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Dream About Bird'S Nest meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a wet dream about a girl i know but don't like sexually what does it mean?

Up until now I thought of her as my little sister im 16 and she's 15 so don't think im a pedophile or anything but I know her whole family and she is the only one I've had this dream about does this mean that deep in my subconscious I have feeling for her and are trying to suppress them or we have a close relationship? really need an answer thank you.

it means your should do it. you know:
the nasty, the dirty, the wake up call, the bird in the nest, the crocodile tail, the pretzel, the smoke and the pancake, the chipmunk cheeks, the hairbrush in wax, the hot pepper, the light in a bulb, the rock in the dirt, the chair in the light, the teeth in the paste, the show in the heel, the building to the left, the bus in the station, the laundry out of the basket, the candy in the wrapper, the food in the drink, the curtains slowly opening, the smurfs, the HAND ON YOUR FREAKING PEANUT

Example: Dream about a fox and a bird, help?

I was a giant fox and I lived with this giant female bird. I could fly on her back. We slept together and built this nest together. For some reason I could lay eggs just like she could.

It seems very strange to me, what do you think?

Example: What does it mean to dream of being a bird?

I dreamed that i was a bird lying in a nest. There was a little baby bird curled up against my leg and it looked up at me and had the cutest look on its face. Then i looked next to me to find another full grown bird next to me and after i looked at the bird and back at the baby the other bird reached it's wing over and attempted to cover my face then i woke up. What does this mean? I can't find anything in dream interpretations, just like i couldn't find anything for my wolf dream where i was in a pack of wolfs in a cage and the leader or alpha wolf climbed into a separate cage and brought me in with him and first jumped up on my shoulder and said to kneel down, so i did and he then whispered into my ear " you have to be care full you are in grave danger" I have yet to uncover the meaning of this dream either. Any and all help would be much obliged.

Example: What does this mean? Can you interpret my Dream?

I was driving down the freeway and as I passed the entrances I saw about 10 snow plows lined up. I thought they were getting ready for a big snow? I came to the top of the hill and said it's going to get icy. Then I was out of my car sitting on the road which now was a slide going down the hill in place of the freeway. There was a lot of ice and snow, my 3 sons were sliding with me and I was holding a little lamb that was covered with snow on it's fur. Then I was at my dads house and I looked over at the inside of the fireplace and I saw a Miniature blue jay fluttering and squeaking, laying there on the ground was a Miniature nest and a pile of little bright blue blue jay eggs. There was a Miniature raccoon trying to steal the eggs. When I first looked I thought it might be a squirrel but I thought they only eat nuts so it must be a raccoon? After that I was going to my office to get some work done and when I got there it was 1:AM. Then my boss walks in, kissed me, said I love her then a client walked in with a wooden clock. I looked at the clock and there was a picture of my parents house painted on it. I ask the client if he new what that picture was and I told him that was my dads house and he must have made that clock. Now when I was young my dad made clocks out of wood slabs and had them painted by a local painter. So this was all a dream I had, who can tell me what this all means?

Example: Do you think my dream means somthing?

my dream:
i was with one of my friends, idk who tho just someone my that mind made upi guess and we were at a pizza place thets when some of my old friends walked by,i didnt say hi or anything tho, then i went outside and i was going to sit down on this curb and i saw a grass hopper... and it was like a maroon color... then it turned into a baby duck... then i relized it wasnt a duck and i saw it go under this bench and there were a bunch more babys andd they were baby eagles! and i was like holy **** wow, so i stuck my hand to pet the baby and the mom bit my hand and i had atriangle type bruise bacause of that, then the mom came out of the nest to get the babys some food and turned into like this evil boy i think the boy even had blue lips and was rly evil looking, and then turned back into a bird and flew away, soo then i couldnt belive it and i decided i needed to tell that reporter over there so he could make a story on it since i knew he couldnt get any good storys(dont know where that came from?hahahha) so i was running thru this orchard wih a lot of trees, maybee they were orange trees idk, they were fully grown btw or tall anyways, then i was back where the nest was and some kids were by it and i told them to go away... then i woke up

soooo do u think my crazy dream means anything? btw im 18, in 12th grade, a girl, if that helps anything with my dream... ok well thnnx

Example: What does this dream mean?

This is REAALLLY weird okay? but I had a dream I was swallowing birds out of a nest, and i remember the last bird crying to me and then I woke up crying out of guilt because i ate the other birds. Im so cunfused. what could this possibly mean.

Example: What could this dream mean?! 10 POINTS?

Ok so for the past two nights, my dreams have varied but there is always a part in where I look outside from my window and I have this oak tree and these two big black Labradors, about the size of Great Danes and in the tree and attacking a birds nest and I can see the feathers falling down.
I don't like it much so I shout for them to come down (they're not my dogs btw) and they do, and they just look at me through the window but they don't look vicious or anything but yeah anyway I always wake up like then.
What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very weird dream last night. I dreamed that I was like in a school gym and that it was full of people and in the ceiling there were mirrors, so when you look up you could see the reflection of everyone, but in the reflection everybody in there were birds different kinds and colors except me. Then all the people were trying to help me become one and they placed me on top of something very very high and just left me there all I could think about was that I was very scared because I felt that I was going to fall and hurt myself. Then I woke up. Very weird. My husband says that it may mean that I feel trapped but I don't think so. Any ideas?

Example: What does a dream about eggs mean?

I have a reoccuring dream where i go into a backyard and I find birds eggs slightly buried and slightly hidden in dirt. These eggs are incubating and will eventually hatch into baby birds. I have had several dreams with this same scenerio. (obviously these are not the eggs we eat!) Any ideas?

Example: Dream Meaning I need Help?

A couple years back I started having a Dream. It keeps recurring over and over again. from age 14 or 15 to 18 now. It starts while I am on top of a huge building and its storming really bad.. There is another man on the building and we always fight.. usually we have variety of weapons sometimes none. The other man is always wearing this mask.. It has a slit for an eye inside of jagged diamond shape. With a etched in line from the top and to the bottom of the mask (also jagged) and its glowing red. He also has a tribal symbol on the other side. its a Phoenix symbol i have a necklace of it. During the fight i always rip off the mask and its my face and he starts laughing and the dream ends.. I want a serious answer on what it means please..

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