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Dream About Bloody Hands meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay so last night I had a weird dream. My friend, Troy was standing at the sidewalk, petting a baby rabbit. Then he let the rabbit free and it went to the road. A car came and hit the baby rabbit and it started to bleed. When the car was gone, he went to the road and picked up the baby rabbit while it was bleeding. Then, he broke it's neck and it started to bleed more. He then turned around with the rabbit in his hands, with blood dripping down and smiled. He then said "Here you go" with a smile and walked away with the bloody rabbit in my hands.
Then there was one with my friend Maddie in her backyard with a bat. I thought I saw a stuffed animal but it was actually a kitten. Then I saw blood splattering on the grass and saw that she was killing the kitten, she then got out of her backyard and threw the kitty on the road.
What do these dreams mean?

Hello, wow. They are very imaginative dreams lol.
I have read a very good book on the meaning of dreams, and I believe that your dreams have more than one meaning. You say these people are your friends, and so they are seen as very positive people in your life. However, in your dreams they are the opposite; nasty, horrible, cruel people. This may mean that without realising, you have a fear of your friends letting you down, and suddenly turning. That is a fear I suppose most people will have. Also, because there is lots of animals in your dreams, you are obviously very caring towards them, and have a fear of animal cruelty. To put it all together, your dreams all mean the same thing. That you have a great fear of your friends letting you down, and doing horrible things. It may even have a meaning of vuneralbility. The animals are very vunerable, as are you because you are helpless. Dreams can have very strong meanings, but you should never look too far in to dreams like this unless your friends really have let you down recently. Otherwise, it is just a dream. And I am sure your friends are not nasty people in real life haha.
That is my interpretation anyway :) I hope that was useful x

Example: What does this dream mean?

only sensible answers please and do not read if you are eating your tea..ok last night i dreamt i had s h it in my mouth..what does this mean? i keep bloody thinking about it and it turns my stomach

Example: Christians: What does my dream actually means?

I had this dream this morning:

A had a dream that i had pair of gray wings and that i could fly anywhere but can't go to heaven because i am stuck between the borders of heaven and hell.

I look up in heaven and i see my mother and all of my family members smiling at me up there but i see myself being pulled down by a long arm with a bloody hand.

Then i heard a voice saying: "Your god is weak to protect you"

What does this dream means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm not expecting to find a professional psychologist or something of the like, but I am curious of the opinions of common people.

In this dream that I had a while ago, I am walking through a dim-lit house with hay covered floors. In my arms I hold a baby which I then lay down on a table and leave behind as if where I could go, the child could not. I continue on into a narrow hallway where I begin to walk slowly as if I expected something to happen. And, after only a few steps, I fell through the hay covered floor and into a sort of basement. After gathering myself, I looked forward towards the other side of the room and saw a man. I didn't know him but I felt like I recognized him (although this isn't so strange since people we see in our dreams are most often ourselves in different forms). The man held a small animal in his hands and ripped at it with his teeth. I remember blood spilling onto the floor and dripping from the man's mouth. And as he realized I was in the room, he stopped, looked up at me, and very seriously said, "You know what you are."

I've had many dreams similar to this since I was thirteen, all involving dark creatures, wolves, blood, forests, etc. Some have been so vivid that they took me the whole next day to return to this world.

If you have read this and are prepared to answer, I'll let you believe what you want to believe. I am not inforcing my personal thoughts or suggesting what these dreams mean, I just wish to know what the common people think.

Example: Dream meaning?

I dreamt last night that my gums bled (a lot) while I was brushing my teeeth - does that have any significant meaning? I've heard that dreaming of your teeth falling out can mean a death, but my teeth were not actually falling out ...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in this dark secluded room with three of my friends.My friend Brianna had blood all over their shirt. My friend Alexis had a steak knife stabbed on her left wrist, while there was a scissor stabbed on her right eye and her body was just twitching. And my friend Selena had spikes through her neck and her throat was cut open and it was bleeding. I looked at my hands and saw blood all over it.

There was a gun on next to me and I saw blood stains all over the floor. I tried to stand up, and saw that one of my legs had been cut off, and I saw that my decapitated leg was on the other side of the room. I tried to crawl, but then I saw a door appearing. There was this person with a smiley face mask, but it had blood covered on one of the eye holes. The person was breathing heavily and it looked like they didn't see me, even though if I was next to them.

They went over Brianna and reached out a pocket knife out of their pockets and slit her throat and stabbed her multiple times. As the person was done I saw that Brianna's lip was torn out. The person then grabbed Alexis's hair and dragged her twitching body next to Selena. They cut Alexis's head off and then started beating Selena's body with it. After that, they got a camera out of their pocket and took a picture of what they did. They then cut all of my friend's eye balls and bloody splattered all over them and the walls, plus.

The person then went over to this other person's body. I didn't know how that body appeared since I only saw my friend's body. The person cut the other body's stomach out, then took the organs out, and opened their mask a little and ate the kidneys. Then they cut the body's throat out and started cutting little bits of pieces of skin and ate it.Then they ate the hands and the other leg Then after they were done, they started throwing up all over the room and I saw that they body was actually my body.

After the person left, and was still throwing up while going out of the room, they dropped a mirror. I picked up the mirror and saw that my throat was cut, and I was the person whose body was last to be beaten. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, nightmare, here goes
*please no rude comments like wow, it mean nothing u dork. stay polite, just wanted to know. just because you don't believe in this stuff, doesn't mean I cant.
The dream goes Like this
(Names Changed)
Opal = Me
Holly = My friend
"So you really think she made that rumor about me?" said Holly
"Totally! you could see it on her face when we walked by!" I said
"well if you say so...hey, whats that?" She said.
We both looked at on spot in particular in the mirror, our hands with our brushes at our sides, we saw a small light, it made us flinch, and we dropped our brushes.
We picked them up and looked in the mirror, we saw the door was open through it.
"Hey shut the door, and don't try to scare me" Said Holly.
"wasn't me..." I said
I turned to the actual door, and it was closed.
"Holly, Holly look." I said
We saw the door shut, looked at each other, then the mirror, in it, the door was open.
"What the heck? Is this a joke or something-"
We looked at the mirror and saw that light, then a girl appeared in the mirror, we looked closer.
She looked like she was wet, in a short white night dress, and look like she had been crying, most importantly, she was the ghost i have been seeing in my house.
We screamed at the top of out lungs, I could feel my heart burning and speeding up, my breathing uneven. We backed up, and hit the door, nothing was there in the mirror of course, but we felt it. we started sliding down the door. screaming.
All we saw in the mirror was us sliding down empty space, screaming, and the girl getting closer, and pulling out a bloody dagger.
I kept screaming and threw the brush as hard as I could at the mirror, It shattered
Then I woke.
I know It looks like it was out of a book but this really happened, (yeah im writing a book and out it in there but hey, i wanna know, it is freaking me out)
true dream
whats it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay so lately I've been having the same 3 dreams
dream#1: i feel like i'm falling down but before i hit the ground i wake up and my hart rate is high and i would still be on the bed lying on my back .

dream#2: i looked at my arms and legs and all the vanes were popped out and they looked blue and my hands were bloody.

dream#3: i would be walking Straight toward the ege of a high point and just falling but i wouldn't have the power to stop myself from walking! its like something was controlling me!

i got these nightmares more than 5 times and i am disturbed by them i keep thinking about them and its weird i just wanna know what do they mean.
and i'm not watching any movies or anything scary or triggering

Example: What does it mean to dream of diamonds from your womb?

a section from my dream i was on my period and i reached in and bloody diamonds were in my hands. small diamonds.

Example: I had a dream that i was spitting out my teeth in my hand, what does that mean?

I could see my teeth in my hand, whiiling i was spitting them out and it wasall bloody and gross.

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