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Dream About Bite meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of multiple dogs biting you?

In this dream, me and my family went to just have a nice little family event at some kind of zoo.

It is interesting also that my dad was in this dream, but he has been dead now for 6 years, and this is the first dream I've had of him in possibly a year. He however, looked much older than when he passed away. Also, today is father's day :O

So this zoo had dogs on display, as if they were exotic animals, as well as dogs free roaming throughout the zoo. Every dog that I passed by, always always growled/barked at me and also tried biting me, but none ever did. The feelings I've had each time a dog did so wasn't really fear, but more of like an expected annoyance, and all I could do was just wait for a caretaker to take it away. It's also interesting to note that every time, the caretaker was a girl that I recognize from my college was there to take the dog away, and they all apologized for the dog each time. This happened for more than a few times, again and again.

Once we were done going throughout the park, my family got into some big huge argument about what to do next, and it seemed everyone went their separate ways after. My mom went to hang out with my sister and her boyfriend, and my brother and his wife and children all went to do their own thing. Me, I was alone to start off with, but then went into some kind of hotel and found my dad there, and we talked about old times, but never came up the thought or notion of death or anything. Also, I never noticed anyone talking to my dad whatsoever in this dream, and I was the only one who did.

First of all, I think this was a dream about wishing for old times, when your family was a unit instead of divided by death, marriage, college, and other things that cause family members to go their separate ways. I know you miss your Dad! I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

In my experience dogs can represent 2, maybe 3 things, usually in dreams. One is loyalty and friendship and the other (1 or 2) are habits/traditions. These symbols are expressed in the 2 phrases: "A dog is a man's best friend," and "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Our subconscious mind picks up on common sayings like this a uses them to express ideas in our dreams.

In this dream, I'm guessing these dogs represent both. Some of the dogs represent family loyalties, and maybe some of them represent habits, or perhaps the stronger form of habit we call "tradition." The caretakers you mention who handled the dogs indicate that college is likely the place where you have encountered these various traditions and maybe even "habits", because you have encountered people from various backgrounds, with different approaches to life. Some of these people may respond to life in ways that are odd, even perhaps annoying to you. You have possibly met people from various cultural and religious traditions; and in your studies you have probably explored histories, cultures, and religious beliefs that were exotic and alien to you. While these various traditions may intrigue, some of them also bother you, because they are so different than what you have known, and in some of them you may also note practices that seem bizarre and dangerous (and they may well be.)

Or, it could be that college is where you go to escape from the pressure of family traditions and loyalties that tug on you. Being "busy with school" is how you apologize for not being available for family events. That is the one excuse you can offer that will be accepted.

You have been sorting through all this new experience and knowledge while seeing your family kind of "fall apart" and go their separate ways. It may seem as if the foundations your life is built on are crumbling. This is a lot to handle all at once. While you may not be truly frightened, there is some sense of threat or annoyance.

Even your own habits and family traditions can become annoying or stressful as our families grow and change. When family members have various jobs, home and responsibilities, just getting together for an outing or dinner can cause arguments. Everyone has competing schedules and needs, and to just get everyone all together at the same time can be almost impossible. Sometimes, you just want to forget the whole thing, or sometimes find yourself alone when you thought you were going to have some special family time, which can be disappointing, especially on holidays, birthdays, etc.

You know, it sounds like, in the end, you actually got the best gift of all. You got a visit from your Dad for Father's Day. That in itself is something to cherish. In the business of life, when it is impossible to get your living family members to "work and play well together', you Dad managed to slip into your dream for a visit on the very day you might miss him most.

As for the rest of the family, you'll need to adjust your expectations. Learn to treasure the time you have with each of them one on one or in small groups. I've realized that lunch with my sis is much more enjoyable than time with my sis at a big family dinner. Visiting with my parents is more rewarding and peaceful than when the house is full of the noise of a big family dinner. It's ok if everyone is not together. Going to Christmas Eve service with my brother, just him and me, and stopping for coffee and pancakes on the way home is a way I can treasure my faith and my brother without the stress of trying to include the whole family in every outing. We can't bring back the past and when we try to do it, we often create guilt and grief, because it is just not something we can accomplish.

I pray joyful times ahead for you and your family. I pray for you to embrace the traditions and habits that will comfort and sustain you, even if you have to build some new traditions as your family grows and changes. Just because we find different ways of expressing and enjoying the people and values we love does not mean we have lost what is important. Cling to the rock solid truths that matter, but be flexible in how you observe them.

Perhaps some of these dogs will be friendlier in future dreams. Maybe you'll even find yourself embracing some of them.

God bless you.

Example: What does it mean to dream about being bitten by a fish ?

I dreamt his morning that I was bitten by a fish , while transferring it into a tank. The fish was much bigger than any of mine and it had teeth. Eventually it let go, but I was left with 2 small marks on my finger. I was such a vivid dream! I rarely dream..

Example: What does it mean to dream a screech owl biting you?

My mom really thinks that every dream has meaning to something, and she was telling me a dream she had where she was just about to go outside, and a screech owl was peerched outside the house, and it flew over and bit her. Can any tell me what meaning this dream has?

Example: What does my shark bite dream mean?

I dreamt that I was swimming in the ocean with a group of kids around my age (13-17 I guess) and we were trying to find the shore. As we were swimming, I see the top fin of a shark, and then the shark rises out of the water for a moment. I try to float perfectly still, but I feel the shark's teeth around my ankle. It doesn't bite me too hard, and I woke up before it could chomp off my foot. What does this dream mean? If you could post links to websites too, I'd gladly appreciate it. Please, and thank you.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a spider bite?

I had a dream the other night that I was bit on the chest by a poisonous spider and the bite turned black and brown and was severely infected. Can anyone help me to interpret the meaning of this?

Example: What does my shark bite dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was on a dock fishing by my self and a pet shark that was on the dock with me, it showed its teeth and scared me, it started to move towards me. I slipped into the water with the fear of drowning because idk how to swimm but I was able to get back on the dock but as I pulled my legs out the shark bit my right leg and I had a hude black gash. Im going threw some family issues and have been betrayed by a family member. Is this a reflection of my situation? Trusting and being betrayed?

Example: What does it mean to dream about mice biting your feet?

It felt very "painful" and they drew blood as well.
Is there any meaning to this?

Example: Bitten by a Rhino, Meaning? (Dream)?

In my dream I was surrounded by tons of people I know. Everyone there was given an animal to care for, and I was in charge of caring for a Rhinoceros. It was a baby, or at least small (for a rhino anyways) Still larger then myself but anyways...

I was petting it, caring for it, but it bit me. However, after wards I was not angry - this just made me support it more adamantly. I gave it hugs, played with it, all of that. Still, my hand was bleeding in my dream, but it just made me agree with it (Is my guess?)

So, Anyone out there good at interpretation can tell me what this may mean? Thank you in advance.

Example: What does this dream mean (bitten by snake)?

I at at an old church I used to go to in the child-care room...I saw a turtle and yelled to my mom because there was a snake wrapping around it, but as soon as I pointed to it, the snake started coming after me. It bit me, and then I ran to tell everyone (in the church) to get out because the snake was in there...Two young boys tried to see it and got bitten as well. I spent the rest of the dream trying to save everyone from the snake and got bitten again--both times on my left hand.

The snake was a vibrant green, if that makes a difference. I saw it attacking several times, and when it bit me I saw FELT it...there was very little blood with the bites, but I was trying to get the antidote for everyone else--not myself.

Any ideas? I've looked up a few dream interpretations...but none seem to fit my dream.

Example: What does it mean to dream of snakes and them biting me?

last night i dreampt that i was in bed with my boyfriend and a snake limbed onto the bed, it moved around for a bit then came back and bit my finger, i went down stairs then and there were more large snakes down there and piles of baby ones everywhere they were 2 different colour greens a bright green and a dark green and as hard as i tried i couldnt get rid of them, does anybody know what this could mean?

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