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Dream About Blind In One Eye meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone who was born blind, dream?

Can someone who was born blind, dream? If you have never been able to see before, how would you know what anything looked like, to be able to dream about it? My great-grandfather was blind from birth, but he died before I was born, so I never got a chance to know him or ask him.

I will try to take you into one of their dreams.
First get four room items, like a light bulb, a pencil, a book, and a glass with water in it. Sit them on a table in front of you, close your eyes and examine them all carefully with your hands. Now stand up and close your eyes. Think of these items in various places in the room. You can not touch them with your hands, but you know what they feel like and where they are at.

Now think of every image possible that has been reproduced with texture, audio, and scent for the blind to feel, hear and smell.
Example -
The salty texture of ocean water, the image of waves they touched with their fingers, and the scents of the sea breeze. Think of the warm sand they have felt beneath their feet.

The Dream - They are walking on the beach. They sense where the gulls are flying overhead, feel their feathered texture in their minds, hear their cries. The sun feels warm against their skin, They sense it large and round and hot in the sky. They sense the changing shapes of the waves where the surf is crashing, hear it, and run into the cool salty water to splash. They sense the fish in the ocean, feel their cool scaly skin in their minds, feel the smooth skin of the dolphins, hear them calling. The world around them is filled with things they can touch without touching, locate without seeing. They feel alive and connected with everything around them. This is a good dream.

Hope this helped.

Example: What does a dream of your eye mean?

I just had a dream where I had a problem with my eye. Though I cant remember what that problem was, to fix it I poked it around the pupil with a pen. The rest of the dream thereafter, my eye was bleeding. I had one little tear mark of blood down my eye. I met some people from my life; my sisters and my best friend, all of whom commented on my bloody eye.

Example: What does it mean to dream about slowly going blind in one eye?

A friend of mine said he was having this weird recurring dream. In the dream it he was just doing everyday things and it seemed normal at first. Then he said he would slowly begin to loose sight in his right eye. He wouldn't notice at first and would just think it was a smudge on his glasses, then he would clean them off and realize he was loosing his sight. He said the vision in his right eye got darker and darker until all he could see was light.

He thought it meant he was loosing something he needed that was as important to him as his right eye.

Do you have any ideas? I realize it could be different for every person.

Example: What could this dream mean?

Okay first I will tell you about my reality, I'm very inlove with this girl but she has girlfriend she loves already. Anyways her and I have gotten ridiculously close, for I won't give up on her because I love her very much so I'm willing to suffer a bit. Yet she still has not left her gf that honestly I see no good in her gf, from much analyzation and personal relationship. Just not a good girl. Okay thought I would mention that because I feel those two can be related to the dream. So here's my dream...
I lost all my money, regardless I was not sad rather feeling very upbeat just to be alive. I found myself on this dark and wet freeway maybe in like, New York? It was sort of scary cause there were many druggies along the sidewalk but none of them stood out they all just sort of blended into the shadows. As I kept walking I saw this black man that looked extremely poor, smelt like piss, hasn't bathed or had new clothes in years and was about to shoot up heroine. For some reason he stood out cause strangely a light was beaming down on him. I swiftly walked up to him, (I'm just a 19yr old white girl) not knowing him i placed my hand on his shoulder looked him in the eyes and told him I loved him. He wasn't really confused though when I said this he slowly put the needle down and asked why? I replied 'we are in this together and you are my brother. you are hurting and i'm here to let you know i love you." his jaw dropped and he dropped the needle. I gave him a hug remembering being completely terrified. Then I walked away as I walked on I saw the girl I really like sitting on the ground with her head in her knees, she was crying. So of course I ran over to her, trying to comfort her she wouldn't even look at me or respond. As I was sitting there just holding her talking to her (talking to myself basically, cause no reply) the black man came to us and without saying anything he took off her shoe and took out his needle. He started to press it down on to her skin.. I smoothly stood up, then bright lights came behind me as if to blind him, and i said "brother, I love you. Do not do this. We are all in this together. She's your sister and you're going to kill her. I love you.' again he looked at me sort of shocked. He dropped the needle and walked into the traffic on the freeway and killed himself. The moment he died another bright light appeared practically blinding me...then i woke up! so what are your opinions people?

Example: What does this dreams means?

i walking to another classroom and I see my friend and I said. I sorry that i mention Sheena.
(my girlfriend at that time) when i saw her eyes and her face, One is normal and the other is has a scar underneath her eye and the eye is white as for she blind in one eye. what do my dream means?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream that one eye turns blind?

Example: Blind dream!?

some times i get dream where i cant see in! i want to open my eyes so hard.. my i just cant i am blind! and i remember there was one! where my eyes shut closed and i was trying to cross the street infront of my house.. and i got 1/4 of the way.. and i heard the cars and crawled back on my knees...still blind! weird what does it mean when you cant open your eye lids !

Example: What does it mean when you dream about loved ones going blind?

Last night, I had a dream that my best friend was kidnapped, and tested on by some sort of high powered company, when he returned, he had become blind. In the dream, this completely tore me apart, and was hard to cope with. Any ideas on what this could possibly mean?

Example: Any idea what my dream means?

I keep having a dream where i am doing an activity (It is always a different thing, like playing basketball or walking around with friends) and suddenly my vision fades to black. This lasts a couple of seconds and then my vision comes back again. This keeps going on until I wake up.

Is this some prediction that I'm going to go blind someday or does it mean something more? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Example: What does this dream means?

i dream about someone that i was once friends with, and in this dream my so-called friend
was blind in one side what do that means

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