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Dream About Black Stone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i keep being chased by like a form of zobie and vampire and its more than one, there every where i go in this cort yard of stone with 3 buildings around me and there is this girl who ive been running with and we get to the top floor of this building her room i think she lives there and she puts on a black coat and opens the skylight and climbs out and im blocking the door the best i can but then just as the door opens i wake up and that room is black and white but the rest of my dream is in coulor and i never see the main beast i wake up just as im about to die what does this mean?

Liz is right.

In your sleep, the frontal lobe of your brain is inactive and most parts of the brain that you use during the day are also inactive.

So, your brain activity is very low. However, there are still neurons firing in your brain, and it tries to understand them in images that are familiar with you.

That's it. There's nothing more to it. The only thing it could mean is that you could be under stress, or depressed. But there is no secret meaning to it.

Frued's theories that dreams had some meaning were bull.
See, there wasn't much scientific study on the brain during his time.
So it wasn't based on science, but his own studies. His studies however, were mostly wealthy house wifes.

So, you don't need to worry.
Try and do something to get your mind off whatever is bothering you,
and your dreams wont be so bad. (:

Writing your feelings and thoughts in a journal always helps.
I know you wont do that though, so just don't worry because it doesn't mean anything.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

The reason I'm up this early on a saturday? I've had a night full of strange dreams. Two in particular have me rather...intrigued. In one (I can't remember the order they came in) I was watching as a young woman, obviously not much older then my nearly 16, was led into a room. It was a rather large all stone room that was darkly lit, candles only I think. And there were quite a few people. They were dressed rather elegantly, old timey. Their faces were either really pale or painted white and they had some black face paint around their eyes and mouths. The girl, just as pale, but I could see that that was her actual skin tone, was wearing a white tank top and white sweats, cinched to the calf, and she looked completely disheartened yet still strong as she was lead to an elevated part of the center of the room. Suddenly I was right beside her, her arms were chained. An elegant looking man with long hair and no face paint, though he was pale as well walked up to her, I think he was about to place a blindfold over her eyes but she refused muttering "I've seen enough already" The man said "Very well." Then he grabbed her neck and pulled down.

Then it was over. And now that I'm awake and thinking about it, I thought it was an imaginary scene from a movie yet to be out with an actress who happens to look a lot like me, but as I thought about it more, that girl was me. Just perhaps a few years older and paler.

Onto the other dream. I was walking near the beach at sunset with a guy. I wasn't quite sure who he was, I don't remember seeing his face. I just remember feeling so utterly and completely in love with him. Also for some reason I felt...newly married, like I was on my honeymoon for some reason. It was great, though I never dreamt about...you know that part. I remember him helping me surf, and windsurf. I just remember being so in love with him.

So, what do you think they mean?

Example: What does this dream mean about a huge black dog?

My family and I were in a cabin or something,it was in a small circular clearing,I went outside and I heard growling,I looked over to find a huge black dog,it hag shaggy fur.It jumped out of its place and lunged toward me,i quickly dodged it barely,but I was cut on my shoulder.I ran in to the woods trying to escape the black dog,but I found myself in another clearing,but this time about forty of black dogs stood on stones,and branches.I was surrounded.They lunged for me,I was attackewere ripped and I was covered in my blood.The dogs looked into a different direction,and ran into the direction,and I followed,and When they stopped,I was at my house.It was on fire,I saw my mom and dad and brother dead in the flames.Then something happened,I was shaking,then I ran and tackled one of the dogs.I fought all of them,but more and more kept on coming.Then I was standing on my knees,And I was laughing,my teeth began to become fangs,and I transformed into a huge white dog.What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

It's very fractured, it will split between me sitting in the back of a black car and driving slowly by this enormous mansion with pillars that are so tall you cant see the top and are as wide as two school buses. Then I'll be in a very expensive looking den that connects two hallways and has a window that takes up one wall, and the room is roughly the height of a church. And then I'll be rushing down white marble stairs, with what kind of looks like the March Hare ( from Alice in Wonderland ). And through a window on the left of the stairs I see the White queen and if I keep going i end up in a poorly cared for garden with a small man who's really angry at me for stealing something. (I'm assuming that's why i was running downstairs) It's the clearest dream I've ever had and can recall every detail. I can't even recall my last birthday but this dream is eating away at me. do you know what it means?

Example: Can anyone explain the meaning of this dream?

In my dream last night Im being stoned to death by a group of people, each of them were those I knew in high school. Sum were my friends and others weren't I evan saw there parents yelling “ kill the freak kill the freak” I run into the woods and so do my attackers. They keep throwing stones at me and yelling “kill the freak kill the freak” one of the stones hits my eyebrow slicing it open. I trip on a root sticking out of the ground , I land on my chest then they start kicking my and hitting me with sticks. Suddenly The moonlight beams down on me and blood starts to drip on my hands, a loud roar like a lion startles the crowed and they stair with horror at a cloaked figure crouched in a tree. The figure leaps out of the tree and two black bird like wings unfold from behind him, they scatter into the woods. The figure lands with a loud thud and I shield my eyes for a moment, I uncover my eyes and there stood a man with black feathered wings, chest, arm and leg armor almost like a knight and just above his head a halo made of fire (not light). He said “and they called me a monster”.

Example: What does a dream about wondering around in a dark stone house & a tarantula crawled across my face mean?

Last night I dreamed that me and a few other people were wondering around in some sort of old stone house (like in the Saw movies, if you've seen them?). It was pitch black so we had our hands out in front of us to guide us through the darkness. We didn't know where to go. What's odd is that it seemed like girls and boys were being paired up, as in getting together. Then I was modifying the layout of some letter about me and the guy I like getting together? I moved his name under some other words with a computer program. No idea how the computer got there, I didn't see it in the pitch-black room, just like a close-up of the screen.

After that I can't remember what happened. Then, right before I woke up, I dreamed that I was in my bathroom. I saw a tarantula crawling around and it was crawling away on the floor, so I turned away from it since it was going away. But when I turned away, it was suddenly crawling over my face! I scrunched up my face and swiped at it but it stayed there, and I woke up straight afterward.

What could all this mean? Wondering around in the dark and having a tarantula on my face?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really strange dream last night, and I wondering if anyone thought it meant anything. Sorry it's a bit long! But if you wouldn't mind reading it that would be great.

It's a bit weird, but it started with a football match (soccer) between two teams, one wearing black and the other white. And for the national anthem to be sung at the beginning, I had to balance on someones head whilst they unicycled across a tight rope. (Well it was supposed to be a tight rope but it was actually a wooden beam.) So I was practising this ready for the football match. But I kept losing my partners and didn't have anyone to practise or do it with. I never got to practise, so I then went off and found my Mum. And then we were walking along a grave yard, which I assumed was a World War One cemetery. It was seperated from us by a line of barbed wire, which stretched all the way along. It was also on top of a small hill, next a beach. (we had suddenly appeared on a beach with a lot of people at the bottom along with my balance beam.) So I was walking along the grave yard and noticed that there was some grey bodies lying on the graves, with the tomb stones covering them almost like blankets. All of the bodies were small and some almost looked like they had decayed. Even though they were made out of stone. But there were also others which looked like large babies in a peaceful foetul position, with their eyes closed. I then turned around and noticed my Mum was missing, I then looked back and noticed that she had gotten into this grave yard and had broken one of the baby graves. I then went over and tried to help her fix it, because she had broken the head off. Then when she placed it back more of the body broke off but somehow we managed to place it back in position. Mean while I noticed I was late for the tight rope thing and then my Mum said she would be my partner, we ran over to the beam and climbed on but we'd missed our que. So we quickly tried to finished the trick even though people had stopped singing, they then started singing again but when I tried to balance on my Mums head she cycled off saying she had to do something and left me sitting on an awkward position on the beam. I just sat there for a little bit trying to think about what had just happened, when suddenly this boy from school I used to like ran over with a unicycle and said he would help. I went back to the platform and he got on with his unicycle and I balanced on his head (wearing walking boots for some reason) and we finished the trick. After that I went over to the football pitch when the match had finished, everyone was so happy and the whole stadium had ran onto the pitch, taking little bits of the grass because for some reason it was special. (Even though the whole pitch was made of astro turf.)

So that was my dream, it was really strange and I was just wondering if anyone could make any sense of it.

Thanks :)

Example: What does it mean to dream of a face in stone. There were three huge square stones dark gray or black in color?

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was around 13 yrs old, I dream of a boy I'm positively sure I haven't met before in real life. We were playing in a house (which I think is mine), playing in the garden. My mom was even there, cooking in the kitchen where I could see her from the garden. I came to her and when I came back outside again, I was upset and sad. And seeing how I looked as I sat on the doorstep, he came to my side and gave me a hand full of candies. I guess he wanted me to feel better coz after receiving it, I felt happy again. Next thing you know, everything else around me faded to black and all I could see was this glowing stone. Just plain round stone. It sort of floated in mid-air and seems to go near to me. As it came, it slowly turned revealing an engraved name. The glow on the engraving was the origin of the glow on the stone. Engraved on it was the name REINZ.

After that, I woke up. Til now I still haven't met anyone with that name.

But being a non-believer in supernatural or whatever invisble force there is, I'm guessing it probably came from the ketchup brand Heinz. LOL.

Well I don't really know..

Example: What does this dream mean in Islam?

I saw the Kaaba in my dream and I touched the black stone at Masjid Al Haram I was Alone and it was at night and i felt a weird blackout sensation when i touched the stone and it felt like i was not in a dream. What does this dream mean? Please reply I will report all bad answers

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