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Dream About Blowing Into A Vagina meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Creepy and Gorey Nightmare?

Please post serious answers only.

This nightmare happened a month ago. In my dream, I just got home from school. As I went to my room, I saw my brother watching something in the computer. But I just saw a glimpse of it and did not mind it at all. I went out of my room to get my clean clothes and put it in my room. But as I was on my way back to my room, I saw what my brother was watching in the computer. I saw doctors wearing their operating gowns and a naked woman lying on the bed (i don't know what it is called). The doctors inserted a grenade inside her vagina then covered her with a thick... I don't know.. (blanket?) to protect themselves. Suddenly the woman blew up. I saw her blew up... saw the blood, the organs, the intestines. It was very disgusting. I woke up after that. It was about 6 am. After that I had trouble going back to sleep being so disturbed of what I dreamt about.. What does this dream mean?

I am going to guess that maybe your or your brother has seen porn on the computer? Or you're evaluating what you believe about porn in general. Chances are, you know someone who's addicted.

You put a naked woman with doctors (which seems like the normal scenerio) but you contrast it with a pretty violent and graphic outcome. This leads me to believe that you think porn is destructive to women. (Either that, or you have a serious fear of doctors.)

If this is hitting the nail on the head for you, spend some time in thought about it. Why would it be destructive? All the gore would suggest that you feel very strongly about this. Is there someone you need to confront? (Maybe it's not your place, but just figuring out what you think about something can keep dreams like this away.)

Blessings to you on this puzzle! If these answers aren't quite doing it for you, at least they can serve as a jumping off point. The symbols may mean something else to you completely-- dreams are very personal in meaning. Let me know if you want to bounce ideas.

Example: What does my dream mean?(a guy stuffed a hose up a girls vagina and turned it on) weird please read?

so i usually forget my dreams but i had this one a few months ago that pretty much scarred me for life. all i remember is seeeing this girl have a hose stuffed up he vagina then the guy turned it on and the water blew out her organs and all this blood was comming out of her private parts eyes ears mouth and pretty much everything. and she died and then the guy turned towards me and was going to do the same thing to me and i woke up at like 3 o'clock in the morning scared as hell and couldnt sleep the rest of the night. for people who think i made this up well i didnt and i just really want to know what this means. if it helps im 12(girl)

Example: Which rapper do you think is the best lyrcist?

Has the best Lyrics i mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

im with this girl which ive never met b4 in real life, she is pretty. She then faints/loses consciousness I perform cpr without blowing into her mouth just by pumping her chest. I think in the dream we know each other after that we go back to a house I have a shower go back to my room and am naked i decide not to get dressed and wait for her to enter the room. When she does I start putting on my boxers and she says didnt you want to have sex and i nod my head and say yes like a child then i cant rember more about the dream.

Example: I''ve been having strange dreams lately. What do these dreams mean?

So the first strange dream i ever had was about a year ago. I was on someones porch naked with another girl and a man. (i couldnt make out who they were). The man stuck a hose up the girl's vagina and filled it up with water on the highest setting. All of her body parts were flying everywhere from the water pressure. The man was about to do the same to me but i woke up out of scared ness.

These next few dreams were over the last few months.

I was in my bathtub taking a bubble bath, when the faucet started getting really hot and bubbling fire occured then, the faucet blew up into some kind of nuclear bomb. I was sucked inside the bomb. Inside of the bomb it was purple with maroon red stripes moving around. There were many tunnels branching out from the middle where i was. I was being sucked through a random one of these tunnels where i was taken to another middle sphere with tunnels. The cycle repeated for a while until i woke up, once again scared and shaking.

One dream i don't remember much of, but there was a lady sitting on my sister's bed, and i was sitting on my own ( i share a room). There were many other people in my room. The lady was some kind of pornstar, she was sticking giant balls up her *** hole. I walked out of my room, and every inch of walls in my house was covered in various bugs, i then woke up.

These are some dreams i remember, what do they mean. They are just so strange.

Example: What is the meanning of my dream?

Please help...Today I had a dream split in two parts...Sabe alguien sobre sueños? the 1st part was about having my left arm sucked by tones of little animals like those that suck blood from dogs, not sure their name in English, I was trying to take them off but they were too many, my arm was almost black, at the same time I was wondering if they were that kind that cure and heal while doing this...the 2nd part...I´m living with my mother and she/we had one snake at home very broad like a boa those from the Amazonia, I was very nervous to get bit, no sure if I was bit but my concern was around learning to hold it from the head so I could have control over it...when I try to leave the room I kicked it without purpous, and the snake/boa´s body got very shrinked, dry and reduced...I was feeling guilty cause didn´t want it to suffer, I care about animals regarless if they are cute or not...I have a conversation with the animal and told him that it´ll retrieve soon, the animal calms me down ans says he´ll be fine... then another snake red colour slides throw my right arm, I see them both from up I have them both held from their heads... each one in each hand...

Thank you for any help, I appreciate if you have some interest and experience about dreams and their meannings...THANK YOU !

Example: Wtf is this supposed to mean...(kind of gross)?

last night i had a dream that i was making out with the guy i really like and then i went down to give him a bl0w j0b but there was a vagina there instead! but i didnt think anything of it! and proceeded to eat him out...it was so weird! im straight, never really saw girls in a sexual kind of way, but i guess ive always been curious to see what its like to eat someone out...so does this dream mean i have secret desires of doing it? or what?

Example: Disturbing dream scenarios?

What I am about to tell you began more than a month ago now, but I've been trying to cope with it. I wanted to think it was just a short phase, but now it seems the dreams (or nightmares) are getting a lot worse as time goes on, to the point where I'm having them every single night. I wake up screaming, sweat profusely dripping from head to toe. I don't understand what this could mean, and in order for you to help me, I realize (as embarrassing as it may be and undoubtedly is) that I have to elaborate on the situation, so here goes...

I find myself stranded in a desert, all alone, starving and suffering from dehydration. I feel the full effects of it to, as if the dream was actually a reality. It's weird, but that isn't nearly the worst of it. I look down towards my stomach and notice a large gash, which is constantly leaking out large quantities of blood. I feel weak, light-headed, and as if I'm about to collapse right there on the spot, dropping under a scorching sun. Plus, I have no shoes or sandals or anything to cover my feet, so the hot sand burns at them relentlessly. Then all of a sudden the wound starts to heal, and a thick frost suddenly covers the desert in a flash. You're gonna laugh your butt off at this, but out of nowhere, one of those Narnia-like half beast/half man things show up and takes me back to his house. We both share a Key Stone (probably a result from all the Keith Stone commercials I've watched) and end up getting into an argument, so he whips the bottle at me and chases me out the back door. I hop this huge twenty foot fence like nothing and he crashes through it instead, keeps chasing me, and eventually catches up at this frozen little creek. I see a man and a woman having sex under a sheet of ice, and the guy looks up and says: "Do you mind ahole?" and pulls down some blinds, which was probably the funniest thing I've ever experienced. Nonetheless, this man-beast thing kicks me in the face, but I don't feel it and start screaming: "Come on mothereffer, come at me btch!" followed by hitting myself in the face at full force. Then I try to use a kamehameha wave, but he laughs when nothing happens and calls me an "anime loser", but it ends up being a delayed reaction because the wave comes out and blows him away. Then for some unknown reason, I see a sledgehammer laying on the riverbank, pick it up, and bring it down as hard as I can on the ice. The man and woman who were having sex get up with two pairs of chainsaws and start chasing me into a wooded area, which gets thicker as I go along. All of a sudden I hear two bloodcurdling screams behind me; the guy tripped and impaled himself on the chainsaw, and the woman had also tripped and had the chainsaw go up inside her vagina and rip her to shreds, organs flying around everywhere. Then the man-beast comes back and tries to bash my head in with a large log, but I deflect it and crush his skull with a single punch to the side of the head (yeah, I just felt so powerful after that; I brag about it to all my friends =D). The dream ends up with me decapitating the thing and throwing the head into a randomly appearing football field. Does anyone understand this? What could it possibly mean? I'm at a loss, and this is definitely all serious. Lmao.

Example: What can i do as a man to help concieve?

me and my wife have been trying to concieve for about 6 months. is there anything i can do to increase my sperm count

Example: 13, and a sticky substance from my penis?


I am 13, male, and have been masturbating while watching pornography for around 2 months now, I watch porn maybe every week, on average.

Today, and some other days (I believe) I reach a jerk or twitch type moment, which is not painful, but pleasurable (I know what it is, but forgot the name) and I get a funny urine type thing from my penis. I originally thought this was urine, but, however, I felt it, and it was quite sticky.

I heard it might be something called 'Pre-***', can you tell me, and tell me what you have to do to reach orgasm (obviously, I am 13, I don't understand all this), so I know about it.

Many Thanks,


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