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Dream About Blond meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is this dream meaning?

Last night my husband had a dream that I was pregnant. Could someone tell me the meaning? I havent been able to find it online anywhere.

Dreams can be recreational, prophetic, or symbolic.

Since this was your husband's dream, I find it difficult to believe that he would dream you pregnant as a recreational dream. It is possible however, in which case the dream would mean nothing.

If the dream was prophetic, then it means that you either are or soon will be pregnant. I had a similar thing happen to me and my ex. I told her she was pregnant, and that our baby would be a blond haired, blue eyed, intelligent, talented, and well mannered little boy. She didn't believe that I has "seen" it, but 3 months later, after the missed "cycles" and almost daily morning sickness, and a few home pregnancy tests (positives), she finally went to the doctor, who confirmed it, and she could no longer deny she was pregnant. When our son was born, it turned out that he was a blond haired, blue eyed little boy who proved to be intelligent, talented, and very well mannered, just like I had seen.

If it was a symbolic dream, then it most likely represents your husband realizing that he is "ready" for fatherhood (assuming he did not react negatively in the dream or afterwards). If he was dream-representing you developing in a new way, he more than likely would have seen it as you planting and eating a fruit, or something like that.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream...I was about 19-21...I was really young...then my mom found dirty mags under my bed...which is really wiered...Then there was this guy He was a dirty blond...He looked like someone in college...He was caucasion ...In my dream we just suddenly apered in a biulding...It was a really tall one with a great view...then It was like somthing from a romance book...we began to kiss ...I woke up in the morning and he was there with a smile on his face...Can anyone tell me what the dream meant?...

P.S he was super hot!

Example: What doe's my dream mean...? PLEASE!?

The dream was absolutely out of a movie! It was beyond perfect! I saw that i was in the sea and that i was a blond woman with a short hair while in reality i have brown and long hair, and i had approximately a 5 years old daughter with the same exact hair... while i was walking in the sea i saw a white seashell, i smiled at it, i played with it but i didn't take it " i still wonder why", and then i saw another one but this one was brown and i took the same reaction as the other seashell. Moreover i saw a third one and it was brown again , at that moment i saw something... i saw myself dancing with my daughter! i was holding her hands and the only thing we did was laughing! but this wasn't reality , it was hallucinations! and i knew that in the dream! After a moment i took her inside the sea! not because i wanted to imitate what i saw, but because i wanted to do so...the sea was so stormy! but i didnt care! i took her inside! Dark clouds covered the sky. the sea was the color of Dark blue and the waves were smashing into our legs! But NO. We weren't afraid! we were happy! it was only me and her in that place... I grabbed her hands and we started dancing inside the sea! The waves were going in a different direction than ours, but i didn't gave up! We were dancing. I started hearing my daughter's giggles! that's what made me happy. She was warming up my heart with her voice while it was SO cold... And then suddenly i got tired and started to slow down but it was too hard to resist ... my daughter told me, if you're tired we can stop! i told her " no i can do it, i can continue!" and then slowly my dream started to disappear.
The End.
it would be appreciated if you helped me :))

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream that I found a lost hamster in my condominium and I picked it up and carried it in my hand, thinking about whether I should bring it home or give it to a pet store.

The hamster was white-ish grey-ish --just like my old hamster. I was carrying it and it was calm and still most of time. But sometimes --this happened about 3-4 times-- it would get cramps. Like the cramps you get on your toes and you can't move it but you can feel it relax it bit more over time. It would go on it's back, curl up, stay totally still, then it would be fine after a minute. I was so scared! I thought it had died those few time.

Then these two Indian kids followed me home saying that I wasn't allowed to bring it. Then somehow, they turned into a baby with blond hair and blue eyes (who looked like my baby cousin) and another 8 year old looking boy. I found a peanut to feed it because I wanted it to be able to move a bit more and put it in front of it. It ate it. And I put a hamster cage around it just so it wouldn't go away. Then the baby put it's head next to it and fell asleep. Then I told him to move his head, otherwise the hamster might pee on his head (jokingly). Then the hamster actually peed on his head, but then some blood came out while she was peeing. Then I thought, "Is it her period?"

Example: What does this dream mean? ?

ok so im 14 and, So there is this one girl, idk her name I have never seen her b4 but she is hot and super nice, she had brown eyes, brown hair with some blond in it, I have dreamed about her b4 like even 4 years ago, but this time, she had trouble with her last boyfriend, and when she was leaning against somethine, I wrapped my arms around her waist, and asked what was wrong? Shortly after we went out, and did normal bf gf stuff ;) I think I was friends with her b4 I asked what is wrong? the thing that makes me want to know more about this, is that i have dreamed about her a few times

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was outside of this huge building that I think was an arena, but it was my school on the inside. And there were three helicopters in the sky. Two were silver and one was red and green. They crashed into buildings all around us and caused massive explosions. My school was panicking and this giant with blond hair came down out of the sky and released a gold mechanical snake that started eating cars on a highway. Then a spaceship came down and a little robot came out and asked me where my father was. Then I was inside the building with thousands of people and we were all standing on a mountain of sand trying to cut perfect circles of it . It was the last day of school and by the time I got outside everyone was gone except for Kenji (one of my closest friends that moved to Japan last year), Kurtus (my 4 year old nephew, Amanda (his mom and my sister in law). Kenji was rolling around a suitcase and I picked Kurtus up and hugged Amanda and went over to see Kenji. I am now outside of my elementary school. I ask Kenji if he will ever move back here or visit me but he doesn't answer and he just looks at me. Then Karsten (my brother, who's married to Amanda and Kurtus is their son) rolls up in his red jeep and he's wearing his army uniform, but I'm not happy to see him even though I haven't seen him for a year. Then I went to tell Kenji bye and hug him and I'm about to kiss him on the cheek, and that's when I wake up..

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I am married to a lady-friend of mine but she is a 35ft giantess.We go to the car dealership to buy a car andwhen she gets there she says she'shungryand picks up a couple of supermodels. One is a blonde in a black bikini and the other is a red head in a zebra print bikini. My giantess wife devours the blond one first, then the red head, despite my protests. Thenthe female ownerofthe dealershipthen walks out and starts yelling at my wife for eating two employees. The owner is a pretty, young, blonde woman in red high-heels anda black and white dress. My wife simply ignores the woman's yelling and picks her up and eats her alive. She spits out the owner's high-heel shoes andthen I startyelling at her for eating those people. The dream ends with my wife looking at me like she might eat me next. What mightthis dream and its symbols mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I had to chose either a place or room. In the room there was a lady and in the other place there was a mall. I decided to go with the female ;) that's a hint. But then after that I left and went to the mall and hung out. When I did I thought if I made the right decision? Should I've stayed with the blond who wanted me to stay there forever. I'm south american. What does this dream mean?

Example: What is the meaning of dreams?

Today I had a dream of a blond lady coming to our house informing us of a parking ticket when i woke up I asked my mum and she told the exact events that happened in my dream, happened in real life with similar settings for example lady in my dream was wearing a pink dress, long blond hair yet in really life had blue dress with short hair.

Example: Dream about a beautiful blond girl, what does it mean?

So far I have had 2 dreams about this girl. I cant remember much from the first one, only that the same girl was in the second dream. Now this second dream is MUCH more vivid, I remember so much detail about it. This dream girl was not a cashier in my first dream though. It takes place in a store in the evening when the sun is just setting and the sky is reddish orange. The blond girl is a cashier this time, she is ringing me and my parents out. (by the way I'm 20 and live on my own at college) my parents start to get into a fight about something and she is sitting there talking to me while they are fighting. She is really sweet and never stops smiling, her hair is blond with a little bit of dark highlights in it, it's back in a ponytail with a few little points of hair draped down onto her face, she has beautiful blue eyes, she is skinny but not too skinny, and she has a hemp necklace around her neck. I just get this feeling that i know she likes me and I'm about to ask for her number...and then I wake up. I have never seen this girl in real life, I have no clue if she even exists. I feel like this dream girl is perfect, she has my heart. If this girl is real it makes me wonder if she dreams about me too. Anyone have any USEFULL insight on this?

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