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Dream About Birth meanings

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Example: What does it mean of dreaming of giving birth?

I am a 32 y.o married with one daughter. We don't have any plan of having another one. But I keep on dreaming that I am pregnant. Just recently I dream that I give birth to a baby boy. Its seems so real that I actually feel the pain. And its very painful. And in my dream my husband is not around and that I'm the only one who went to the hospital. And its exactly opposite to my first real giving birth. My husband and my family was on my side during that time. And my actual giving birth to my daughter is not as painful as in my dream.

Can anyone help me in analyzing this dream?

Giving birth to a baby boy means a sorrow or illness.

Women may experience birth dreams out of either desire for or anxiety toward pregnancy. In this case, the medical, social, and sexual histories of the dreamer would be very significant. There may be moral, religious, or medical factors that make a pregnancy either desirable or dangerous. Examples may include a young woman who is sexually active against her moral or religious teachings or, a woman trying to conceive, yet unable to do so. In these cases, a guilt-producing deed may be construed as causing the birth or lack thereof.

Women who see themselves giving birth under positive circumstances may be affirming themselves not just in birth, but as archetypal women. They are able to see themselves as competent within their gender to complete the traditional roles of the gender. While this sounds incredibly sexist, it is true in the sense that all of us see men and women as particular and individual persons with strengths and abilities. It's what makes an archetype an archetype.

Example: What does my dream mean? Frogs? Birth?

Hi so last night I had a really long intense dream.
Most of that I can remember is that I was pregnant and I was in labor about to give birth. I told my boyfriend in the dream that I wanted a water birth and no pain medication. The dream felt SO REAL and so intense... it feels as if I know what it's like to give birth ! I recall pushing and pushing on my own and the pain but the baby wasn't born.
FYI: I have lost a baby before..

Then the dream switched to me being in a huge field..of sort of dirt... My boyfriend was at the other end of it and as I was walking towards him I saw dead frogs on the floor.
They looked pale and just creepy. I tried to go the other way and tried not to step on or look at the frogs.
My boyfriend then approached me to tell me its fine and I was holding on to him telling him that I didn't want to see the frogs..
So basically I was trying not to see them.

What could this possibly mean? I tried looking online but I can't seem to put it together. Thanks

Example: What does it mean to dream about being pregnant/giving birth?

Last week roughly i had a dream being pregnant. It was me and my friends but we were really small, like in size running away from evil. I was trying to make sure my baby didn't get hurt. After we were free we opened a new shop and lived on what ever money we could make, but were relatively happy. Just last night, I was at home and I was pregnant again. This time I was giving birth to the child, after the baby came out my mother told me it was a boy, I paused and held him in my hands and named him Mercury. Not too long after that infant baby boy already knew how to speak, and i was surprised to see this, and in a flash he grew up into a teenager. >.>

Example: What does it mean to dream of Birth control pills...!?!?!?

I had a dream I bought this big bottle of birth control pills...What does it mean? Btw I do not use them in real life! And I am not having s*x right now..

Example: What does it mean to dream you gave birth?

There is a possibility that i am pregnant and last night I had a dream that i gave birth. What does this mean?

Example: What does Giving birth dream mean?

I keep having dreams about giving birth to a boy and my boyfriend is always so happy... What does that mean?

Example: Can anyone tell me what it means to dream about giving birth?

It felt so real,even pain,(but I didn't wake up)the babies came really quick& i was at home,couldn't get 2 hospital,I had one baby,then the midwife told me to push & I had another,in the end i had 4 daughters,& I had to tell the midwife there were no more babies left 2 come out,I remember reading somewhere once that dreaming of a birth means someone gonna die,feel scared

Example: What is the meaning of my dream? giving birth?

in my dream, the baby inside my womb suddenly came out while I was still standing because there are no available bed in the hospital.

Example: What does it mean to dream give birth to a baby?

Example: What does it mean to dream about giving birth?

I'm only 13, I had a dream I was having a baby with my best friend. I remember I was so terrified of the pain of giving birth, and I went through with it, and had a baby girl which I thought it was a boy at first. Afterwards, I realized I was dreaming, and began to cry because I didn't want to see my baby go when I woke up. It just made me realize how excited I am to have a child later on. I'm NOT pregnant in real life, what does this mean?!

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