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Dream About Black People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if people don't dream?

I don't really have a memory of my last dream and i was wondering what it means if anybody has a well researched answer please tell me.

Sometimes it might mean you didn't reach REM state for rest. For the most part many people don't have memory's of their dreams. Some people only dream in black - n - white. While others say they never dream at all. It is normal. Mine on the other hand are in full blown living color and very interactive. But I to go through phases when I don't think I dream. Nothing to worry about.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about black animals?

What does it mean when you dream about black animals?

I had a dream there was a black dear and a normal dear, when the normal dear moved there was another black dear behind it. There were a couple black birds in the yard, and They were just standing there then a huge black bear came running up like he was going to attack them. Then I woke up.

Have any ideas about what this means?

Example: To Dream of Black Birds mean?

I had a dream that i was in Australia sitting on a bench and it was so so sunny and hot, the sun was beaming on my forehead, i got up and saw alot of Black Birds and they were laying on top of each other cuddling, they seemed in love, i saw few pigeon and they tried to mix with the black birds but the black birds were already in love with each other so the pigeons couldnt join..anyway so i started walking and new year popped in my head and my phone started to ring, i picked up and it was my ex boyfriend who i admired so much, i have not heard from him in a long time, when i pick up he starts laughing and he tells me "Melissa its ok"...then i wake up because it felt so real..what could this symbolize?

Example: What do black butterflies mean in dreams?

I keep having this dream maybe once a month for the past two or three years. And it is always the same dream so its like I already know what is going to happen. But it is about A lot of butterflies attacking me. Some are monarch butterflies and some have the most beautiful colors but most of them are black some with red spots others without. I have found this dream to be disturbing and when I had asked my friend what his opinion was about it he said he thinks lost souls were trying to contact me... I'm not sure if he was trying to scare me or what but I have grown a fear to these butterflies because they just attack me in my dreams... They never bite me or really cause pain but they seem to stick on to me to where I can't get them off... It is very frightening... so if anyone has an idea to what this all means PLEASE let Me know?!

Example: What does it mean to dream about dead people?

Okay when I lived in my grandma's house I had a dream about a dead man he looked like he was in his late 20's, early 30's but not from are time period and he claimed to have died in my grandmothers attic (and as long as I could remember I have always been afraid of my grandma's attic because I always thought someone was watching me, and one day I was sitting in the rocking chair up there and I had that feeling of being watched so I turned my head in that direction and I saw a tall black shadow figure of a man he was walking but when he noticed I saw him he stopped and just stood there staring at me and he had to kinda bend his head down since he was tall and parts of the attic was tiny like roof wise and I just sat there staring at him trying to figure out what could make that movement and then stop and take that shape and nothing could have made that shadow and I ran out of the attic freaking out and when I went back up there with my brother a few minutes later it was gone, and at night everyone always hears foot steps in the attic.) I don't remember much of these dreams. A few days later I had another dream about a dead person, but this time it was a dead fat woman named Cynthia, she was really kind and I remember she wanted to cook for me and I think she said she was french. Sometime after that dream I had another dream but this time both Cynthia and the man where in it. I don't remember what happened but every dream I have of the man he tells me his name, but when I wake up I can't remember it. Oh yeah I also told my grandmother about these dreams and when I told her about the Cynthia women, my grandmother said a old fat nice woman named Cynthia use to own the home before my grandmother and she passed away a few years ago. I asked my dad if that was true and my dad said yes, but the women didn't die in the house he said.

Example: What does it mean to dream black nail polish and baby bitting you?

I dreamed I was on a swing that had a rope atached to it at the bottom and I was swinging when this baby grabs the rope and starts pulling me down and gets on me and starts bitting me! then I was suddenly on a stage, on swings, when I said hi to my friend ...but she had her nails all black and when I looked at my the were black too.

What does my dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about black roses?

Ok well I had a weird dream. Everything was grey...the clouds, the soil looked dark grey almost black, and then I saw this girl walking, with a black hoodie on or something like that...and in her hands she carried this basket of black roses. Then a bunch of big birds came and she dropped the basket, all the roses were black except one that was really bright red. I looked down and picked up the red one, and when I got back up I was like in a garden full of black flowers and a bunch of black birds flying over them...what's this supposed to mean?

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Black Owl?

Last Night I Had A Dream That A Black Owl Was In My Back Yard With My Niece Nd Her Friend Then When I Noticed It I Went Outside To Try To Make It Go Away But My Niece Jux Got Closer Nd It Looked Like The Owl Was Telling Her Sumtin Nd It Looked Like She Kudnt Move. So I Got Closer Nd Started Cursin At It. I Kept Moving Closer While Cursin Nd In The End It Bit My Niece Nd When I Was Face To Face Still Cursing At It I Woke Up.

I Wud Just Like To Kno What It Means Cause Since I Woke Up Ive Had This Very Bad Feeling. Because I Grew Up With People Always Sayin Owls Are Bad. Nd It Also Made Me Uneasy Since My Niece Was In The Dream Nd Im 40 Weeks+5 Daiis Pregnant.

If Anyone Kan Help Or Just Tell Me Yur Opinion It Wud Be Appreciated.

Example: What does my black cat dream mean?

Ok i was having a dream about two black cats ... they were the similar to the cats next door when i was a child. At first i was talking to them and they could only respond by nods but showed their total understanding of me. And then they began to speak and we talked about the old times .. what does this mean?

Example: What does dreaming about black shoes mean?

To me it means nothing but my sister said she's never dreamed of black shoes before and finds it strange so she wants to know.
The dream was that she had on black shoes and then she ended up in a place where everyone have black shoes. Any ideas?

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