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Dream About Black Pepper meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with my parents and we were under a large black/dark tree which was towering over us. I don't know if I made crows angry but there were several crows/blackbirds flying above me and dropping dead animals/meat or bird droppings on me. I tried to run but they kept following and when I asked my dad to help me he said it was alright. But the crows continued.

Then the scenario changed and I was out with my two close friends and we ate and soon after went to the washroom. The toilet was white with white marble sinks stained with rust/blood? It looked like an old fashioned toilet to me. We were talking until I started to feel sick and vomit, followed by my other two friends doing the same.

The scenario changed again and I remember my mother screaming at my father and since she is old and weak, she looked like she was about to have a heart/asthmatic attack and had difficulty breathing. She kept cursing and screaming(she was stuttering a little) at my father.

Your dream appears stress driven and one that probably relates to concersn over family welfare.

While it moves about from one scene to another, none of it can be comforting - there is distress all around, despite assurances and the better moments of being with friends and eating. The dream is actually rather focused and seems to offer a firm theme - there is meaning to be sorted out.

The dark tree is as if a dark cloud - and the beasts are threatening. Blackbirds can relate closely to the Raven - an almost visceral symbol of demise - that's pretty dark. Being peppered with dead creatures of course hardly allows you to miss the dark meaning of that place. Cows? Lumbering beasts - not generally harmful, but their mass alone can be threatening when you are pressed in - and there could be something within you from long ago that leaves the cow unfavored. They are also an object of controversy in many circles today though - the greenhouse gas concern includes the ubiquitous cow, so in many minds they are creatures of question and perhaps menacing in their own ways, oddly enough - and that may have registered as one more concern in life with you.

Rust and blood in the circumstance you describe is as if decay and disorder are present - where there should be pleasure and nourishment you are finding something treacherous to your well-being. This is like a capstone to what went before - and it is signed away by the closure: your mother's state of being - she struggles to gain your father's attention, things are NOT alright, despite his earlier assurances.

Note that you asked for his help and simply received the assurance - despite best efforts, something in life seems to be out of control as you sense it. Consider that - and try to reflect wakingly on what might be bothering you in life - perhaps there are some things that are not so good, but perhaps they can be put into better perspective and dealt with well enough to move on more comfortably. That may help - but you will have to examine these things in light of some of these ideas to find the specifics.

I hope that some of these ideas may be useful to you as you reflect on the dream and its meaning.

All the best to you.

Example: What other bands would I like?

Here are some of my favourite bands :) (@@@ means they're my favourite favourites)

Band of Skulls @@@
The Black Keys
The Breeders
The Dead Weather @@@
Eagles of Death Metal
Fall Out Boy
Florence + the Machine @@@
Foo Fighters @@@
In This Moment
Jane's Addiction@@@
Jimmy Eat World
Kaiser Chiefs @@@
My Chemical Romance
Nirvana @@@
Panic at the dicso
Pixies @@@
Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Peppers @@@
Screaming Trees
Soundgarden @@@
Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders
Tenacious D
Them Crooked Vultures
Queens Of The Stone Age

Example: What does this dream mean? Sprouting long curly black/white chest/back/leg hair?

I looked like a circus side-show freak, and no I'm not old and no I'm not male. does this mean impending dome if I eat too much cyanne pepper or ground red hot pepper corns that I'll grown hair on my ripe female specimen

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dreams are pretty detailed but this particular dream I have been wondering about...

I was walking down some sort of old country dirt road that you would probably find somewhere in eurpoe or somewhere old since it has a soft sunny glow about it. it was all grassy hills to the left and right but up ahead there was starting to be trees, not really enough to be called a forest but still, trees. before the clusters of trees started there was one tree right by the road underneath this tree was a rabbi that looked about 60 wearing a black hat and a robe with the beard and all. He was debating or talking to this indian boy who was about 11-13 who seemed he knew what he was talking about and firmly but not angrily believed he was the right one in this debate or what not. the rabbi just seemed to be using his wisdom in this debate but as I was passing along the road the rabbi called out to me and asked me about my opinion of their discussion. I gave some sort of neutral answer that appeased both of them. After that, the rabbi and the indian boy were ready to be on their way down the road and offered me to join them and I agreed since I was going down that way anyway.. the whole time the indian boy and the rabbi re talking and what not until we finally got to a more tree filled area. While we were in the tree covered area they indicated that they were going away from the road off to the side wher emore trees were going so I sort of just followed them. We finally came to this old Southern looking house with chippy white paint but not terribly old. the second floor was sort of covered with 2 big trees but, you knew it was there inbetween the leaves, and there was a nice long veranda or porch. As we came nearer tot he hosue the rabbi and little boy started to argue about something and I completely stayed out of it and they sort of ignored me too... even walking up the steps they were just int heir own little arguing world and went inside the door without me... leaving me at the screen door wondering if I should go in or not... I walked around on the big porch wondering if I should go in or not when the door opened slightly and revealed this cute little boy who was about 3-5 and had salt and pepper colored hair and dark olive complexion he was very cute and was giving me compliments and was pretty happy I was there and wanted to invite me inside the house and show me around so I figured it was ok. Walking int he house he started getting more energetic in showing me the different rooms as a little tour guide~ he showed me a room to the left of the door that looked like some sort of dining room and stuff then he rushed back to the door to show me the room that was on the right side that seemed to be some sor tof living room... as he was showing me the different little nicknacks int he room I noticed across the room there was this asian guy who was about 18-23 who was sort of standing there leaning on the wall but staring at me with this sort of blank emotionless but fixed stare that sort of creeped me out. he was wearing pretty neat clothes, like a leather jacket and a choker and what not but still the stare was very creepy.. but what was sort of odd is that the little boy didn't even acknowledge he was in the room and I sort of didn't know what to say so I figured it would be ok to ignore him too since the little boy had already rushed up the stairs and I tried to keep up with him...
up the stairs was a hall way with lots of doors and the little boy started to get more excited and wanting to show me every room that I eventually lost track of which room he went into... I didn't want to look in the different rooms because I sort of thought that would of been impolite or i might disturb something so I decided that I would wait for him down stairs. turning around preparing to go down stairs I bonk into something, I look up and it is that asian dude from downstairs staring at me still but now 1 foot infront of my face... he just stared for 10 seconds of painful silence and then finally he said something in a firm, deep voice something quickly in another language. I was so suprized by it I woke up XD~

I was wondering if anyone knows what that sort of dream means 'o'.. I think it is pretty interesting since I noticed afterwards that it was 4 guys with different ages and different ethnicities 'o'

I also found it interesting that the little boy would have such hair that was sort of extreme premature greying XD it was cute on him though 'o'

Example: I dreamed raccoon, and i was scared from raccoon in my dream. what do you think?

yesterday i saw in my dream that raccoon was running to me and wanted to bit me. but i kicked that raccoon. and today i saw in my dream that a house was fired and everywhere was black and my friends was also with me, under the black woods was a raccoon ( the same raccoon i saw it yesterday in my dream) and it run trough us, my friends screamed ''careful there is thief raccoon is running'' then that raccoon run to me and tired to bit me but i kicked that raccoon ( again) but this time that raccoon hurt my fingers i don't know how but my finger was hurt.and than i woke up. so what does this dream mean? why did that raccoon didn't touch my friends and hurt me why? please if you know this dream meaning answer please. thanks

Example: What does this song mean ~Red hot chilli peppers Otherside?

What does the song Otherside by Rhcp mean i know it deals with the death of one of the members and drug but can someone go into detail

Example: I had a dream my boyfriend and myself died in a fire (Reoccurring) what does this mean?

my dream normally starts with us living in this run down apartment building we hear Smoke Detectors going off and see smoke coming from down hallway, were running and running but the faster we run the longer the Hallway gets i noticed doors and doors we finally get to the end and see smoke coming from under a door which turns out to be ours because we hear our dog yelping. a women was standing in front of the door holding a key trying to unlock it (landlord) and were screaming for her to hurry open the door up for some reason, but she was acting like she couldn't see or hear us she was a elderly women wearing raggy cloths and slippers, her hair was salt and pepper color and she had rollers in anyway she was looking at each key holding it up and were still screaming open the door she finally gets to a stange looking key which unlocks the door, we go in but by the time we get ready to exist surrounded by fire flames everywhere, window shattering walls crumbling the room is full of black smoke and were both screaming and i mean screaming and i wake up feeling confused. what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean for me?

I had this very odd dream just a few nights ago. I don't really remember most of it, but this particular part of it really stood out to me...and I tend not to remember any parts of my dreams unless they explicitly either had something to do with my life or had some kind or hidden meaning to them that have to do with me. I can give you that. Anyway, in my dream, I was in my neighborhood, on street close by to mine, about a block away. So my family, including me, were in our car driving down that street when we all see this magnificent, beautiful, great white dog. I'm not exactly a dog lover, but this specimen really impressed my dream self, and apparently, my dream father too. In the dream, he actually slowed down a bit to get a good look at the dog, and I got the distinct feeling that he wanted that dog. The dog itself was ambling down the sidewalk with no owner anywhere in sight, and no one really noticed it, not even the people who were out in their yards in front of their houses. The dog didn't have any tags or collar on it, so we assumed that it was probably a stray. The dog crossed the street. My father stopped the car completely and we just sat there with the car in idle and watched the dog. Then at some unspoken signal, my dream self actually got out of the car to go and get the dog, once again with the distinct feeling that it was probably my father who had wanted me to retrieve the dog. As I walked towards the dog, another dog comes into the scene, this time a smaller black dog with a pepper gray muzzle that was the same type as the white dog. For some reason, I just knew that the black dog was a female, and the white dog a male. They went through the usual friendly doggy greetings of sniffing each other's behinds, and then they began to frolick around, almost wrestling with each other. I just stood there and watched them like an indifferent viewer, not really feeling anything. That's when the pair took it up a notch, and they began to mate with each other, white dog on top of course (sorry if you're starting to feel mortified). I continued to watch them, not really feeling anything again, just watching. Then when they were finishing up, I suddenly noticed that we and the mating dogs were in front of a house and that there was another black dog that was sister to the black dog that was mating with the white dog. The sister black dog was behind an iron wrought fence and she began barking wildly, and out of nowhere, the owner of both black dogs appears and starts yelling for the white dog to get away from the black dog, as though he were ordering a boy to get away from his precious daughter. Suddenly, the white dog tears away from the black dog, and my dad is making hurried motions at me and the white dog to get into the backseat of the car, and we do, me getting in first, and the white dog next before the owner of the black dog could come any closer. I help the white dog by tugging on his soft fur and close the car door behind him as we tear off down the street with the owner of the black dog screaming at us. The white dog looks back out the back window of the car getting one last glimpse of the black dog, who also looks back at the white dog with a slightly forlorn look on her face. Then the dream ends. Can anyone explain to me the meaning of this very odd, slighly sad dream? Thank you. And sorry for the length.

Example: What does this vivid dream mean?

I had one of those very rare, incredibly vivid dreams. I was able to go on to a different sort of reality with each step, and I was in a few deep, from being a passenger in a car at night on the freeway with Ted Danson for some reason, and he was speeding while I was climbing from the back seat into the front passenger seat, then as a worker in a diner helping someone prepare coffee with light sugar for a customer, then at some park walking around, then I was falling through a black void with some woman I never met and each side of me was as though I was going through a portal, and then once in a while I returned to a previous reality I was in, and I would continue from where I left off, back to the coffee shop, other places, and the car. When I was in the park, I asked someone if I can have a sip of their Dr. Pepper, and it tasted like Dr. Pepper. That was pretty cool... Wish I had those all the time.

It's a lot more complex than that. At a certain point in the dream, I realized I was dreaming, and I remembered exactly where I was sleeping and what direction I was facing. Before I even sipped the Dr. Pepper, I asked myself how real is it going to taste even though I know I'm dreaming.

Example: What does a dream about an obsessive dog mean?

This was my dream:

I was supposed to be in a play, I can't remember what it was about, but I wasn't the lead character. I was a supporting character named Thene who was the "water" character (that's what I remember being) and some other person that started with an H but I hadn't read the script AT ALL and the play was starting very soon. I was trying to read through the script, get my index cards ready, but I just wasn't ready and I was extremely nervous. Plus, I am a crappy actress to top it off. And while I was preparing a ton of people were filing into the auditorium.

Then I saw one of my former best friends from high school and he was in the play too...he was one of the lead characters and he wasn't prepared at all. And the only other person that I remember who was in the play was another former high school friend but she was prepared for the play.
My former best friend is a huge drug addict now and so is the former friend.

We were so unprepared for the play that the guy in charge just canceled it. So when I found out they canceled it I was super relieved because I could prepare for the play now...but then this really ugly dog came and jumped on top of me, starting licking me, and was obsessed in me. I liked the dog, he was soft and friendly but I had to get away from it, but it kept following me, and watching me. I would be running from it but it wouldn't stop. Finally the owner came and locked him up in a room but the windows and door were glass. I went up as high as I could on these random bleachers and stared off into the ocean, but when I would turn around, the dog was staring at me from below through the glass door.

What does this mean?

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