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Dream About Blowing Into The Fire meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does fire-breathing dragons and thorns mean in a dream?

I had a dream a few days ago, where I was at school then I started to climb down some sort of mountain and I missed a step so I fell and landed in thorns; a dragon came out of nowhere and blew fire in my face? ..What could that possibly mean?
The same day I had a tragic incident happen to me which made me lose all hope. Could this dream may have been a warning? ..Also, I don't remember being scared when the dragon appeared, just shocked or bewildered.

Your an enchanted princess.
You were born a princess, with a loving queen and king as parents. However, unluckily for you, an evil witch kidnapped you, and put you in the care of her pet dragon Milo. Milo took care of you, and you loved him ever since, even though he has to keep you hostage. One day, you tried to escape, but Milo caught you, and was very upset. You were shocked, obviously.
Then, one day, a handsome prince came to rescue you, but by mistake killed your dear friend Milo. The pain was so great- You decided to leave your fair land and never return. So, you ended up here, remembering nothing except for few memories only in your dreams.
How do I know this? Well- I am a wizards apprentice from that world- sent to guard you in this land. I've have been sent to take care you, and eventually teach you to remember past- though you will never be able to come back here. Fair well dear princess.

PS If you are wondering why this dream took place at school, it was because yous memories of your land are still blurry. Therefore, not every detail can be shown in your dream, such as place. And they start to mix in with your current world.

Example: What does it mean to see fire in your dream?

i had this dream where i blow out the fire in different places in my room with water and then leave the room...but when i come back i c that the fire is back where it was..what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean...?

Ok so I dream that 2 trucks crashed by my house one landed in my front yard the other landed in a creek in my property (it landed over the creek the creek is really small). I was afraid they would blow up or catch on fire so I ran to the nabours house I can't remember the rest. I think they caught on fire

Thanks :D

Example: What does this dream mean?

So me and some friends are staying at a hotel in this dream and my whole school is there with us. There is a room we always go into and it has tons of windows and a view of a river and forest...

So we were outside for this big gathering about something and the cops show up with long limo like cars that can hold 20 people if they need to (but they are still cop cars).
They said someone had illegal drugs and they need to do a head count and search all the rooms for the drugs. So they had us line up and we would say our name and go into the window room, I was one of the first people to go to the table and the person at the table claimed to be my mother and this person was Angelina Jolie (weird I know) so she's like "Oh go right through hun". So it seemed normal to me so I walked into the window room and a couple friends followed.

The room smelt like smoke and my friend (who will go by the name of Jen) opened the closet door and started freaking out because someone turn the burner on (like a science lab burner) and it was over heating and was going to explode! And there was fire in the closet as well. Jen wasn't worried about the fire on this oil barrel in the closet, she was more worried about the burner so she shut it off and didn't bother with the oil and just walked out of the room with some other people.

I find out the person who set the blaze and had the drugs was this annoying girl I hate in real life.

So I was alone and I was searching the room for a fire extinguisher but couldn't find one anywhere, I found one in the corner but it didn't work so i threw it at the blaze and then the room blew up...

I was still alive and then some crazy guy in a scream outfit took me away... and then I woke up shaking.

too many movies? or does it mean something?

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the dream my boyfriend of one year and i are alone sitting on a hideous green couch and he is on one side holding a dustpan and mini broom and i am on the other side holding my own hand

this shouldn't concern me and i originally tried to blow it off... but its really bothering me now... please someone try to tell me what it means

Example: What does a dream about fire mean?

Last night was the third time, I had a dream about fire.

The first time it was dream about the neighborhood that my family lived in being burned down. It hadn't reached our house yet, but each house was individually exploding around us. Ours had not blown up yet though.

The second one was similar except the houses around us were burning/individually exploding, but again ours was not burnt yet. We were rushing to pack our things to leave.

The third was about a few members of my family-- my mom, dad, and one of my sisters going to an island, I think the Dominican Republic. We got there and it was okay, but on the drive to our vacation house (or where ever it was we were staying) I noticed 3-4 moving clouds or comets looking things in the sky 2 or 3 were white and one was black. After awhile we looked outside and noticed everything burning down, it looked as if it was too late... I couldn't believe it, but then I woke up in that dream to realize I was dreaming and that our vacation how was not burnt down. But then I looked outside and saw the 2 white shooting cloud comets in the sky and 1 black one, so I told all my family and we began to pack and get out of there and head towards either an airplane or boat ( I think we decided to head towards water).

Then I woke up... so dreams about fire, some say pinned up passion or anger others say a sign of something new or a transformation. But Idk... anyone have a clue?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had the most vivid dream that has stayed with me all day, and was wondering what it could mean.

It's night, and I am alone in the middle of nowhere happily looking at unusually bright stars that are forming unusual constellations. Suddenly, I look over and there is a church that is engulfed in a fierce fire. I know that there is no one inside, so I am not worried about that. however, the wind begins to pick up and the flames start to get blown my way, so I calmly leave...then I woke up.

In my life I am not religious, so there is no obvious link. It was so weird!

Example: I had a dream my school blew up and in real life were having a fire drill.. wat does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i was in a church, in the front, and i saw a candle, and i said "i wonder if i could create fire" and i try to blow the candle out but it wouldn't go out. Then i find another candle, without a wic, and i light it. i lit it with my mind, i just had to think about it, and it would happen. then i go outside and set a truck on fire, and it runs into a house. then me and my friends go into a pizza place, and theirs this girl their i don't know, and she knows all of my friends, and she starts eating with us, then i set the pizza on fire, then we walk out and im setting random people on fire.

Example: Meaning to my fire dream?

I'm lighting the Hanukkah candles (as you do in the middle of May!?) in front of the dead sea and I light the Shamash and suddenly the wind blows the flame onto the water and it is set alight... the whole sea is blazing

info, you might need to know about me, i live in england and want to go to the dead sea

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