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Dream About Black Hole meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about falling in a black hole?

I have a dream at Least three times a week.
I'm falling in a black hole, then I wake up really panicked. It's really scary , what could it mean? Any ideas?

A black hole represents your problems, guilt, and everything bad about your life compressed into one thing. So if a black hole swallows you, that means your not dealing with your baggage like you should be. It's a sign that things need to change or you will get sucked down with the bad stuff in your life.

Often times the truth is scary, but you have to face it.

Example: Dreamed a black shadow standing over me with the arm raising up, what does this mean?

I had a dream where this shadow was standing over me and the arm was going up in the air. I started freaking out and trying to wake up. My eyes were open and I could see reality but the dream was still happening at the same time and about 3 seconds later, it ended. It freaked me out! What does this mean?

Example: Dreamed of a black hole, what does it mean?

I was in the back of a car with my classmate, and her parents were in the front
we were driving down the freeway in some big city
and a black hole opens up in the sky a few hundred feet up, about a 1/4 a mile away
we were driving in the opposite direction
and the car is lifted up and starts being dragged backwards and upwards, towards it
this is all happening extremely fast
then i pray because im about to die
and it disappears
and we land safely somehow
but the city is a big crater
and there's one building left
in the middle of the crater
a skyscraper
what do you think it means?

Example: Black hole dream what dose it mean?

i had a dream 6 years ago where ther was this black hole in th sky pulling everything into it. i have had the same dream every year but in a new place each time ind i do not get it.

Example: Dream about a Black hole what does it mean?

i had a dream a few nights ago i was in a room this this Japanese girl and she started to put her hands on her head and scream and things stated to blow around in the room and there was this wind and i walk into this room and there was a black hole in the middle of it and it seemed to be the source of all this commotion and just when im about to touch it i woke up. this dream has stuck with me for the past few nights and its weird because my dreams are never this crazy

Example: I saw very scary dream of black hole?

actually the dream wasn't that bad I just saw a blackhole and it sucked me in and I woke up by screaming and my friends was looking at me that am I okay. However my mother saw also a dream of a black hole that sucked whole family in... What's goingg on? I got very anxious and I feel like world doesn't even exist

Example: Dreaming about sharks and black holes?

I had this dream that my friend and her family and I were at this water park. (I have dreams about waterparks all the time)
Anyway, we're at this waterpark and we end up swimming in the water with sharks. The thing about he sharks is they aren't vicious and they're actually sort of friendly. There's also this black crack on the ground where they said not to go in. I'm assuming they kept some kind of weird underwater stuff down there, although it was explained in my dream that it was where they kept everything to keep the ecosystem going or something. There was also this weird pool where jellyfish would attach to your butt. Does anyone know what any of this means?

Example: Does a dream about a black hole mean anything?

I had this dream that I made a micromassive black hole and threw it into orbit around Earth.
It quickly grew to about the same mass as the moon by gathering debris etc, and messed up the tides on Earth and created floods.
As it slowly gathered a bunch of more debris and some of the atmosphere from orbiting Earth and got so massive until it actually started lifting the water and earth was plagued by water hurricanes for a few days, and most of the atmosphere was sucked off the planet as well.
While it extracted all the water and some other stuff from the surface.

By that time most people were dead except those hiding in mountains with oxygen tanks. The black hole eventually crashed with the moon and chopped it to pieces and extracted it.
Now it grew to such a mass that it even started lifting huge rocks etc. off the planet. And after a few more orbits it was powerful enough to start shredding mountains off the planet, and sucking the magma out of volcanoes.

Now the earth was plagued by lava hurricanes and finally there were no people left.

I don't know what happened after that but I suspect it destroyed the whole solar system at least.

Example: What does a black sun in your dream means?

I dreamed that i saw a black sun with purple Ora around it, the sun was also moving in a circular motion, as it disappears and reappear in the same circular motion! What does that mean?

Example: I had a dream of The Black Hole wiping us out. What does this dream mean?

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