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Dream About Blind Date meanings

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Example: What's the meaning behind a work mate dreaming about me?

Also my Fiancée was a bit off with me this morning and it turns out she had a dream about me where I left her and started dating a blonde wrestler. Could these two dreams be related? My work mate and Fiancée have met on several occasions such as social events and they are friends on Facebook. Should I ask other people if they have had dreams about me and what they involve?

Haha.. No, don't worrying, he's not hitting on you.
To me this just sounds like one of those random crazy dreams. Maybe he was working with you the day before he dreamt this? And maybe someone had a car crash or something that he saw/new about/saw on the news/was nearby? Or maybe he just ate something funny before bed! You know eating Stilton cheese before bed can give you craaazzzy dreams?!
But I do know that dreaming that you are riding a dolphin refers to your hopefulness or confidence of the future and social altruism. So his dream could mean that he has confidence in you in the future? :)
And also, the way he crashes and falls of could possibly relate to how he was hopeful and confident with his future, but then maybe it's gone down hill?
I really hope this helps! :Dx

Example: I had a dream and wanna know what it means?

i had a dream about my prom date. in my dream i was going to some place where idk were it is but she is there waiting for me. we both hang out for awhile and while we r hanging out we both r getting close to each other and then start kissing. after that we start to go outside and just be close to each other. then she has to leave for some reason and i see her leaving and then i wake up. all day i have been thinking about this and wanna know what it means. i wasn't thinking about her the previous day at all. every time i see her i get goose bump's and i do talk to her. i do like her but i wanna know what the dream mean. besides me liking her. please help

Example: Strange recurring dream- anyone know its meaning?

Lately I've been dreaming about two people going on a blind date. Its different people every time that I don't know, and one person always drives to the other persons house to pick them up and they always get a thank you card afterwards. Im usually, if not always, seeing things from the person who drives/gets the cards point of view, but I don't think its me.

Last night it was a bit more odd-
Usually I am a man picking up a woman, but this time I was a woman picking up another woman. (I am female).

They went to a nearby aquarium (I went there on Saturday so maybe that's why) but then when they walked out they were in the sea and had to swim past various fish that I know are in the aquarium.

There's also this spinning globe thing that makes swirly blue patterns, and the sky essentially looked like that. Eventually we got to an iceburg (There's a penguin exhibit), then found ourselves on a ship. We could see the girls family following us on a small dingy.

Some big disaster happened and everyone scrambled to reach a big house that belonged to the girls family. They locked out me and my mum (who appeared) because they didnt want me having sex with the girl.

We got back in by trick or treating and talking around the giant stuffed snake that was apparently a member of this girls family (it could also talk- it didn't look like a real snake. Just like a toy) And that's when I woke up.

So why blind dates? And what is this madness?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a weird dream, I've looked everywhere & I cant find an actual meaning of it. Tried understanding it myself but I'm not 100% so thought i'd seek a second opinion. Please read the entire post.

Firstly, a bit of backing to make an accurate judgement. Me & my girlfriend are both in our 20s (only 3 months age difference). We're long distance all the time (her home city is 100 miles from where i live) & even longer distance when she's at university. I've met her mum, but she's not told her mum (who's blind due to retinitis pigmentosa), about our relationship. Her mum & me talk and get on well & has even said I can stay there whenever I want to (as long as she knows obviously). We (me & gf) have been together nearly 3 years now, and are still long distance (hopefully that changes later this year). I'm an engineer & trance DJ/artist (only recently) as well as CEO/director of a record company (again only for the last few months). I've seen through the start up of this business & have given it, it's corporate identity (logo, name etc) and arranging a lot of things. Me & my girlfriend are also in the position of our friends not really paying attention or caring about us at all; they "forget" about us or we lose contact with them for one reason or another, the pair of us are yet to meet a true friend (other than one another). The best friend I had eventually just lost contact, and both of her past best friends changed after they got into relationships (she lives with one of these people now). That should cover most things, although. I can't summarize my life on here ha ha.

I was at my girlfriend's mum's house during a holiday break when she was back from university (we're long distance usually anyway). She was in bed with me in one room & there was a door going straight into the room her mum was in & a en-suite bathroom behind her mum's room.

I woke up during the night to go pee, i tried not waking up her mum (If i remember she didn't know I was there, me & my gf sometimes see each other when her mother isn't around) & cassie (guide dog, her mum is blind) was laid just outside bathroom door, i didn't fuss her but she didn't move or anything anyway. walked into the bathroom & looked in a basket weave mirror (her mum doesn't own one far as i know), it then fell down. All the glass disappeared some how without me noticing & the basket weave frame lay around the edge of the sink, like boxing it in. I creep out the bathroom as i hear her mum getting out of bed. i then just hear her saying:
"you're never allowed here again or near my daughter, understand? I have to go to a funeral (or visit a grave or something) today, you that? That mirror was a gift from a friend when my mum died to cheer me up & now its broken *pause* and you have broken it, with the audacity to travel 100 miles to see my daughter in desperation. Why a sad depressed guy sneaks around my house, I never want you here again, or near my daughter. Whenever she asks if you can stay she always tells me that your mum has gone on some cruise or flown to Chicago or something exotic, I the fool believe it. Not anymore, just leave."

Those were almost exact words her mum said

Weird I know, but i woke up after like "what the actual hell?" (this dream was about an hour ago before i posted this)

Thanks for reading an answering.

Example: What does it mean to dream of dating the opposite color?

So I am an African American woman but I am very bright for my race. I've always like really dark African American guys and I've never dated outside of that color. I always told myself I would never date a light skinned African American my color or a white man just for the simple fact, light skinned African Americans are too conceited and it would be wierd to date a white guy because we're so different. I've tried talking to a white guy just for simple conversation and it seemed like they tried so hard to please me that it just turned me off and I would tell them I have to go and I just walk away. But last night 5/24/13...I had a draam that I was dating a white man and he was so freaking handsome and he made me very happy. I think I was actually in love with him. The dream was so good I didn't want to wake up from it. But I couldn't find anywhere on the net what it means to dream of being african american and dating a white man. Someone please help! And I'm not racist, My great grandmother is mixed and I have white cousins and that's all I party with is white people, I love them to death! But please help!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that i was forced to date someone, but he was really nice and sweet, I am wondering, what does that mean? What does it mean when i dream i am going out with someone? Also, the person I like was in the dream too, He seemed mad. But i wasn't going out with him. It was someone else.

Example: I have a recurring dream that I am going blind - what does that mean?

The them is recurring: that I go blind. Either there is an explosion, and I can no longer see, or suddenly I am just blind and walking down the street or driving a car, and I bump into something or crash, and then I wake up. What do you think this means?

Example: What do you think my dream meant?

I am a 19 year old college student. I dreamed that my mother and sister set me up on a blind date. I am in love with this guy from my dream. For some reason I couldn't see his face but I remember feeling like that was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with, it is truly a feeling I can't explain. I recently got out of a relationship and me and the guy are currently working possibly to get back together but I'm not sure if it going to happen. I know for sure that guy that was in my dream was not my ex-boyfriend. Also, I recently went to my uncle's wedding and could just feel the love in the air. Any advice?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay well I was 15 (*im 12 right now) and well i was going on a blind date at the restaurant that i worked at and when i got there i was looking for him and then i found him and sat down and he wouldn't say anything and then i don't know why but my mom and brother were trying to figure out if he was an ok guy and then all of a sudden my brother and him started fighting and then there was something to do with a cigarette or something i don't really remember that part but then i went to dance the next day or something and he was there and he wouldn't talk to me or anything so i went up to him and talked to him and all that and then one night we went out for dinner and then we were going to go to a movie and he was driving i don't know its really weird and the guy i didn't even know but he was really cute :) lol umm ya and i have had physic dreams before like alot of times before but its just sooo wierd and doesn't really make sense to me and like it skipped a year or two and then all of a sudden he had a car lol

Example: I had a dream what does it mean?

I had a dream about the blind date I am going on tomorrow. The one was about meeting him and it went well I think if I remember right but the second one was worse. I dreamt that I had an accident on my way to the date. Is this good or bad? Or am I just being a nervous wreck?

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