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Dream About Black Eye meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a black bull with red eyes?

It may be nothing but I feel as if there is some meaning behind it since I haven't dreamt in about 6 months. Anyhow in this dream I was in the woods with my younger brother when out of nowhere this huge black bull with glowing red eyes walked out from behind a tree and started charging. I made my brother run and took the bull head-on, grasping onto its horns and smashing it into the ground. It was weird because I had no sense of fear whatsoever. I know there are dream books, is there anything significant about this particular dream?

it has something to do with stubborness of a bad person like devil. I once saw an episode on a divine power of a goddess, I am not a hindu, but there was a goddess and stubborn devil who used his powers such as turning into a bull but was still defeated by the lion of the goddess.
Also, in that divinity or god show, the black did represent something on power. when the goddess is angry or furious she turns into kali(black) all black colour on her skin, with sword, quite naked (old times-sari shows belly anyway) and tempered with red eyes to fight to save her daughter in strong power.

anyway, nothing can win against true love and faith for a brother. Just remember God always wins not devil, just human beings there are some bad animals though some are loyal animals.
in our world, some human beings are nice whilst some are bad.

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream Of a Black Dog With Green Eyes?

Recently I have been dreaming about a big black dog with green eyes. In my dreams it's always night time and I'm either passing a room in my house or about to enter one. When the room comes into view I see a black dog with green eyes. It just sits there. Like it's ready to pounce at any moment keeping it's eyes trained on me. Obviously I slowly walk away and come back only to see it's still there. I've had this dream three times already and it's really creeping me out. Can someone please tell me what this means.

Example: What is the meaning to dream of a black cat?

I had a long dream of a black cat attached to my back and it won't let go. I personally don't like cats at all in fact I'm terrified of them every since I was pregnant with my last son everywhere I will go to a corner store or a friends house the cat will get too close to me that they will pass their tail to my legs or surround me. In the dream I went to my old childhood home n someone was living there and she told me the cat is going to get attached to you because you are afraid of it n the only way for you not to be afraid is for the cat to get attached to you and you will no longer be afraid. It felt so real that in the dream I actually felt goose bumps that woke up me up.

Example: What does eye colours mean in dream?

What does blue, brown and black eye colours mean in dreams?

Example: What would this eye dream mean?

My bfs mother was staring at me she had large eyes.. Her eyes are blue but in the dream it wa black and brown?

What does this mean?

Example: What do these eye dreams mean?

Last week I dreamt I was looking at my hand, and there were dime-sized water droplets forming on the top of my hand. They were swelling with water, then turning black at the surface (like pupils)...then they started forming into these ball-shaped things, and when i looked down at my hand again, I had a full eyeball on the top of my hand.

Last night, as I was drifting to sleep, I saw one blue eye staring at me. Why the eye dreams? What is the symbolism? I thought maybe this could have something to do with "the evil eye" and thought because I've recently begun reading the Bible, that there could be some connection, but I can't find any real reference to anything like this in the Bible.

Example: What it means to dream of black eyes?

so i had a dream about my boyfriends eyes turning completely black! like even the white part turned black and ive been lookin all over the place to find out what it means because it really startled me! please help

Example: What does black eyes mean in a dream?

I had a dream where I was in the bathroom and as I was walking out I stopped to look at myself in the mirror and I know that I stopped because I wanted to look at my eyes. As I was looking at my eyes they began to get really big and open and began to change from my normal eye color to all black with no pupils or anything else just a deep deep black. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: I had a dream that I had solid, black eyes - What could it mean?

In the dream, I was looking at myself in a reflection and I saw I had solid, black eyes. What could this mean?

Example: Dream meaning black coloured eyes and growling?

Hello there I had a good dream last night however, in the middle oif this dream there was this guy that had Black coloured eyes and kept growling and hissing at me. But I wasn't afriad of him only curious about why he had black eyes. It seemed he couldn't get that close to me in the dream. Any suggestions?

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