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Dream About Blue meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my Blues Clues Dream mean?

WHat does this dream mean?
okay it started off i was in the blues clues house (like the show) with blue and steve(not joe) and his handy dandy notebook. We were looking for clues and one of the clues was a fish and steve said 'here hayley you can draw this one.' he handed me the handy dandy notebook and i drew this amazing looking fish (haha i still remember what it looks like it was epic) then steve started freaking out yelling 'what the f*** hayley! THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DRAW A F***ING FISH! THAT IS WRONG! YOU ARE SO STUPID! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!' then he snatched it away from em and drew this crappy looking fish like how everyone draws. then i got pissed off and woke up :D

haha this dream was histarical but im so curious what it means


LMFAO im sorry that is just hilarious i can picture steve saying that lol...it doesnt mean anything probably it's probably just a random dream

Example: Dream meaning? blue blood in shape of flowers?

K this is gross but I had my period in my dream but the blood was blue and it was making flower shapes in the toilet. Kinda like the flowers on sponge bob... weird dream... what could it mean?

Example: What does red and blue dragons dream mean?

years ago, i dreamed of red and blue dragons. they were circling each other above the clouds in the night sky . i was looking at them outside my house.

i just can't get it out of my head these days... anyone knows what it means? thank you very much! :)

Example: What does a silvery blue owl mean in a dream?

I had a dream about a gorgeous, shiny, almost metallic silvery blue feathered owl.
The owl was drowning in a pool, but it kept its composure and didnt drown.
I woke up and it was almost like I was emotionally attached to owl.
(note:ive never seen a real owl, talked about one, or thought of one so it was out of nowhere)

Example: What does it mean if i dream of blue eyes?

i saw a man with blonde, straight hair and blue eyes in my dream. what does this mean?

Example: Dream question?

what does navy blue mean a dream? like clothing was navy blue.

Example: Choir dressed in blue robes dream meaning?

I dreamed that I was in church and saw a choir singing dressed in blue robes. Everyone in the congregation was happy while I sat there feeling down. What do you think this means?

Example: What does this mean in a dream, blue moon?

I had a dream that I and my crush were flirting and looking at the starsand all of a sudden he said don't worrie just get the blue moon or something like that with blue moon in it what does it mee

Example: What does a dream about blue hair mean?

i had a dream last night about having my hair dyed electric blue and cut. what does it mean?

Example: What does dreaming of a blue rat mean?

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