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Dream About Birds' Salesman meanings

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Example: Dreams possible meaning?

I had a dream last night about 2 condor birds falling from the sky. One was very large and hit my oldest son in the head head on when he was looking up at it. The other was much smaller and feel at my feet and was very "pet like" is the only way I could describe it. Rubbing up against my foot and looking up at me. What could this dream possibly mean?

Birds indicate freedom,happiness etc.Birds dead means your freedom being curtailed or becoming unhappy.It may also mean disappointment .
Those who are in business is concerned about soaring business.For them dead birds falling means business failure ,possible loss,less sales etc.For salesmen it means unable to sell products,failure in attaining target etc.

Example: What''s this poem mean?

by richard wilbur

In a Smoking Car
The eyelids meet. He'll catch a little nap.
The grizzled, crew-cut head drops to his chest.
It shakes above the briefcase on his lap.
Close voices breathe, "Poor sweet, he did his best."

"Poor sweet, poor sweet," the bird-hushed glades repeat,
Through which in quiet pomp his litter goes,
Carried by native girls with naked feet.
A sighing stream concurs in his repose.

Could he but think, he might recall to mind
The righteous mutiny or sudden gale
That beached him here; the dear ones left behind . . .
So near the ending, he forgets the tale.

Were he to lift his eyelids now, he might
Behold his maiden porters, brown and bare.
But even here he has no appetite.
It is enough to know that they are there.

Enough that now a honeyed music swells,
The gentle, mossed declivities begin,
And the whole air is full of flower-smells.
Failure, the longed-for valley, takes him in.

just tell me the basic meaning =)

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