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Dream About Blow One'S Nose meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

First,I dream of 6 numbers,then I see a gorgeous man riding a white horse with an eagle..ing to me,he hands me the eagle and says we are at the end,he lives me with the eagle and left.
The next dream,i see a bird with letters WIN and it voices it out," you are going to win"
The next dream i was sleeping and i hear celebrating noise of people waking me up that I should join them to celebrate,they have come to celebrate my win...

Then,I dream't running from some one with my friends and so many other people,and I was the first to reach a safe place,with no sight of any one else.
Yesterday,I dream't of going to the market,found a mother with her little son selling peanuts,stopped to buy some peanuts from her,but her son blew his nose in my peanuts,and asked her,are You sure,you are packing for me those peanuts with your son's mucus in it,she said it is okay,take it.

Ha ha ha,i could not take it,left them with my money,didn't take the peanuts..and that was it.
All these are consecutive dreams every day...

Can any one please help me interpret for me what all these dreams could mean?
Thank You so much.

all your life you have waited for the gorgeous stranger on the white horse to come
carry you away. He shows up, says this is the end and gives you the bird.
You have grown up in this dream. No more daydreaming about a white knight.
2 win. That is an attitude you develop. A Knowing that you can cope with
the many demands life showers on us.
3 Everybody was running helter- skelter and you found a safe haven within yourself.
no need to rely on others all the time, especially since they often lack direction.
4 You discovered that every time you want to purchase something that looks
good and seems wholesome. it just may not be exactly what you hoped for.

Looks to me like you are coming of age.

Example: What does my dream mean? I had a dream that my husband was holding my nose shut and blowing air into my mouth.?

One big mouthful. I woke up feeling dizzy.

Example: What could this dream mean?

My dream started off with me coming home high, I came home high and then went straight to bed, I woke up and I was in some other place, I have no clue what it was but I was with a man that I've never seen before in real life and we started to have sex, but not really because we had out clothes on, so we were dry humping and then he told me I had a booger (Super random and weird, I know) so I ran to the bathroom to blow my nose and then I left for whatever reason and I got in my car, I was in Minneapolis and I didn't know my way home so I got directions on my phone but my phone was dying so I tried to get home as soon as I could. I was on a highway and I looked at my phone and it had 1% left of battery and then it died and all of a sudden I was floating above the same highway and I felt out of control, like I couldn't control the direction I was floating. Then I woke up from the dream this morning with just a weird feeling. And when I say I was high in the first part of my dream, I mean that I had smoked weed and got high.
What in the world could this dream mean, it is so weird and it's the first time I have ever had a dream like this. It's so strange.

Example: What on earth does this bazaar dream mean?

Okay, I was in my room. However, it was extremely cluttered and messy. Unlike my room...most of the time! Even when it's messy, it's not half so messy as this place. This room in my dream was a dump! Literally! There were clothes and garbage strewn everywhere. The mirror was smashed. My picture of The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 movie) was torn. All my windows were blown out. It looked like one of those typical action movies where the bad guy has just been rumaging through all your stuff, except ten times worse! I was in the room with my sisters who were milling about, wrinkling their noses in disgust. They were saying something that I couldn't hear. All of a sudden, I looked to the computer screen. (in real life I have an HCL Desktop Computer) and it was lying on it's back, broken. The bad thing was that all the wires were ripped out and the glass (or whatever material it is) screen was taken out. There was nothing inside it save the hollow black and silver covering. The second screen was identical to the first. Anyhow, I'm somewhat of a computer geek so I get real mad if my comp's messed up. One of my sisters had been playing with it and I just exploded into demands at her.

"Why did you do that?" Blah, blah, blah! Get my drift? Anyhow, in answer my sister just shrugged, smirked, and said. "Well, heck! You sure needed that."

Abruptly, I woke up. What in god's name does that mean? Thanks a ton in advance!

Example: What can this dream mean?

I am not going to name names, because Stef might read this...

okay i dreamt that there was this guy (we will call him Malaysia) and he is kind of popular and likable at school and is kinda uglyish. and there is this other guy (we will call himVietnam) who is very very feminine and hangs out with only wierd ppeople and they are all girls. anyway, in real life my bff likes him but i absolutely loathe him!but I have only done one "series of fist blows" at school to him. it is a long story. Malaysia ans vietnam dont talk (idk if they even know ea. other in school). the best way of "gheynesS" i can decribe vietnam is like kayne from proj. runway, but not nearlyas cute. so..anyway in my dream, me and my friends were in our spot at reces.. malaysia came up to vietnam and awas like "Y are u so ghey"? and then vietnam ***** slapped him. so i went over there and was like wuts going on. and then vietnam told me and im like, well y r u? an then he like put me in a headlock so i did the "sing"..

Example: Dream interpretation anyone?

Okay so last night I had this dream I was at some kind of carnival. I was walking around (by myself at the time) and walked past 3 people playing basketball. The basketball came flying toward me so I jumped up and caught it and was going to turn around and throw it back but all three kids jumped me and busted my nose on the ground. So I have a bloody nose and this is the first bloody nose ive ever had (in my dream and reality) so I go to the bathroom to blow my nose, after that I get called over to a store because somehow they knew I had experience with cleaning and asked how they could get this huge sticky mess up and I told them, from there I went to this ride that was my and met up with someone (a guy not sure who, i guess a friend). We started walking towards the woods behind the ride. Then we see a lot of cow manure, and were walking threw it, and i mean tons & tons & tons of the stuff. From a distance you could see stuff moving in it. Anyways then as we start getting more lost in the woods/manure. We run into a crap load of wasps and were just running throw them covering our faces then after that were trying to find our way back so we could get my friend a first aid kit cause he got stung.. we see a lion, and this lion looks hungry so we start running but then that's where my dream ends and I woke up so sore! I was hoping someone could interpretate this dream for me?! It would be much help. thanks!

Example: What does it mean if I frequently dream about moving?

Beacause I do... almost once a week...

but there is always something wrong with the house ew move to; bad pipes, crappy paint job, broken windows... and sometime I dream that I move back to a house i've already lived in... is there a meaning to this?


So i'm walking to school along pebbles with fields either side of me. (there's nowhere like that near my school)
I'm supposed to be wearing a shirt and school tie instead wearing a man Utd top. 
The girl I like's best friend, walking a dog, and a guy a year older than me that I sometimes speak to start walking in front of me talking.
I don't even think they have spoken before so why him?

Anyway me and my friend catch up with them and I clap the dog although I hate them and it pees on my leg (LOL) and then the older guy gives me 5 tissues. (probably has OCD) but he's the sort of guy that would only carries tissues to clean up someones blood from the floor after he's beat them up. So I clean the piss off my leg and have four tissues left, my friend asks for one and my crush's friend takes three (greedy *****) and then I woke up after realising I couldn't sit my exams wearing a football top. WTF does this mean?

Thanks for any help. I don't mind a few funny answers but 10 points for at least a go at interpreting:)

Example: What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Ok, so homecoming was coming up, and I had a dream that someone asked me. It was this kid named Ralph, and it was VERY weird because I've never talked to this kid in my life. He sat behind me in 8th grade history and now he sits behind me in 9th grade language arts.
I've never talked about him, talked to him, or even thought about him! I did acknowledge him though.
But ever since I had that dream I seriously can't stop thinking about him. (Not like romantically though)
I find it weird because never in my life have I ever found him attractive, or found a liking to him. All I remember is that I laughed at a joke he said once to the teacher. But that was it.
But now I pretty much watch EVERYTHING he does. I notice when he asks the teacher questions, when he gets up out of his seat, when he blows his nose, and when he even talks to someone else.

I feel like a stalker now, but I feel like that dream had something to do with my reality, any guesses?

p.s: no ever asked me to homecoming ELOHEL

Example: My "dreams" are really bothering me. All about running and death. Please help me figure out what they mean!?

Everyone says it, but a huge factor in how they get to me is that while they're happening it's so real! It's more real than real life. It blows my mind when I wake up and I'm disoriented.
In the recent past I can remember the main points of dreams in which I'm running for my life from someone much stronger in some way, and I always run and hide quite skillfully (more skill than I currently have in real life! Like, lifelong parkour/ninja training level skill.) But at some very unexpected point I fail am caught and killed.
One dream involved a single masked assassin. He speaks another language. I have no idea why he's after me but he's better, not just stronger but also smarter than me it seems! Even so I run and dodge and hide. Every time I get a break he finds me. Every time I implement a surefire plan to lose him he finds me. Finally I know I've gained some distance, I can see where he is and I know from watching that he can't get to this place where I choose to hide, just in time because I also can't run anymore. I hide, and it's very tense while I listen and wait for him to pass. Then he shows up! I am scared sh*tless but I can't run and he knows it, so that's it. I don't even scream, and he calmly and expertly cuts my throat. I feel everything, very realistic, bleed out, then I wake up.
The dream I had tonight was this: I get dragged to a room to be executed for breaking some messed-up law. I'm a known activist with some reputation in the country for acting against this group. The execution is not public because only this organization of people enforces the law, like a corrupt section of the government, and I know that they will probably make up something else to explain why, and nobody will ever know the truth. There is a small crowd there. I'll be killed by a single injection, and the executioner is someone I know (not in real life) but she's much more powerful than me and will do her best to make my death as painful and humiliating as possible because she can. Her presence eliminates all chance of my escape. Not everyone in the group hates me, they're just doing as told, so the first thing I do is convince the closest guard to have her replaced, saying "it's a last request, please" shaking, faking far more fear than I really have. I end up having to bargain something they need desperately but know I'd never give, I can purify the water. I agree to do as much as I can, after all, what use is this skill to me now. It delays the execution even more, so I do bottle after bottle, more than even they knew I could, draining most of my energy, with guards watching amazed but suspicious. I know they know it's not just delay, it's a plot. Nevertheless, when I collapse and they move to pick me up they leave a small gap, thinking I'd never run *towards* the executioner, which is exactly what I do! They're all much bigger than me, but I'm faster, and I escape the group. After running from every guard in town I make it to a field of something tall like corn and disappear into it, hiding when needed and running. On a random side of the field I meet an ally who takes me to their hideout which is "right under their noses". I know we're somewhere close to that main area I was in but it's very well-hidden so I relax a few hours in this place. Hours later I hear footsteps behind me and turn around thinking it's her, just in time to see an enemy guard swing as hard as he can and hit me in the head with something large...

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