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Dream About Blackbird meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my black animal dream mean :S !?

On Saturday night I had a dream that in my garden there were-
Three black cats, Six blackbirds, 3 black hedgehogs and 3 white and black mice.
Its really confusing me what does it mean ?!

Are you hurting, Dear?
You are in either physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

That there were white on the smaller animals
means you feel there is some hope, albeit small.

Your subconscious is presenting the pain in a visual form
for you to see, letting you know how it feels inside
It knows, or you know, that the hope or cure for your pain is there too.

Be patient. Mice reproduce faster and in greater numbers
than any of the other animals represented in your dream.

Example: Criticism for my first poem?

Here is my first shot at poetry, I know it's not long and not great (that's why I want criticism :P ), but this is my first try. Thanks for your comments in advance :)
- - -
The Fawn
Through the trees’ mangled limbs
Past the blackbird and his mournful hymns
Beyond the bee’s buzz to the sweetness of truth
Lays the New-Born Deer; to the world, uncouth

Across the poppies and whispers of the stream
His pure life lives in limpid dreams
The nonage knows not of war and complication
He knows not of the future, and the loss of elation
- - -
Also, what do *you* think the 'meaning' of it is?
-If you want to me to share my comments about your own work, just leave a link in the 'source' so I can return the favor.

Example: To Dream of Black Birds mean?

I had a dream that i was in Australia sitting on a bench and it was so so sunny and hot, the sun was beaming on my forehead, i got up and saw alot of Black Birds and they were laying on top of each other cuddling, they seemed in love, i saw few pigeon and they tried to mix with the black birds but the black birds were already in love with each other so the pigeons couldnt join..anyway so i started walking and new year popped in my head and my phone started to ring, i picked up and it was my ex boyfriend who i admired so much, i have not heard from him in a long time, when i pick up he starts laughing and he tells me "Melissa its ok"...then i wake up because it felt so real..what could this symbolize?

Example: Bird dream...?

When i was young, i had a lot of dreams of flying... one was about me flying threw the forest, i turned in to a white parakeet... while i was flying, all of a sudden i whine up in a city like Nashville, Tenn... the town looked dark and old like a ghost town... i went in this store to look for someone i cant remeber who... but someone was trying to get me and i keep on flying away from them, all of a sudden i turned in to a human and then i was looking for one of my family members again i cant remeber who i think at the beginning it was one of my sisters any ways thats all i can remeber... i always thout my dream was showing me who i was in the past life and that all the stuff that was going on i had to get away from it and that one of my family members was gonna be mad at me for leaving state, i always remebered that dream but didnt understand it till now i think it was really showing me my future how it is now! at the end i belive it was happy and good... thats how i feel now!

Example: What does this dream about a cannibalistic black bird mean?

In part of my dream I saw a black bird eating what I thought at first was a piece of white fish. But then the bird turned it over and it was part of another bird. I could see the bird's head and black, beady eyes and beak, but the feathers and flesh over the rest of the body was gone. The bird was still alive. I saw his eyes blink and the tweeted. Later, I saw the rest of the bird's body on the path where I was walking. I thought that someone may have kicked the bird on accident, but hard enough to make his head separate from his body.

It was such a vivid dream; anyone want to take a guess at what it means?

Example: Dream meaning...black bird in my closet?

I dreamt there is a blackbird in my closet...it attacked me and i was trying to push it back in! meaning?

Example: What does it mean to dream with blackbirds ? and my friend the same night had a similar dream ?

hi well i dreamed that i moved to a new big yellow house and my exboyfriend lived next to me (he is a santero in real life ) && well my mom went inside his hpouse and as soon as she went in black birds were surrounding his house ... my bestfriend had a very similar dream with me and my exboyfriend in it .. what can this mean ?
please answer me ;)

Example: What does the blackbird in my dream mean?

my lil brother was holding my hand and we were following a girl who's face i didn't recognize but seemed comfortable with.she was wearing a baby blue robe and i was too with a baby blue ribbon in my hair.i told my brother to hold my hand the scene quickly changed from a hallway to a wheat field when we walked down the steps made of hay an old lady told us that some kids died down there. when we were halfway down i told her i changed my mind and started walking with my brother back up the stairs he was being stubborn and i started dragging him.the girl found a bird in the wheat field and broke it's neck her hands were bloody. we were back in the hallway scenery so she threw the bird on the floor and started jogging towards us the bird start shaking and stood up and started phasing into a boy i always stare at in school he was wearing a leather jacket and looked straight at me.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a blackbird pecking at your arm?

I had a dream where a blackbird was pecking at my arm and left little tiny holes and then flew back into the house and didnt want to leave!

Example: Dream of large blackbird,whats the meaning?

i had a dream last night that i was with people(dont remember who) and all of us went to my backdoor,everyone was puzzled,i opened the door and when i first saw it i thought it was a small dog i then realized it was a large black bird/raven/crow whatever you wanna call it. it was big for a bird it was like the size of a small dog. what does this mean? i keep getting mixed signals when i search it online i just dont get it i believe dreams have meaning but can someone interpret this for me?

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