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Dream About Blazer meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Firstly, sorry that this is really long.

I'm a 14 year old girl, and I love my school. I'm usually shy and nice to others and I haven't made any enemies at all so far, and last night I had this dream where I was completely different.

In this dream I was at school and I was with a friend, though I didn't see who it was, but I did see that the playground was wet, as if it had just finished raining.

Then some random blonde girl came along and hugged my friend, saying hi to her, and then she turned to me, gave me an irritated look and said something like "And I thought *I* was ugly, but *this*."

That must have made me angry, because I said something like "Listen here, b'tch! I know I'm ugly, so you don't have to f'cking tell me."

The blonde girl gave me that same look again, and then apparently I did something really weird; I started throwing random punches and kicks, yelling "hii-jah! hii-jah!" although I didn't hit this girl at all, because all the punches and kicks were right in front of her, and she was looking at me like I was insane.

At that moment, a 40-something year old teacher with blondish-grey hair, glasses and a long skirt appeared next to me and said "you, young lady, come with me to the headteacher's office. We do not tolerate this kind of thing at our school." or something like that, while at the same time she was dragging me across the playground by the sleeve of my blazer.

As she was dragging me across the playground I tried to explain: "No but- we were just having a play fight!" That was a complete and utter lie, because a: I didn't know this person and b: it was not a play fight. This teacher still didn't change her mind anyway.

Then the dream sort of skipped to later, when the playground was still wet, and me and a bunch of friends (again, I didn't see who they were because I couldn't see their faces) were searching all over the place trying to find this girl so that I could beat her up. The dream ended there.

It was very strange, because I would never go after someone just to beat them up. If someone insults me in real life I would usually just ignore them. And I would NEVER get in trouble with the head for "assaulting" another person. So, what does this dream mean? Am I going to get in a fight or something?

Your dream could mean a lot of different things. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get into a fight though. It could be that you are 14 and you're at that age where a lot of girls come out of their "shell" and like you said in you're dream you were someone completely different. You could be worried about becoming someone you don't want to be. It could also mean because some random girl hugged your friend and acted so coldly towards you, it could be that you feel competitive towards friendships, or that you're worried about having to become competitive over friendships. especially because the aggression between you and the blonde girl was so intense and detailed. You obviously don't want to hurt anyone, seeing as how even though you started swinging fists, not once did you touch the girl. Personally I think this dream represents some of the emotional struggles you may be worried about having to face. I remember when I was 14 I turned into someone I never thought I would ever become, and I became a monster. I didn't realize I had changed so drastically until a few years later I gave myself a wake up call. So honestly in my opinion I think your dream is just a warning, of who not to become. As an example. have you ever seen the movie Mean Girls? Lindsay Lohan plays Katy, and she becomes someone she never imagined possible. someone totally different than she was. just like you in your dream. I'm not saying thats going to happen to you, just be aware of the pressures that surround you and don't give into them. :) Hope I helped and good luck!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a high school basketball game (in my dream) but it wasn't my school's team or at my school. It wasn't at any school I know of but I remember the mascot was a tiger (or so I though. Later I discovered it was an orange wolf) even though their team was something xompletely unrelated just like this school in my town, bayridge...or as I like to call it GAYridge (there team is the blazers and their mascots a tiger) anyways there were a bunch of people in te stands and I was laying on...something with my head propped up and was huddled under my blanket because it was cold (I was just about to regain consciousness so I guess that part came from the fact that i was lying in bed) Then this insanely cute guy (<3) walked over to me and was like "hey" now that I think of it he looks kind of like a blonder version of my ex boyfriend Ryan. Anyways, he was like "want some pie?" (there was a table in the corner where u could get free apple pie) and I was like "sure" (odd cuz apple pie makes me gag...wait not rly odd cuz for some reason I always eat it anyway) so he went to get me some pie. While he was gone the mascot came over and I discovered he was really a wolf. Then the guy started walking back with an empty plate cuz there was no pie left (although for some reason there was pie goo on the plate...and no he didn't eat the pie and just give me his garbage) then my...oh god how can I explain this...my friend who's a guy who doesn't but does like me and I don't but do like him and he's got a girlfriend who's not really his girlfriend and we dated but we didn't...kyle took the plate from him and handed it to me and was like "here I got you something" I was like "uhh...thanks?" then he started singing the third line to that song that's like ____ and _____ sitting in a tree, but it was to te tune of the austrian national anthem (Gotta love the randomness! :P) ao he was like "first comes love. Then com-OOF!" (that's when I shoved the sticky pie plate in his face to get him to shut up) me and my sister (who was sitting on the floor beside me) and the hot guy couldn't stop laughing...that is until Kyle turned around and shoved the sticky pie plate in my face. Now the only one laughing was my sister cuz the hot guy looked pissed and Kyle was just smiling smugly. So now I was pissed at my sister for laughing so I shoved it in her face...well me being pissed was part of the reason. I also just wanted to who've pie goo in someones face. Then my sister, being completely uncreative, just shoved it back in my face. God! I easily could have just shoved it back in kyles face nope, by sister was too lazy to choose a new target. Then se yelled "food fight" (a rly idiodic thing to do considering there was a basketball game going on and people actually wanted to eat their pie rather than throw it) but I though I might as well get one last laugh out of the pie plate so I through it at the hot guy...before I saw if it hit him I woke up. :(

So what dou think it means. And dot just go on one of those websites and type in basketball or something. Look at the whole dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a very strange dream last night and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it means.

I was taking my son to school for the first time, cute boy with my blond hair and my bf's eyes (i don't actually have any children in waking life) He was wearing an old fashioned uniform, shorts and blazer with a cap. The school was on the seafront near where i live where there is actually a library. As we were walking up the street to it (its on a corner opposite the promenade) I could hear music like a brass band or something and could see a weird glow. As we came round the corner I saw something on fire, like several boxes. When i got closer i saw the boxes were coffins and my boy ran off for a closer look before i could stop him. I ran after him and the coffins disappeared. At the main gate in the middle of the wall there was now a podium and a guy was advertising the coffins.
My son was stood a little further on where there were 5 men sat on chairs up against the wall. I went over to him and the men were singing improvised song depending on the subject someone gave them.They sounded very boy-band-ish. My son kept giving them rude words to sing about. I don't remember what the words were but the sort of things a 5 year old would consider a bit rude.
I took his hand and turned around and suddenly we were in a car heading into the car park of the school. It seemed to have students right up to (UK) college age and they all drove no matter what the age. I went to park but the spaces were really tiny and my little car took up 3 spaces. And for some reason I had a bacon sandwich with brown sauce in my mouth as i was parking!
I got out the car and all the students were all over the place shouting, smoking and swearing. I was about to get back in the car and take him home again when i heard the music again. I turned around and there was a coffin being carried into the car park.
Thats when I woke up.
Normally I don't have dreams quite as unusual or disturbing as this one. I don't have a clue what it means! Some of the stronger aspects of the dream are a little confusing as I don't have children, don't drive and don't know anyone who has died.
Would appreciate some help with this one as it's playing on my mind quite alot. Thanks.

Example: What does my dream mean?

My dream is a little weird, a little confusing.

Ok so I was in this valley and I was with a group of people and we were going to put on a play, but one person wasn't there and they had a very important role, so I had to play it. But in order to play the role I had to find a pair of pant, boots, and a blazer. I had everything except for the pants and I was racing to find a pair but I couldn't find any. And then the people left the valley so that they could go to the theather without me, and I was left alone. I found the pants but I didn't expect I could get back to the theater since I was in the valley. Then this bubble, (i know weird) and it transported me to the theater. What do you think this means? That everything will be ok or something because I've been going through a rough time lately. Sorry this is so long, and no rude answers please!

Example: What dos this mean i had a dream that i was a little baby egg!?

as soon as i hatched i took a nice shower and got dress vary cool i was wearing a black blazer whit a red muck nice black pear of beetle boots i notice that i was in this big extravagant home it felt like it was all mine i rush to the door that leads to the garage only to find a silver mazerati, so i ran back inside to cheang my red swater to a nice perrywinkle i seen in the closet as i took off the red one and i put on the perrywinkle one i notis in the mirror that i had a chicken head and i wake up cherping,

Example: What do these dreams mean?

ok so i have two types of dreams im wanting to know about, first off
me and my 3 other frieds are in some type of zombie apocolypse and trying to survive or we are being chased by a bunch of henchmen trying to kill us. im driving the car always..and or have a shot gun and they each have there own pistols or a turret on top of my chevy k5 blazer that i have its in the zombie dreams and in the ones where were being chased im always driving a silver pontiac trans am what does this mean?

my other type of dream..well nightmare. im always in a house or a space ship trying to run / escape monsters or people trying to kill me. my space ship dreams are kinda like ead space game except i never have any weapons and i always feel as if running is futile and in the end il die anyway. however right before i die always i wake up in a cold sweat and can never go back to sleep what does this one mean?

none of the dreams i just talked about happen a lot but when i do have theme they happen several nights in a row. im just curious as to what they mean.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having this really weird recurring dream. It doesn't happen every night but I will get it at least once a week.

Basically it starts off with me, my sister and my cousin on holiday and we're walking down this street. Suddenly there are these 3 guys all wearing blue uniforms with a weird crest on the blazer. My cousin shouts "Nice uniform!" At them really sarcastically and starts laughing. The guys get really angry and start running at us.
My cousin and my sister run one way and i go the other. Two of the boys follow them and the other one follows me. I keep running and end up hiding in this really tiny shed that I can only just get into. For some reason the only thing in there is a chalk board.
The guy reaches the shed but can't fit in so he sits in the doorway and tells me he's not going to hurt me. He then says that his friends just have really bad tempers and that he was following me to see if I was okay.
Then we talk for a while until I start getting really sleepy and then the guys starts stroking me with his foot. I fall asleep and when I wake up the guy is gone but there is a heart drawn on the chalkboard.

The thing is the guy who talks to me is really really familiar. It's like I know exactly who he is but I've never seen him before. I always get this really weird feeling in my stomach as well whenever I have the dream like I'm nervous about it or something.
Does anyone have any clue if it means anything? I'm just really confused as to why I keep dreaming about it.

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

So I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of a cold night (it felt like it was late in the year but I could be wrong) and I went to my bathroom for some water. I looked down into the garden, and there was an old woman sitting on our low wall that separates the lawn from the patio. But she wasn't your average old woman, her skin looked like a charcoal colour and she was really wizened and wrinkled.. like a cross between a mummy and the woman that was head of the cult in Doctor Who in 'The Fires of Pompeii'. She called up to me 'Would you like a cup of tea?' and I called back 'No thanks love, shouldn't you be getting home? It's very cold!' And she said 'I suppose you're right, dear.' And she got up and started walking. She looked okay, so I went back to bed. Then suddenly I'm downstairs with this female teacher from my school that's head of the Charities Committee, and we were outside and the old woman had collapsed in the bush and we were trying to do CPR. I told her to carry on with it, but she was doing it wrong so I went to get help, saying to her over my shoulder 'Two rescue breaths with every thirty seconds of chest compressions to the beat of 'Nellie the Elephant', push in to two-thirds the depth of her chest, release and compress again.' and then I quickly showed her what to do with her hands while compressing.
And then it was the same dream but I have no idea how, I think I was kissing some guy a lot that I didn't actually really feel anything for {this guy in my year. We flirt but I don't actually like him (I'm not a whore, we're just a flirty year-group plus I just broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago so I'm enjoying being single) as anything apart from a friend so we text but it's just friendly.. except he got a bit weird last week and he and his friends sexually harassed me for like half an hour solid in the common room.. which was strange.. but anyhoo} and that was in my dining room that we were kissing and hugging, and I felt a bit uncomfortable and wrong about it.
Then I was suddenly at school waiting to go into Food Tech and I was looking in my bag and for some reason I remembered that my friend (I think this 'friend' was Brittany out of Glee) had wrapped a newborn puppy up in plastic and put it in my bag and I was crying going 'It'll be dead! No, please don't be dead!' because it would have suffocated. And I got it out of the plastic and it was still warm so I did three chest compressions like you'd do on a baby and it coughed and it was alive and I cried and cuddled it and then my Food Tech teacher arrived and congratulated me and said because of that and something else I'd done I'd have more 'points' towards my exam or something..

The whole CPR thing in two bits of the dream may be because I always have it in the back of my mind in case I ever need to save a life (I even have a booklet on First Aid in my school blazer pocket in case of emergencies), but I don't know.
The puppy thing may be because my dog died in August and I still miss her sometimes, and it could be linked with our new dog who is 8 months now and I'm very protective of him, maybe because I couldn't save my old dog (she died of cancer) and he reminds me so much of her. I'm not sure.

Oh and then at some point I was visiting my old school and then I was at my Granny's old house. Those are linked because they're basically on the same property, as my grandparents founded the school in 1955. Over 50 years later the school was in debt so the family sold it to a trust who changed a lot of stuff and since then most of the family have had a level of resentment towards the school and what it became, really. Also my granny had to move out of her house when we sold the school. The trust insisted because it was technically owned by whoever owned the school.
So yeah basically visiting the school and visiting the old house (and I think I was visiting it in present day except in the dream she was still living there) is linked, I gave a vague background so you know the feelings associated with the house and school.

Then at some other point I was on a screen talking, might have been on TV, and because it was a low quality blurry screen you couldn't see my braces and my teeth looked awesome and I was really pleased because that's what my teeth would look like when they came off. The dream had a slight dystopian air to it, maybe because I've been reading the 'Hunger Games' trilogy. The teeth thing may be linked to my mum yesterday talking to someone visiting about how they think my teeth look amazing now under my braces.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I have weird dreams all the time but this seemed different. I can't remember the exact chronological order of all the parts of the dream but there are all the elements. They see

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in my friends car and she was driving and we were going down this main road which had smaller streets coming off it and it was at night time. Anyway we turned to go round a corner and there was this man stood there blocking our way and he looked like a homeless mime, he was holding up a sign but i didn't know what it said and he was dead creepy and smiling. So everyone in the car freaked out and my friend who is driving swerves the car around and my head like went out the window and my hair touched him so i freaked out more. So we started driving down the main road again and every time we turned a corner a different freaky person would be there and we'd have to go back. What the hell does that mean?

Example: What does this dream i had mean?

ok, this is going to be a long description so only read on if you are interested or know about dream meaning... everything from here is a description of the dream...stuff in brackets ( ) is my thoughts:

so, in my dream i wake up and knowing its a thursday i excercise in the morning but for some reason, today i turn the TV on and am watching some random latin dancing competition or something (i am not spanish and have never seen this show/channel before in real life). I start off with sit ups as i normally do but after like 2 reps i am randomly on the floor spinning around while watching the TV (in my dream, for some reason this is normal). now the freaky bit, it is suddenly night time while im spinning around and im still watching that latin dancing thing but a face of my friend (not a close freind) slowly appears in the left corner of the TV screen, at first i don't notice it and it fades away slowly, i am still spinning. Then i thought that i saw his face so i rewind the TV and confirm that i did see it, in my dream i am a bit freaked out now. weirdly, as soon as i pause the TV when his face appears, there is suddenly a power cut in my house. i am not panicked at all and calmly walk downstairs to the bottom floor. (normally my stairs are clear, nothing on them, just carpet and there is no cabinet as i will describe later) as i walk down the stairs there are carrier bags and boxes and random items and i have to walk my way around them while going down the stairs, i am a bit curious now as to what is going on. (here is a really freaky bit: in a dream quite far back i remember seeing a cabinet with a small TV and other random items inside it and in a more recent dream i remember walking into my house after shopping and leaving a carrier bag with a pack of chocolates named 'poison' in them (this is not a real chocolate, it was just in my dream)) i am now at the bottom of my stairs, i see that cabinet from a previous dream and don't really care, acting as if it is normal, i also see the chocolate and i eat it for some reason...it is sour and blue coloured (i have not even eaten breakfast or anything yet in my dream). no the final part of my dream, i walk into my kitchen and my grandad is there washing his plate after eating (this is normal) and i say hi to him as i would but for some reason his speech is slurred and he says "hello [my name]" with difficulty (he never has difficulty speaking). i find that normal in my dream and for some reason i am now standing next to my microwave oven. my dad walks into the kitchen wearing a shiny blazer and having long hair (he never wears part clothes and has never had long hair in real life), i say hi to him too but he replies "oh do you think it looks weird", i pause and am thinking how did he know i was thinking that then after a long pause he says "has the apple (meaning computer) arrived yet?". (we have never and do not intend to ever have a mac/ipad/apple computer and we have never talked about them before either. Also, i do not know if this is relevant but the only thing me and dad talk about really is computers...). now i suddenly wake in real life after he says this...THIS IS THE END

what the hell does this mean? it is really weird and felt sort of like a lucid dream because i sort of controlled where i was goin and everything felt so real, from people talking to the taste of that chocolate...

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