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Dream About Birds Nest meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does dreaming about birds mean?

I had a dream last night about a family of birds (cardinals) coming to visit me, they had two cute babies, feathered out but less than half-grown. I felt very happy when I woke up.

Bird dreams in general represent the mind, freedom and spirit. Like dreams about flying, they can make you feel independent and free. The dream may be of a positive tone or of a negative tone, but regardless, the important thing to remember is the dream is trying to open up something about yourself or others.

In dream analysis and dream interpretation, birds and their flying represent a freedom and joy, so when you dream about one, it may feel like a psychological awakening. Dreaming of seeing bird eggs can symbolise money and dreaming of a bird nest may symbolise security, maternal instincts, and parenthood. But not all dreams about birds are positive. Dreaming of dead or dying birds can predict a period of disappointment. If you dream of dying or dead birds, look at your life and see what problems are worrying you and if you are headed for disappointment in any area. Some people also dream of birds as a way of "flying away" from the day to day constraints and problems they face.

These are some of the more common birds that appear in dreams, and what they mean in terms of dream analysis and dream interpretation:

Example: What does it mean to dream birds are on my hair?

so they flew on my head with my left hand i held 2 birds against my head and held one with my right hand i felt anxiouse about it the one on my ight hand i got it and examined its beak and it was long and thin . it felt creapy to have them tangled on my hair what does this mean please help me ...

Example: What does it mean to dream of being a bird?

I dreamed that i was a bird lying in a nest. There was a little baby bird curled up against my leg and it looked up at me and had the cutest look on its face. Then i looked next to me to find another full grown bird next to me and after i looked at the bird and back at the baby the other bird reached it's wing over and attempted to cover my face then i woke up. What does this mean? I can't find anything in dream interpretations, just like i couldn't find anything for my wolf dream where i was in a pack of wolfs in a cage and the leader or alpha wolf climbed into a separate cage and brought me in with him and first jumped up on my shoulder and said to kneel down, so i did and he then whispered into my ear " you have to be care full you are in grave danger" I have yet to uncover the meaning of this dream either. Any and all help would be much obliged.

Example: Dreams: what do birds mean in a dream?

case in point: I was being attacked by a black bird- he was diving at me, and kept pecking me in the head- then he'd take off and swoop by to attack again. i thought maybe there was a nest somewhere, but there were no trees to be seen anywhere. so finally, when he swooped down on me for yet another round of attacks, i managed to catch him in midair. he struggled and pecked wildly at my hands, but after a while, he calmed down and then sat on my finger! i kept walking with him a bit down the street while he was sitting on my finger, and then he eventually took off and flew away. does anyone know what this could symbolize in the world of dreams?

Example: What does it mean to keep dreaming of birds in nests and me feeding them?

For the last three nights I have had dreams of baby birds and me feeding them butter and stuff. What does it mean?

An old dream book says it means I am nourishing my spirituality but I dont know what it all means... Do you?

Example: What does dreaming about dead birds mean?

I had a dream that I was in a kind of open forest on a hill and there were dead birds absolutely everywhere, they weren't black birds or anything they were all birds of pray in bright,light colours. In the dream I tried eating one, there was no blood or anything but I didn't like the taste. Sorry If this is too much information but please help.

Example: What does it mean to dream about killing a bird?

This is only a little section of my dream, the only one that involves a bird. I've had this dream at least twice. I'm leaving a house through the front door (white) and there are are a few porch steps and a column-also white. Pretty much, a normal, suburban house. My friend is standing inside waving me goodbye and as I reach the steps I notice a nest of 2 or 3 doves (not white doves, but the tan ones). I looked at them as I passed and the one on the right of the nest followed me down to the sidewalk. It was getting too close to my left arm and I could feel its wings hitting me (softly, but still). Its beak nudged me and i wasn't sure, in the midst of all the flapping and soft pecking, whether the bird was really happy or really mad. Either way it was only about 3 to 5 seconds of that before, with only my left arm, I began to swat at it. Not long after the swatting began, my right arm reached over and I snapped his little birdie neck. I then went on with the rest of my dream. The second time I had the dream, though, after I had killed the bird, I freaked out-screaming and flailing-and ran back into the house. Anyone know what this means?

Example: Bird dream meaning?

Last night I had a dream about this amazing bird. He isn't any type of bird, just something my mind created. He was light gray, with a white chest, and a red triangle on his head, dark sensitive eyes, white on the inside of his wing, and a black beak. His body shaped almost resembled a woodpecked, but stronger. He had landed in my house, and was communicating with me, however he wasn't talking. Just sitting perched on the table. He was happy, sensitive, masculine, and very friendly. Then he took me outside, and for the rest of the dream he was my guide. He took me into my yard, and showed me dozens of catepillars on the sidewalk. The catepillars were very beauitful and colorful. Some were red, yellow, light brown, blue, all colors! He wanted me to pick one up and we examined them together. But there was no talking, I just knew what he was saying. Then after he showed me the catepillars I woke up. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks for your help!

Example: What do it mean to have these bird dreams? can anyone interpret?

(sorry first time i used this)

so basically the past 2 nights i have had bird dreams.

1st night:
In this dream I was a native on this island and I think i was training to become the next village priestess/witch/healer or something. What happened was this really important yellow bird in our village had died. It has been alive for generations and it was a bad thing that it died and it wasn't a parrot but maybe a finch? i don't know. it was yellow and small, kind of like a sparrow maybe. anyway, I was put in charge of finding it's soul and bring it back to life. So my predecessor told me to hold the bird in both of my hands with raspberries clasped tightly to it and that would lead me to the birds soul. So I am holding the bird and raspberries between my hands out in front of my when i feel this tug pull me forward. i follow this tug around and soon i find it soul and the bird comes back to life. I don't remember much afterwords, but i do know it died again at some point later and I had to repeat the whole process again.

2nd night:
In the second dream, I was at Seminole state park again and at the cabins and for some reason people were cutting down the pine trees. and in one of the trees there was a birds nest with hungry baby birds that had their mouths wide open and chirping. anyway they had cut the tree down and as it's falling i get really scared that they are going to get crushed and i was about to scream when the tree landed at an angle on the cabin and the birds weren't crushed. the nest was still in the branches and the birds were still there hungry and chirping.

can anyone interpret this for me?

Example: In a dream, i saw two birds, both were storks, male & female, white and black, in a nest. what does it mean?

aside from the obvious references to birth and "nesting", does anyone have an idea what this dream means? i don't know which bird was male and which was female, the white or the black. they were in the nest together. any ideas?

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