards from the point where the UFO laser hit. This ring cut through 3 or 4 buildings like a samurai sword and caused 3 or so of them to fall over.

Then next thing I know, I was being breifly floated out of the water into the air where the UFO was and I found myself in the middle of a dry town this time with the usual roads and stuff. There was an attractive girl who looks like someone I know in real life named Maddy to my left. I forget what exactly she said but it was something along the lines of "You can drive the UFO. I'll follow you."

So I began using what looked like a black video game controller with a whole bunch of buttons and it was strange who I knew exactly what to do with them. I hovered in the air above all the crashed cars and police wildly firing bullets while Maddy somehow managed to keep up and she was really fast! She didn't even run, like somehow her magical walk was as fast as the UFO I was riding. She took me to this really large building that contained a mall, a baseball stadium, a music recital hall, and an IMAX theater. I was able to fly the UFO inside and she knew the inside of the building real well. We flew past reception at the front and reached a place that looked like Fenway Park Baseball and I flew the UFO over the baseball field while Maddy went around the stadium through all the people and arrived at exactly the same time I was at the other end of the stadium. We then flew up one level and there was this music school like place where people were taking turns singing inside a classroom. The guy who was singing was bad and I thought, "Shoot, I thought these guys could sing better than this..." Maddy got up to leave before me so I followed her. We then flew down about 6 floors into what looked like an IMAX theater store where there were videos and CDs being sold. Maddy told me that a couple of people named David and Rene were there and that they just had a huge event down here. I felt kind of embarrassed to make eye contact with them and tried to act like I didn't even notice. I was shy and tried to hide behind the CDs.

LoL! Then damn! That's when the dream ended when I thought the adventure would continue... :(

What I liked about the dream was that all the rules of life as we know it had changed. The aliens didn't come to conquer us or to steal something from us but it seemed like the aliens came here for the thrill of causing mischief. They kind of had a silent agreement with people who joined them in the fun that they were having. I felt this special connection to Maddy almost like she was my gf.

It was one of the best dreams I had (apart from the sexual ones... LOL!)

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream last night I looked into the mirror and my left eye looked mottled… I can’t think of a better word than that. The color in my eyes had a slightly smeared look with the white of my eye and the black of my pupil (my eye color is green naturally, in my dream is was a very dark, clear, bluish green)
If that wasn’t enough, the next part of my dream was that I wound up in bed with my roommate. Partially dressed, I just kinda found myself there in his bed. He reached out me, and I didn’t know how I got there, but it was realistic enough for me to think that I must have slept-walked in there. I tried to explain it, but it felt like I was just making excuses, like I really did want to be in there, but I still felt flustered about being there… I kept looking around, but when I looked away from him I couldn’t see clearly, just shadowy translucent pictures of my room, like the wall that separates his bedroom and mine was disappearing. So there I was with him in his bed… and one can surmise what else happened….
So what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean...?

I was in this store looking at thing to buy and everything that was food was opened and it all had ants crawling on it. I saw something that looked pretty neat, it was a butterfly see-through glass with a black rod and a magnifying glass. the person who owned the store was frustrated because no one was buying anything, and came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy it and I told him no. I started to use the magnifying glass but it wasn't that good, and it didn't show me much of what I didn't see without it. Then I saw a girl with it walking my way, she had short very light blonde hair, her arms and legs were grey, her skin on her face was very light, her stomach, and shoulder, and she had grey eyes. She was wearing a light bluish grayish dress. I wanted to talk with her but it looked like she was in a hurry, but I did say she was very pretty looking. The girl looked about 12 years old. what does my dream mean...?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In the dream I was in a bright room with white walls floor and ceiling. I was looking for a door but there wasn't one. for some reason I had the feeling I had to get out or something bad was going to happen. I began to call out and then I saw this girl standing in one of the corners. She had long raven black hair, bright glowing bluish green eyes, and she was dressed in the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. When I tried to ask her where the door was she pointed behind me and when I turned around there was a mirror. In the mirror I saw myself but where the girl should have been the was this huge black misty substance that kept growing, but if i looked at the girl she was a girl not a black cloud. The black mist kept growing and engulfed me so i couldnt breathe then a voice told me "it is near" then i woke up. what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean?

I took a nap today and had a very exciting but disturbing F***ed up dream:

I was swimming very fast across this large lake with bluish green water and there were many people in the water and I could feel their fingers brush and tap across my body as I swam to this strange island with a castle-like red building.

In this large mall + castle/mansion - like building with many places inside one can get lost very easily. It was a large place with different rooms and many floors. I went to this place because I wanted to get some work done before going to my actual workplace the next day and it was nighttime. There were rooms with presentation boards, desks, and TVs. There were very many places inside almost like a large indoor city. I wandered around a bit.

In this baby room there was a set of stairs going up to a dark place with a brown door at the top and completely dark up there. The baby room had cribs and toys but there were no babies around. I saw a blue cat, a red dog, and some black animal in the room and they were all alive. Suddenly there was soft thumping sound coming from the building somewhere. It became louder and louder until the ground was shaking and then suddenly this ugly demon/monster like creature with thick legs and a small head with branch like arms fell out of the top of the room and stomped the blue cat dead. There was blood everywhere and the dog and the black animal were screaming and were very scared. The demon thing had legs that looked like dirty snow and a head that was tiny and ugly. It disappeared somewhere into the building while I was hiding and it didn't see me. I came out of my hiding spot while it was gone and tried to look for a way out of the building. The building's power was failing and the lights began to flutter. I made my way down a set of stairs and went into this classroom type of room where there were 3 of my friends and one was a girl. She was pretty and I remember holding her and kissing her lips which felt very real and was really fun! (I wanna do it again)

I remember being worried as much as excited as I kissed her that she wouldn't suddenly turn into that demon thing and kill me but she didn't which made me feel so close to her and able to trust her. So the 4 of us began leaving the building while I shined LED headlights as a flashlight because the building was completely dark now. At any moment, the demon thing might see us and chase us. I was the 2nd/3rd one to leave the building but we all made it out. As we ran outside, this large tractor-like machine shined its headlights towards us and began coming towards us. I yelled, "DIE"

and that's when I woke up feeling very weird - almost like the dream left a very bad taste in my brain and I wasn't sure if the world I woke up to was a good one for the next 10 minutes!

What does this mean?

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