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Dream About Blizzard meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of recent dream?

I had a dream a week or two ago that I and a couple friends were driving my car in the mountains when it was snowing/blizzarding. All of a sudden, my car flipped and we were falling off the mountain. I woke up right before we hit the bottom. Interpretations?

Hello callmehailz,

First of all, I'm sorry for the disappointment you have gotten from most of the answers, secondly, you are right, dreams do mean something, dreams are only warning and symbols what we should not ignore.

I'll try my best to interpret your dream.

You saw that you and couple of your friends were driving your car. That means there will be some changes at your home and may be at your work place (e.g. new job, moving from one place to other etc).

Blizzard and snow are your emotions, it means, you are not enjoying with a relationship the way you want (absence of warmth), or you feel overwhelmed with some situations.

Dreaming that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.

The best thing is that you woke up before you hit the bottom. Your dream is telling you that you need to think thoroughly before making any decision(s), be very careful before trusting on any friend(s) as you saw in your dream flipping and falling off the mountain.

Trust on your decisions because you have a great ability to think and act. Nothing would harm you if you take things seriously and don't rush.

Good luck!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a scary, but brief dream that involved myself in Wyoming (i recognized the area because I was staying in the region), and a little girl in a dirty, tattered nightgown. The little girl didn't strike me as scary at the time I saw her at all. Allow me to set up the events that happened chronologically:
-I start my dream looking onto rolling hills, where only one tree at a bluff stands, with the little girl standing beside it. I am quite a distance away from said location, but I was walking towards it.
-I notice that she is looking at the ground, and as I come closer, she looks up with tears in her eyes. Her skin is pale and blue (suggesting hypothermia/ freezing), and she looks straight into my eyes.
-at this point I become aware (in real life) of my dream, and I am no longer just along for the ride. I try to fight staring into her eyes, but I keep walking closer and closer.
-I eventually get within 6 inches of her face, and the only words she shares are: "I'm so cold... Where is my family?"
- at that point she looks at the ground again, but this time there is a badger hole dug just beneath her. When I look at her again I notice that the dream world is now in a blizzard state with the visibility down to almost nothing.
-She then looks back at me and says: "I have to get warm somehow..." and she crawls into the hole.

This dream was reoccurring, happening at least 3 times a week. I haven't been able to figure out what it means, and I have no idea who this girl is. Can somebody please tell me what this dream might mean, or if there is a story with a little girl freezing in Wyoming? The dreams have stopped, but I still wonder.

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was far, far in the future. I lived in my same house, but it was now underground, waist-deep in ocean water. Carnivorous dolphins and sharks swam around, but no one paid them any mind. a number of marine biologists were staying at my home, to do research. i hung around them often, offering food or help when I could. unfortunately, my elementary school science teacher, who was now a skeleton, was busy trying to squash down my help.
In a different room in home, in what used to be the kitchen, sat a huge, stone oval slab. It was being used as a table, with small stone seats, eleven of them, surrounding it. A different person sat at every seat, though only 5 people were actually sitting. They were all generic, with a square blue force-field in a rectangular form surrounding them.
At the eleventh seat sat a psychic with a crystal ball. She did not have a force-field consuming her her, and she asked me if I wanted my future read. I agreed and she looked into the ball. In it, a boy with longish black hair and really pale skin, with only one pale blue eye showing and he had a scar underneath it, though he looked feminine, with magenta-colored finger-nails. He was shielding his face from the snow.
The psychic told me "Weed was here," because that seemed to b the guy's nickname, so I opened up the front door. Sure enough, there stood Weed. It was a blizzard outsitde, and he wore only a white t-shirt and grey-black jeans, but he seemed fine, and he was grinning. He told me that he recognized me from somewhere, but he didn't know where.
He was very nice and courteous towards everyone, and he seemed to like me just a little more than everyone else. Near the end of my dream, Weed had taken me to a huge warehouse, or factory or something. In it were thousands of boxes, on which Weed and I began surfing. a tidal wave began forming, and the roar of crashing boxes made it very hard to hear. weed yelled something to me, but all I heard was, "I--."

What do you think Weed was trying to say? What did the dream mean?

Example: What did this dream mean?

The dream started out weird and in the middle of an event as all my dreams do. I had just moved to a new town up north. It always had snow on the ground and blizzards most of the time. I don’t know how I knew as I had only been there one day, but I did. It was the first day of school. There were a few kids from my old school, but there was one smaller shorter girl, who was always wearing a grey sweatshirt and a purple winter hat, she looked at least three years younger than everyone else in the class. I did not recognize her. There were two rows of desks on each side of the room facing each other. I smelled the air conditioning in the room. The smell has always reminded me of the camping trips my family and I always went on when I was younger.
The teacher had been there but had left before the dream had started. It was time to go to the next class. The girl I did not recognize came up to me and asked me something about the assignment. I was talking to Heidi, from my old school, at the time. Heidi left us and I told this unfamiliar girl about the assignment as we walked to our next class together.
Then the dream skipped forward. We were now in a valley, just me and her. The snow covered the ground the air stabbed needles into your exposed skin. We were on a balcony of a short building. The balcony looked like a blade wrapped around this small igloo shaped building. There were two more identical buildings I noticed behind the girl. In the pitch black night, the only sound heard was the slight breeze flowing down the valley. The only light was dispersing from the building we were standing on. The radius of the light was small.
She was standing no more than two feet away from me. I had to look down at nearly a 45 degree angle in order to look into her eyes. They were a pure, dark blue. Her face was smooth. I was unable to see her hair as it was under the purple winter hat. She then told me, “Cole, I would give everything for you.”
Then the dream went forward again. This time it went to a blazing fire outside the building that we were in. All I saw was my brother’s face; however, I knew my sister and mother were also there standing next to the fire. I told my brother what she had said. He responded, “Dude, her father is rich. She has, like, 62 billion dollars.”
Somehow I was now away from the group I had been collecting firewood my head began to spin, for some reason I thought I was now worth 62 billion dollars. I thought I heard the crunch of the hard, smooth snow behind me. I made out the sight of the others next to the fire; my brother was walking from the building back to the fire. I ran as fast as I had ever done before back to the undersized house. It seemed to take forever, but when I finally did get there, I did not even speak to my family or the rich girl which was now by the fire. I simply ran into the miniature house and shut the door.
The door was completely electronic. It had one yellow light on the left side of it and two yellow lights along with a red one on the right side of it. Its shape was the shape of a parabola reflected across the x-axis of a coordinate plane. The door was small. It wasn’t even at shoulder height. I had to duck to get in. I turned around and looked at the door, there was nothing. I turned back around and saw the door to the balcony above me. I decided it would be a good escape route if I needed one.
I laid down in a sleeping bag on the smooth cold stone floor. I smelled the frost and the stone. My breath was smoke in the frozen air. It was colder in this house than it had been outside. I was totally scared and frightened, but I realized after about half an hour laying on the hard stone floor this whole thing about people coming to get me was all in my head. I poked my head up and looked at the metallic door. Nothing had happened and nothing was going to happen.

Example: What does this dream mean, and would it be a nightmare?

I had a dream about 2 weeks ago about me standing next to a woman who's hair was curly and next to her was a man, shorter than her. I don't know this woman in real life and have never seen her before. The three of us walked into a living room (and it was familiar, it was the old apartment my family and I use to live in back in New York) and in the middle of the living room was a pool filled with water in it. I look at the pool and then look at the window, there's a really huge snow blizzard. Then I see two people in the far distance in the foggy cold. It's my brother and my dad, they are trying their best to come into the house but it's way too windy to even walk. The wind is blowing them backwards and when they walked their feet would move like as if they are walking but they could not move from the same spot. So I run to the door to help them in and I see them up close and my dad isn't wearing a shirt nor a jacket and my brother isn't either. I only see my dad wearing a blue blanket over him and it doesn't cover him completly. I see my brother crying with icy eyelashes with a pale face. I grab my brother by his shirt and threw him into this air bed that was sitting on the floor and threw a bunch of warm blankets over him.

When I woke up, I was scrared and brought a lot of memories about that old apartment back in New York.

What does this dream mean? Was this a nightmare?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was storming with a blizzard outside and I had to go to the store before it closed. I saw a bus ahead of me going on route and I tried to catch up to ask if I can get a ride, but too late...

I walked and walked then a car was passing me, slowed down, and looked like he was going to pick me up but when he saw who I was he sped on. I threw a middle finger at him and said "Karma!" lol. I was crossing the street and a car was in the wrong lane, I yelled at him to switch lanes. Then I crossed the street to get to the store but it was dark, I was too late! I was disappointed, started walking home, and saw another young guy...looked like he was late too.

He turned out to be a doctor who was looking for someone to help and I needed help, I was so happy to find him.

Example: Is this unusual? Does this dream mean anything?

Last night I spent the night at my best friends house. Her husband died yesterday and I didn't want her to be alone. It was cold, blizzard like weather and I was snuggled in a down comforter sound asleep. I dreamed my dear friend (who I am very attracted to) knocked on the back door (there's a back door in this room) and I let him in. He was wearing flannel pajamas and a sweatshirt so he asked if he could crawl into bed with me so he could warm up. I told him yes. I admit, I was turned on but when he started kissing me I asked him to stop as we are both married.
The next morning I was upstairs having coffee with my friend and here he comes, knocking on the front door, wearing exactly the same clothes that I dreamed he had on. I could hardly look him in the face.
Please, don't be rude. I'm already pissed at myself for not having fun in that dream!

Example: What does this dream mean?

In Ohio where I live I had a dream about the big blizzard that's coming and we are going to get tons of snow and it seems like in my dream that it's going to be like a winter wonderland with snow everywhere for a very long time and we wouldn't have school for one day and I dreamed that they day that we go back to school my french teacher died in an accident because of ice.

Example: Any meaning behind this dream?

Going to throw this out there for the fun of it, plus this must be the most interesting dream I've had since I ate a sparrow! (I a dream of course)

I'm in bed, for some reason it's my old metal bunk-bed across from the window, the curtains are open and it's basically a snow blizzard out there very deep thick snow. My eye instantly widen when a pack of three wolves leap over my neighbor's fence into my garden, even in the dream I know this is an amazing sight!

I get out of bed and crawl up to the window and try to look one notices me and I stand up and just start taunting it, pulling faces would believe! This P's it off and it jumps at the windows fails to break it, shocked I get back into bed. The wolf tries again and successfully breaks through the glass, I'm in the bunk-bed hoping it just goes away as it sniffs my room.

Meanwhile for some reason the other two wolves decide to break into the house through the backdoor and the one in my room jumps onto my bed and tries to bite around my face but I'm holding it back shouting to my dad upstairs for help. Still fighting it back I'm crying for my dad to help but he's not coming the other wolves un into mt room the wolf on top of me goes for my throat, and then I woke up.

The only wake up before I die dream I've had since I was really little (which involved a unusually large spider)


Example: What do these dreams mean?

Have you ever had 'magical dreams', or dreams that you think have deep meanings to them?
I have. My 'magical dreams' always involve the following:

- It's nighttime
- There's a blizzard, but I don't feel cold
- A lit-up lamppost, which is the only source of light

Could these dreams mean anything? If so, what? Have you ever had dreams like this?
Thanks for your help!

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