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Dream About Black Mud meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was rowing a kyaka and the boat started to sink and then i started swimming - when I did i kicked a gator and then I grabbed it and it started to twist underwater. After that I was able to get to the side of this lake and crawl up the side, but where I put my hand there was a baby alligator and a yellow and black snake. The weird part about this dream is that everything felt so real. I felt what the alligator felt like, I was not able to breath under the water while fighting with the gator. I felt the mud in between my toes. What does this mean?

you were rowing right? it means your doing or aiming for something (maybe business, venture or important decision in your life)
the kayak sank it means you failed & when you thought that you better swim, you encountered an alligator thus triggering another problem
( it means your staying away from the core of the real issue or as if your backing away or rather turning your back from your goal)
and when you said you were on the side of the lake you saw a baby alligator and a snake..
well more problems for you dude..
but don't be disturbed this dream of yours..
its like a warning
to help you w/ your future decisions..
always remember a contingency plan is very important in all aspects of life..
like what most people says "the most successful people in this world are the people who are good w/ plan B"
so plan ahead and be wise
moral lesson:
a wrong decision can never made right by another wrong decision!

Example: I dreamt of a full grown Black Bear stalking & killing...what does this mean?

In a dream I had a camp site in the forest by a lake. It was a very peaceful existance. There were a few other people in the dream...men & woman, all unknown to me...I think they were visitors to my camp. One of the men continued to threaten my campsite by stealing from me...food, belongings etc. A man who I was familar to ( maybe a husband or companion) & myself were aware of a full grown black bear that visited the camp site. Night came & the Bear was coming around & attacking & killing the visitors. I was so afraid in the dream. (My husband) & I planned an escape. The next morning we escaped. We had to scale a gravel/dried mud wall using roped & holes for our feet to get away as fast as possible. We escaped. I woke extremely fearful. Can anyone explain what this all mean? TY

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

One of my crazier dreams:
A little girl (related to me in the dream, but I really didn't know her in real life) went to outerspace and onto the moon. When she came back, I ran out to greet her because she was finally home. (This was all taking place in a desert by my house.) But when I got there, there were men dressed in black with bullet proof vests and heavy firearms. The door to the spaceship opened, but instead of the girl coming out, there was this giant dinosaur. (like Ducky's mom on The Land Before Time) The dinosaur ran out and started hollering and freaking out, then this alligator monster ripped through its stomach. The dinosaur actually started going through its intestines and guts trying to get the monster out of it. The alligator monster stood on 2 legs and looked scary AF. It had heavy armored shoulder blades. I freaked out and hid behind this huge rock. The men with guns tried to shoot it, but it killed them before it could. So afterwards, I ran back to my house and told everyone to shut the doors and get inside. A few days passed and we learned that it only came out at night. Later on, a bunch of people were at our house, because apparently they thought of it as a safe house? We had fence around the yard (like we thought it could keep it out). There were a bunch of tall lights and we were all sitting down at tables. Eventually s**t hit the fan and all I remember was cowering in the house when all of a sudden police officers rushed in. I freaked out and told them everything that had happened. Then, my dream went to the monster and how he had gotten to earth. There was a planet that a bunch of similar looking monsters had come from. They had sent him to earth as a fish because they thought he had no soul. But this was when there were dinosaurs. So, on earth he had turned into a fish. And all I saw was a giant gold fish laying in the mud. And then he slowly sank. But he somehow ended up getting eaten by a dinosaur, then that dinosaur had somehow gotten onto the spaceship TONS OF YEARS LATER and onto earth once more? I dunno, the last part was really confusing.

Can anybody tell me what this dream means, or is it too crazy?

Example: What does it mean to dream a poisonous frog?

ok so in my dream im in the middle of nowhere & theirs broken down houses and theirs my refrigerator and my little fish tank on it but my fish tank is full of black mud and in it theirs a Green and Black poisonous frog & its just staring at me then i panic & run and its raining and windy its a horrible dream :( please help what does my dream mean?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream? Black horse, storming...?

I was riding home through town on a big black horse. It was pouring rain outside and and storming. There was mud splashing up as the horse was running. There was a black woman in front of me on a big black horse and she was going faster. I couldn't catch up to her. I was soaking wet and when I go home everyone was surprised that I had a horse.

Then my dream switched over and I was at the mall and I adopted a kitten. A co-worker was looking for a garnet ring and I told myself that when I wake up I need to figure out what the meaning of dreaming about a garnet is.

Example: I had a dream about a black bird and its eye. What does it mean?

I had a dream about a black bird cover in mud. I seemed trapped in some way. I was fixated on its eye and pupil for some reason. What could this dream mean? It was as if I was kneeling down trying to understand the poor fellow. he just stared at me and never blinked.

Example: What does it mean when you see your dead body in a dream?

So a couple nights ago I had a dream that has me paranoid.

I was at my aunts house and we were in the living room and me,my uncle, my mom, and my friend Ali were all sitting there and playing a board game. When 3 girls out of the blue come and put flowers on my aunts lawn and my mom went out there and ask them what they were doing and they said "oh Danielle's dead". And my mom said no she's not she's right here in the living room but they said no she's dead. So then I asked my friend Allie to go find my body because I couldn't feel anything. So we ended up at this old shabby black and dark house and we went through the back gates and there I was laying on a picnic table that you would see a park. I was wrapped up in a white Hefty garbage bag and the people who I don't know, untied the bag and I was wearing a pink and white striped longsleeved shirt with blue Bellbottom jeans and white cheerleading sneakers, which I have all of them in my closet. I was all gray and I had a stab wound on my side and it was all bloody and I woke up with my heart pounding.

What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Yesterday night, i had a pretty weird/scary dream. It was set at school, and all i remember is i was in a bad mood sitting on the stairs at my school, and my friends came up to me and asked what is wrong. then i cant remember what i said an so all of a sudden the floor dissappeared and all it was-was mud/quicksand, and my friends began to sink in it and eventually all 3 of their heads was under the quicksand, i didnt want to die so i kept on climbing on chunks of rocks to not fall in, i did this for a while but i couldnt keep up and soon i fell under the quicksand, for about 10 seconds and i must have died althought i woke up. can you please translate this dream.

Example: What does this strange, extremely vivid dream mean?

Well in the dream I had just now (I just woke up), I was in it and so was my friend Gabrielle. There were also 3 other girls that I didn't know, a girl with black curly hair who was a bit of a narccisistic b*tch, a clumsy quirky redhead, and a kind of quiet brunette. I don't remember any of their names, but I think one of them may have been Claire. Well, we all went to the same high school (or rather was planning to, because tomorrow was the first day) but the three girls were hookers, because their parents had kicked them out. Well I went to see my friend gabrielle at a warehouse that the three girls were at (because Gabrielle was friend's with them) and on the way in, I saw a man make an offer to the redhead for $250 for a BJ... So I went inside the warehouse and there was like a bar right by the door, the ret of the warehouse was empty. Instead of there being just alcohol though, there was also perfume. The bar was kind of shaped in a square, so the wall where they kept alcohol and perfume was opposite to where I came and sat down. I sat down next to Gabrielle and left of her was the girl with the black hair. I ordered a beer and the redhead came in and took a shot of whiskey. So after a couple o minutes of talking to the bartender, me, Gabrielle, and two of the girls started walking to a strip club right across the street to get the brunette, because she worked there. We were wearing netted tops, jeans, and heels, and as we were walking we saw that every girl walking into the club were wearing netted tops. Even cars driving into the parking lot had nets around them. I got to the parking lot and said I would wait for them out here. They said ok and went in to get the brunette. While I was in the parking lot I changed into a black tube top and when they came out, they were wearing normal tops. It was midnight at this point so we decided to walk home. We walked down the street and got to a sign with an arrow beneath the word "pedestrians." we followed the arrow and


I was hanging out with this group of people I've never met before. We were on top of an abandoned grocery store. When I looked down there were tons of LARGE fat black/orange/white rabbits playing in the grass. They had similar markings as my tortoise shell kitten and I thought they were so cute.
Then we went to these people's apartment...it was a dump, I didn't like it there. So I guess I left and somehow wound up at this big factory that had a lake. The lake was muddy and gross, and the factory was creepy looking. It had like big things going in and out of the ground, there were no workers visible though and there was a "boat" it was just a metal barge type thing but it had a roof. I saw my friend Greg and some guy all of the sudden. We all got on the boat and Greg pushed us out into the lake. The floor was slippery and I was just holding on really tight so I wouldn't fall in the disgusting water. Greg and the guy kept getting dirty, like at one point Greg had all this green stuff in his hair idk where it came from. And I looked at my arm and it was all dirty like I had crawled in mud, and I could tell my face looked the same. I said "ok I wanna get off now, this is gross". So instead of going back to shore, they dropped me at the creepy factory. I definitely wasn't staying there so I got back on the boat and they finally took me back. I said, "will you guys come with me over there? It actually looks ok." And the guy was like, "you probably don't want to go there, that's where all the homeless junkies stay". So I was very upset and stranded and dirty everything was dirty in the town and then I saw one of the fat rabbits, that was the only good thing about the town.

Then I woke up. So why was my dream so sickening? The night before was even worse though. I dreamt of decapitated women being raped.

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