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Dream About Black Cat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What can this dream mean? Aren't black cats a bad sign?

My husband was talking in his sleep. All he said was " get that off the bed." He said he was dreaming of a black cat laying on the bed next to him and our daughter. We don't even own a cat. What could this mean?

Black cats are only a bad sign if you are superstitious, whether in dreams or not. The dream is probably more revealing of your husband's protective nature regarding your daughter, and that he has a healthy concern for your daughter's well-being.

Also, often time our bodies are still aware of our surroundings in our sleep and a slight movement or shift in weight from you or your daughter could have triggered the idea in the mind of your dreaming husband that there was something on the bed such as a cat.

Remember, if you are looking for something bad to happen it will. Don't fret, and don't be overly protective. Being overly protective can often cause more harm than good.

Example: What is the meaning to dream of a black cat?

I had a long dream of a black cat attached to my back and it won't let go. I personally don't like cats at all in fact I'm terrified of them every since I was pregnant with my last son everywhere I will go to a corner store or a friends house the cat will get too close to me that they will pass their tail to my legs or surround me. In the dream I went to my old childhood home n someone was living there and she told me the cat is going to get attached to you because you are afraid of it n the only way for you not to be afraid is for the cat to get attached to you and you will no longer be afraid. It felt so real that in the dream I actually felt goose bumps that woke up me up.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a black cat with a cripled foot?

last night i had a dream about my cat, bicardi, hes an all black cat with a little spot of white on his chest. Also, my boyfriend, his brother, and his brothers girlfriend Lynette were in it,

First off. I dont know who hurt my cats back leg but in my dream i assumed that is was my boyfriend for some weird reason. The dream mainly focused on my cats foot, hed drag it around everywhere. My bond between me and Bicardi was stronger in my dream than in real life, normally hes more to himself, rather now he was always around me.

At some point, i cant truly say what happened, but im assuming that he passed away, because then my boyfriend gave me a orange stripped kitten telling me "I cant have my old cat because hes broken."

Finally, at the end of my dream, i think someone had killed my new little kitten and then i awoke.

Does any strong interpreter know what this may signal in my life?

Example: Dream of black cat biting my fingers off. what does it mean?

seriously, this dream scared me. i dreamt i was driving and braked abruptly when a black cat was crossing the street but the cat stopped midway. so i get out of the car and motioned the cat with my fingers to cross and the cat bit my fingers off and had them in his mouth. i screamed. i actually felt the bite for real. not only did i scream in the dream but also for real and woke up. i knew i was screaming out loud because someone else heard me. does this dream mean anything? the significance of the black cat? the significance of the fingers bitten off? OUCH!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a black cat?

Last night i was dreaming about a black cat. The cat was nice and was always sitting on my lap...i want to what this means...does anyone have any information?

Example: What does it mean to dream of Black Cats?

I'm a vivid dreamer, have been since I can remember. Now I'm having a reoccurring dream of a black cat. More specifically, multiple black cats swimming underwater-- usually in a tank of some sort. Any ideas? It's been lingering on my mind.

Example: What does it mean to dream with a black cat?

My mom, had a dream of a black cat. My brother was in it and she kept telling him to throw a shoe at it she asked me look it up... but i see all these comments contradicting each other. ... Help?

Example: Can you tell me what it may mean dreaming about a black cat?

Another crazy dream. I'm in my house, and I'm in my bedroom. I think I'm cleaning or something, anyway, I reach over to pull open one of the doors on my dresser and out jumps a black cat from within all my clothes. As if it was hiding in there. Anway, it runs across the room. I end up chasing it out of the house, but I've always thought of black cats as representing something evil or bad?

Any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream a black cat?

ok so i was dreaming about a black cat was following me and his scary yellow eyes keeped looking at me. at first i was trying to walk a away a little scared but then he got close to me somehow i let the black cat get really close, when i did i looked into his eyes and i think i dominated his look and then i picked him up and started hugging him and touching him with no fear, i carried him like a baby and made him feel special... what does this mean in my life?

Example: What does it Mean when you dream about black cats.?

I had a dream last night. I went to my friends house and she showed me like a shelter underneed her house. when i got down there there was about 3,4 black cats and there where running very very fast and looked angry at me. what does that mean?

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