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Dream About Blood Pressure meanings

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Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

in my dream i am a bi time movie director but i am also having an illness over take me while shooting the movie of my life story and i always have a heart attack during filming what does the dream mean anything serious or not?(ps i always see bright white lights during my heart attacks in my dream)? could anybody give me an answer to this 10 points for most accurit one thanx?

This anxiety dream is about reflection. It sounds like you're worried that you won't have enough time in your life (represented by the topic of the movie--your life.) to accomplish everything you want, or pass on a legacy (represented by the movie.)

The bright white lights are a blood pressure change. It's the closest thing your subconscious can write as a heart attack; I'm assuming you never have had one before, so you're sorta guessing (subconsciously) at what it looks like.

It's nothing serious. It's just you being worried. Take a deep breath, write a list, make a plan for your life, and live it.


Example: What does a dream about losing teeth, blood and magnets mean?

I had a really weird dream the other night. It was really confusing to me as I was writing it down in my journal. I hope someone can help me figure out what this means:

Basically, I'm in my living room (exept it's not really my living room) and everything is normal. It's around sunset. Then, suddenly, a feeling of general unease comes over me. It's as if my entire body (everywhere, like even toes, tongue and eyeballs) is under some kind of pressure. Around this time I start to realise that everything in the room (furniture, fruits in the fruit bowl etc) have magnets in them and that all the iron in my body is being slowly ripped out. And the iron starts tearing out of my body. I still feel especially aware of the feeling of the iron coming out of my eyes and gums *shudder*. I'm in a pool of blood and my teeth are becomming loosened. I think I pull them out because of the pressure. I think there were other people there, but they didn't help me. Hmmm.

That's all I can remember. Any ideas what that was about? I'm stumped.

Example: I dreamed of blood. What could this mean?

I dreamed of being in a theatre with a girl. In the corridors of the theatre there were cordoned off sections where it looked like blood was being cleaned up. It looked as though there was blood everywhere and sometimes other people were covered from head to toe. After the movie I was being chased through a field by 2 women trying to cover me in blood. As they chased me they kept on screaming "You look just like him!". For some reason I was scared out of my wits, but eventually they caught up with me, as soon as her hand touched my shoulder I woke up.

What do you think this may mean? As for context, I'm under a lot of pressure at university at the moment and am having a lot of psychological issues too.

Example: I had a dream and my teeth fell out with blood coming out, what does this mean?

Okay, this was a very short dream (well based on what I can remember), but I was talking to someone in the living room. The area was nice and calm, I remember the lighting was low and it was just a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Shortly after, I had to go to the bathroom for some reason, when I went into the bathroom all of a sudden I feel a lot of pressure in my mouth (no pain at all), so I look in the mirror at my teeth and felt I should put my hand out. As soon as I did, like 5 teeth all at once fell out in my hand and blood was just pouring out into my hand and in the sink. I wasn’t afraid and felt no pain at all, just a bit confused, the only reason I felt awkward was because I didn’t want to walk out the bathroom for them to see me bleeding and missing teeth… Then I woke up and oddly enough I actually remember literally “feeling” the sensation of the pressure building up in my mouth during the dream… Pretty weird. I’m assuming because I wasn’t scared and I didn’t feel pain, this probably wasn’t a “negative” dream.

Example: Can anyone tell me what these dreams mean?

I keep having nightmares almost every night. Last night i dreampt i was at some party and i fell asleep and while i was asleep someone took off my shirt and bra and was drawing me while everyone watched T_T... Then after that i dreampt i was in some huge high school and there was some ghost girl who everyone was looking for. There were huge bleachers across the football field filled with people and i saw the girls face in the crowd grinning at me. then for no reason the school was tipping and people were falling out either side of the wallways where the doors were open. I was grabbing onto doors and trying to gripped the floor but it was too strong of a pull. Another night i dreampt i was at some dance or something and everything turned to ice. It was like a "game". Everyone would hide and this huge slate of ice would float around and smash down on people and there was a voice over the intercom that said if any part of your body touches the ice slate it will be horribly smashed or broken off. So i was running from it and everyone had found a spot but me. I kept running searching for somewhere to hide but it kept following me no matter where i went. I woke up that night and my chest was burning. It wasnt like a sensation of burning.. it was like my chest was realllly hot. Hotter than anything ive ever felt but it didnt hurt. I think that might have been because i was so afraid but i not sure what these dreams mean. If anyone would tell me what they think i would greatly appreciate it.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a really vivid dream about my ears. they felt really hot and they started leaking all of this gunge...like tidal waves of the stuff coming out of my ears...felt like i was losing my insides! i was watching it come out in the mirror, panicking, suddenly the hot orangey stuff turned to blood. i was losing so much dark red hot blood from my ears I started to feel faint. i ran for help before i passed out but when someone looked down my ear they said there was nothing wrong but i knew there was

Example: 10 points for winning answer! What does this falling dream mean?

What does this dream mean?:

i dreamt i was going to fall down a hole an i was tiring to stop myself, there was a man in the corner who was also tiring to stop me falling down this hole

Example: Dream meaning? Butterfly trying to eat my head?

I dreamt about a beautiful butterfly, very big, only three colours, yellow, black, red. It sat on my back and then flew onto my head and folded it's wings around my head. Then it started biting my head and tried to eat it. It hurt, so I shoo-ed it. Does it mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is going to be long!
so last night I had a dream that I as in Russia and there was like this huge apocalypse or something and everyone had to stay in bunkers every thing was like a Tim Burton movie it was very dark and gloomy and I wasn't myself I was some girl who had black hair and very pale skin and I knew it wasn't me yet I was still her like in her body but anyways I was in a bunker with some other girl with black hair and pale skin and a little girl with pale skin and black hair but eventually the died in the bunker before another girl with black hair and pale skin came and got me and I had really no where to go so I started walking with her down a road and day eventually turned to night and I said that this road scared me and she said why because of every thing that has happened on this road and I said like what and she said all those people who died of that 80 foot drop and then pushed me off a cliff and as I was falling I was watching the girl fall from out of her body and I knew it wasn't me and I really wanted her not to survive and when she hit the ground she hit her bottom first and she fell backwards hitting her head on the ground and when she hit her head her face broke into pieces like a porcelain doll and blood spilled out then I felt a release of pressure and then I woke up ... Sorry if this didn't make sense

Example: Dream about my blood pressure?

I had a dream my blood pressure cuff disintegrated right in my hands! The cuff shriveled and ripped on its own, the bulb flattened out and tore... the meter melted. I was in my bedroom too..

I take my blood pressure because it's high, and I take meds for it.. I did go to the doctor yesterday (10/1/2010) for it.. and my medicine is really expensive too...

What did my dream mean?

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