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Dream About Biting On One'S Tongue meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream of front teeth falling out mean?

I was in an area of the living room near the bar with a male person whom I can't remember who he was. (at my parent's current house) The guy was tall he could've been a friend or a stranger but I can't remember his facial features. I am pretty sure I remember him accidentally bumping into me and I ended up hitting my mouth on the bar. He was concerned but kept his distance. With my tongue, I felt my teeth weren't right and felt that the top row was very tight and uncomfortable. I went into the powder room and looked in the mirror and noticed the front teeth were loose, especially the left front tooth There was a little blood of course. What I found odd was the front teeth looked like fingernails. I then went into the hall. Then the left one fell out. Then the right one felt extra loose and fell out a little bit later. I looked down at them in the palm of my left hand and also noticed the teeth/nails had french tips/manicure. I could feel my face changing to a confused look.

Ok, here goes. You have so many aspects to this dream that it might take me awhile. You will have to interpret everything in the end.
1. House: A house nearly always refers to the soul, and the way that we build our lives. The different rooms and parts of houses in dreams indicate the various aspects of one's personality and experience.
2. Friend: Friends appearing in our dreams can signity on of two things. First we need to look at our relationship with that particular person, and then we need to decide what that friend represents for us for instance, security, support, and love.
a.) Often friends highlight a particular part of our own personality that we need to look at, and perhaps undersand or come to terms with, in a different way.
b.) We can continue on our spiritual serch in the knowledge that we are being supported.
3. Teeth: Popularly, teeth are supposed to stand for aggerssive sexulality, although more properly they signify the growth process towards sexual maturity. Teeth falling or coming out easily indicates we ae aware of going througn some form of transition, similar to that from childhood to maturity, or from maturity to old age and helplessness. If one is anxious about teeth droping our it suggests there is a fear of geting old and undersirable, or and anxiety about maturing. In a woman's dream, if the teeth are swallowed this can signify pregnancy.
4. Mirror: Dreaming of a mirror suggests concern over one's seld-image. We are worried as to what others think of us, and need self-examination in order to function correctly. there may be some snxiety over aging or health. to be looking in a mirror can signify trying to lok behind us withour letting others know what we are doing. We may have a concern over past behavior. We may also need to "reflect" on something we have done or said. When the image in the mirror is distorted we are having a problem in understanding ourselves.
5. Hand: The hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body and signify power and creativity.
a.) The left hand can represent cheating.
I don't have anything else, thank God , because I'm totally wiped from this answer. Take care.

Example: What does a dream about a snake mean?

In my dream myself and the person I was with were being chased/attacked by a large black snake (python). I put my hand down its throat and choked it until it died. I wanted to pull my hand out but knew it was the only way it was going to leave us alone. Does it mean anything?

Example: Can you help with these very strange dreams?

Would love some insight into these two dreams. I had them both the same night. I am a 28 year-old, married female. I have no children, nor have I ever been pregnant.

Part I: I am in the hospital to give birth. I can feel the contractions. My mother is there. I wake up later to discover that I have given birth. I don't remember anything about the actual labor though. I immediately inquire about the possibility that the epidural has caused memory loss. I am ignored. A nurse gives me my baby. No one else seems to notice that I have given birth to a baby swordfish. I hold it like a baby and try to breast feed it. It keeps squirming around (as fish out of water tend to do), and I almost drop it several times. My husband wants to hold it. He tries to hold it like a baby, but it just keeps flopping. No one else seems to notice it's a fish, so I start to think it's just my imagination. I try to breast feed it. It's sword-like mouth goes around my nipple and a little white tongue flickers out. Some milky white fluid comes out of my nipple, and the fish-baby laps it up.

I get up to go to the bathroom. When I fall back asleep, I start to dream again.

Part II: I give birth again. This time it's a beautiful baby girl. It gets dark outside, and everyone else leaves. I am left alone with the baby. I try to breastfeed her, only to discover that she has a full set of baby teeth. I am not immediately concerned. Later I pick her up and, in a baby talk voice, ask her if she's hungry. She nods yes. I am alarmed. I ask her if she can understand me, and she nods yes. When I try to breastfeed her this time, she bites a chunk out of my nipple and it starts to bleed. I give up and we both go to sleep. The next morning, I express my concerns to the nurse: the baby has teeth, the baby can understand me, and the baby slept through the night. I think I may have a genius baby, but the nurse explains it's a type of autism. She says the baby's growth will be abnormal, and she will require lots of drugs. I wake up panicked.

Any thoughts? I can not get these dreams out of my mind! Thanks!

Example: What do dreams about snakes biting your child mean?

For about a week now I have had the same dream of my 4 year old son being bit by a rattle snake. I am always in my house and can see the snake going towards him but am unable to scream or run to him. I can feel myself trying to wake up and when I do I always wake up and jumpy like when you feel like you are falling. And during the day when I am awake I see signs of snakes. Saw a shirt with a picture of a snake on it and the word snake above it, little nephew now has a stuffed animal snake, saw a huge billboard with the word snake in capitalized and bold letters. It's like someone or something is trying to warn me about a snake. All I know is I am exhausted from not sleeping well and it is stressing me out! Any ideas at all on what could be going on?

Example: What does my dream of a talking snake mean?

brace yourselves, this will be a long story! :)
um well i had this dream a little while ago.
In this dream i was lying on my back, in my bed wearing my pj's. Now i looked toward the base of the bed to see a snake begin to slither up my leg.
I lay there, in panic, staring at it and wondering what it was going to do, staring at it as it slithered up my body.
I began to feel the snake, not as it slithering up my body, but in me, searching for something.
Eventually the snake reached my neck, then started to slither down my back and then it spoke to me.
It said 'You have what it takes' , and an image of a sunset,(which was rather red) showed up, and blocked out everything else, and taht was the end of it.

Now i am unsure of what it means, but i fear it could mean evil.
Please help!

Example: Weird dream.. what does it mean?

First of all i was in my nan's garden (where most of my dreams take place) and i was lying on the floor sunbathing in cold weather. There was a slug about the size of a fully grown guinea pig. it opened its mouth wide and was about to bite me. My dad decapitated it and its head was in the same place and its mouth still open... it had a tongue!
My dad cut it all up and put it in a bowl and only one part of it was bleeding and the rest was gooey. but for some reason this was really fascinating for me in my dream- and i was telling everyone about it who was in the garden.

Then suddenly I had stitches all round my mouth and when i smiled the stitches came undone and was bleeding only a little. the pain was really bad. I was looking in the mirror and all round my mouth had come undone properly under my fingertips. I could not smile at all in my dream and for some reason everything was funny but i had to keep my mouth in one place.

I called an ambulance and they said it was normal for everyone to have stitches on their mouth at the age of three and it should be coming out now anyway. But i said that the bleeding coldnt be good and they agreed and took me to the hospital. At this point I was crying and sobbing for ages. i laid down on the hospital bed and passed out.

what could this all mean?

Example: I had a dream that I was a vampire what does it mean?

The other night I had a dream that I was turned into a vampire and when I woke up from being turned I was in a house full of vampires.I don't know what it means.

Example: Someone please tell me what this dream means?

I am having some kinda get together at a hose family,friends and then people I dont recognize. My friend/co worker brings his dar haired dark eyed 6 mnth old daughter over along w/his female snake. (Now I hate and am terriffied of snakes.).So, some how sometime during this dream I find myself caring this female snake that is hot chocolate colored, except the 2 diamond shapes on her head theres one cream one and one a dark brown. she's starts out being about foot long or so..I hold her by the back of her jaws for fear of he biting me as her tail dangles it doesnt wrap itself around me ever. Im walking around inside and out..and I remember someone says do you want me to take that? and i respond "NO, I have to over comee the fear of it" and went on. it seem to maybe have tried to bite me but I didnt allow it to. I decided it needed a drink of water for what ever reason so I got i a bowl of water. The snake took a drink and as it drank w/what seemed to be a tongue the part of the tongue came back to my hand and seemed to lick me as to see if i was still there or thank me. Then my friend was getting ready to leave he sat his daughter down she had a pink and purple outfit on. I sat the snake down infornt of her. The snake raised itself to her eye level and the lil girl leaned in and kissed it twice on its face. the snake did nothing and the lil girl looked at me. the snake then struck her arm as if it wanted to play w/her. like a puppy or kitten would. My friend then said yes shes restless because she hasnt really got to play today, and then gave the snake a black and white small stuffed animal to play wth. The snake wrpped herself around as a puppy would do and wrestled w/it...the end i woke up... ok I know this sounds weird and it prolly is but I dont understand it at all. And I am open for any suggestions here. oh yeah I also remeber very strongly there was a date that kept surfacing to my mind after the dream and it was said during my dream,...2 years and 2 months after I started my job which would be 11/25/08..also the number 20 kept surfacing..PLEASE someone tell me I am not crazy...Thank you in advance...

Example: What does it mean when i snake tries to bite me in a dream?

I Had a Dream were there was a snake in the back of a pick up truck. my girlfriend tried to grab it but was unsuccessful. the snakes tail was hanging off one end of the truck so i tried to grab it but as soon as i touched it it tried to bite me and it fell on the floor. i then grabbed it by the head and made sure it couldnt move. it was still trying to get loose and bite me. what does that mean. My girlfriend, the day befor the dream, had broken up with me and left me. I Had loved her very much. i dont know if that piece of information is important.

Example: I dreamt a single headed snake and a five headed snake last night.what does it mean?

iam afraid pls tell me

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