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Dream About Blood meanings

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Example: Dreaming of blood meaning?

What does it mean to dream of my period blood over yourself and over kitchen?

Heres most of your possibility's :

You have not started your period and in the dream you were scared then the dream means that you are in fear about starting your period.

You were not scared in the dream and have not started your period then you are ready for your period and you aren't afraid to start.

You have started your period and you were scared in the dream it means you are in fear of your sexual life.

You were not scared in the dream and you have started your period then you are happy with your sexual life or you are not afraid of starting your sexual life.

Example: Dream meaning? blue blood in shape of flowers?

K this is gross but I had my period in my dream but the blood was blue and it was making flower shapes in the toilet. Kinda like the flowers on sponge bob... weird dream... what could it mean?

Example: What does blood mean in a dream?

I dreamed that I was bleeding from a smal cut on my (L) arm when I noticed that a small drop fell on the floor,as I kneeled down to wipe it I kept seening more and more blood all over the floor then the smell of blood made me look up towards the walls they were also coverd with blood.my hands were touching it as well. I've never had a dream were my smell and touch sence would react if any body knows the meaning please answerd I just cant get that smell of blood out of my mind and the feeling of it aswell it's not good

Example: Dreaming of blood meaning?

I have dream that in my room there is blood on the floor and that I am keeping it in a plastic bag.. o.O what does that mean?

Example: What makes a person dream, and why do I have such strange ones?(see my dreaming about nightmares)?

I mean, I have such scary dreams. Some strange, some perverted, some simply R rated for blood and gore. What does that mean?

Example: What makes a person dream, and why do I have such strange ones?(see my dreaming about nightmares)?

I mean, I have such scary dreams. Some strange, some perverted, some simply R rated for blood and gore. What does that mean?

Example: What does blood mean when u dream of it ?

ok so i had the strangest dream last night , i cant remember much of it , but i remember there were something to do with snakes in it and i could see myself just standing i looked down at myself and blood started pouring out of my stomach , then everywhere else on my body ie my eyes , ears , nose etc , what does it mean ?

Example: What does it mean when u dream with blood?

so i had this weird dream last night, i dream that my boyfriend went in the bathroom and he was throwing up, and when i went over to him i was padding his back to see if he was ok and i look in the toilet and he was throwing up lots of blood, he kept throwing up like a lot, but at the same time as soon as he was done throwing up he was his normal self, he didnt complain or anything, so i got scared and i told him hat we had to go to the hospital because he was bleeding and he was like im not bleeding and i was like yes u are. so he had kissed me and when i spit, i spit out blood that i had got from him when he kissed me so i showed him look it is blood because u just kissed me and now im spitting it out. so i got his things ready to go to take him to the hospital, and then my dream drifted into another dream. so please if anyone can help me and tell me what this dream might mean i would really appreciate it. thanx

Example: What does this dream about animal meat and blood mean?

So, I was standing in front of a bottle and there was animal meat and blood in it, I wanted to drink it but I smelled first and it smelled like orange juice. I decided not to drink it and put my hand in the bottle to get the meat out. I know this is a weird dream but can someone explain this to me? I feel scared thanks :(

Example: What does this dream mean? Murder, being chased, blood?

What does this dream mean? Bear with me, it's long, but very interesting. This whole dream was set out like a horror or thriller movie - different "camera" angles, sometimes I would be watching myself, dramatic or suspensful music would be playing, ect.

I'm only 17, but I was with the police and detectives trying to catch this serial killer. He was a black man who liked to kidnap and murder young girls. I was staying at some "hotel" that looked like my primary school, and it was night. I was reading on the balcony when two young girls walked past me, giggling. I asked them where they were going and they said "To take a bath". I didn't think anything of it at first, then suddenly realised they were going to be murdered.

Then my dream switched "angles" and I was watching the black killer slowly open the door to where the girls were.
The dream jumped back to me and I ran down to this large tiled room that was the school bathrooms, where there was like a hot tub in the middle. I could see blood all over the floor, the girls were screaming, one of them completely covered in slippery dark red blood so she didn't look human anymore, the other one crouching away. The man had a gun and was wearing a purple suit with a black and white checked shirt. He had one girl under his arm and the other he was coating in her own blood. He worked very quickly and frantically.

For some reason I was braver than I would have been. I don't think I even had a gun or any weapon but I told him to stop. He turned around and said to me "Come closer, please." And then from another door in the wall m parents suddenly burst through, yelling. The man decided to escape and, holding both girls, ran very fast our of the room and into the playground of this "hotel" which still looked exactly like my primary school. It was still night and so he vanished quickly, but my parents and I still gave chase.

Whe chased him right up to the fence of my school. For some reason we couldn't get around or over this fence. I was angry because I had run so fast after him and nearly grabbed him a few times by just missed. I knew what this criminal was like, so I tried to provoke him, gain information about his character, maybe distract him for a while. I didn't know how dangerous that could be.

"Hey!" I yelled at him. "You always want us to get closer to you. But you never come closer to us!" The man had stuffed the girls' bodies in a small blue car, and now he turned to me, almost perplexed. Then he started to walk to towards. Then my parents finally caught up to me, and we all stood behind this fence facing this criminal. I knew he had a gun and was a psychopath but I kept taunting him. I also knew he thought of himself as very intelligent, so I said "You're nothing but a stupid idiot, aren't you?" He was becoming angry. My parents were telling me to stop.

Suddenly the man ducked behind another parked car and began sneaking towards my mum. I shouted a warning and my dad attempted to break the man's neck but it wouldn't work. Instead the man threw him off and began chasing me. I remember running as hard as I could, but it was so dark and the terrain so unstable. I was so scared. I knew he was a faster runner and that he would catch me and shoot me.

THEN, thank goodness, the dream changed (I'll be brief with this one).

I was at a friend's birthday party, which was being held in an abonded shopping center, and to reach the other floors you had to go down very long and very, very steep metal ladders, the ones with tiny rungs.
The whole time I was there I thought something wasn't quite right. The place was grimey, the carpet old and pulled up in places, the wall's scatched and dirty, with insulting messages scrawled on them. And the walls and the carpet were all a dirty shade of red, like old blood. I felt very uneasy there.

I started to go down all the ladders, which made me scared too because I believed I would fall. They were very high and not very stable. I was going down floor after floor till I reached a basement. And then I knew the source of unpleasentness and evil was coming from here.
Then everything became a bit blurry but I know I saw some strange cult of people who would cut off their own legs from the knee down and insert metal bolts all over their body. They were building some sort of trap or machine. Some of them still had legs. They noticed me watching in horror and one man without any legs who seemed to be the leader yelled at his minions to get me. I was beging chased again, this time up so many ladders and horrible humans, some with legs and some without, would crawl at an alarming pace after me.

Then I woke up.

Oh, it was so scary. I feel like this black killer is out there somewhere still with these girls, even though I know that is impossible. And I'm not a racist person, I do not know why he was black, but in my dream he just was.

Can anyone have a go at decoding what this means for me please? I know

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