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Dream About Bird Of Paradise meanings

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Example: What DOES THIS MEAN? dream?

I was floaton a invisble seat in the air, waterfalls, birds, tropical scenes and flowers.i was sitting next to my significant other, and we were sort of just in awe and confused and i was b-tching at him because he was taking pictures of the beautiful scenes.

what do u think it means?

Dreams are the brains way of interpreting information. They are images that the brain creates to explain things, to expiriment with things, and to learn. So, dreams do tend to mean a lot.

Floating on an invisible seat in paradise. images of what you desire. You have lofty goals. High hopes. You want romance and beauty and you want to be the most important thing to your significant other (floating puts you above, like being on a glass pedestal). You're ambitious.

But, while he's seated next to you, he isn't appreciating your goals the way you hope. His goals don't match yours, and so you're left angry that he doesn't see the beauty you do. doesn't want to pursue your dreams with you. He's not taking pictures, why? because he doesn't see it as being as important as you see it.

So, I think it's all about him not sharing in your hopes and dreams. Maybe he thinks you're a dreamer, or maybe he just doesn't take you seriously. But, it pisses you off.

Example: What are some inspirational quotes related to birds?

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of a bird, and I'm also thinking about getting some sort of quote next to it. I've found a few good ones but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any more. I want it to be fairly short and simple and somewhat inspirational.

Here are a few I've found so far:

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. -Langston Hughes

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. -C. Archie Danielson

The bird of paradise alights only on the hand that does not grasp. -John Berry

Example: What does my tea dream mean?

White lies before me, in its infinite continuation bare trees, black in color show. In what, in mind, is the center of this vast expanse lays a cherry-wood table lavishly decorated with lotuses, humming bird, cranes and other animals which I recognize from their description in books I have read. Atop this table sculpted in the Japanese style there is a black of what seems to be ivory laid into the tabletop which has been sectioned into four by four diagonal wooden roads running to a scare in the center of the table. In the very center is a traditional Japanese tea pot, surrounding this beautiful brass pot, are four Japanese tea puppets, each with a tea cup on their plates. They each face a different wood opening to let them escape the wooden center in which they await to be freed by a soul in need of a cup of tea. Around the table lie four pillows in Japanese style, perfectly centered on their side awaiting a body to be sat on by. The sand that blows around them creating a white cloud dares not approach them leaving an empty space in which stands a table ready to welcome a lonely soul in need of tea.

From my vantage point atop a tree of misery I admire this table, devoid of evil cruelty or even the slightest thing other then serenity and the anxiousness of the things around it to help a human. The feeling of hate that is coming from the tree which I burden lessens as I gaze into the eyes of the tea puppets, inching to serve me tea. I stepped down from the deadwood and let my steppes pull me to the welcoming environment ahead. The sand blows onto me and under my clothing irritating my skin. I can see the tea room well threw its walls of sand. As I stepped threw the barrier to the pillow awaiting me, I feel the sand in my clothing pulling or being pushed away. When I was inside completely the sand had ripped pieces of my shirt off. I put my arm forward and opened my hand. In front of me appeared a wooden frame, inside it a blank sheet of whit washi paper displayed itself. I moved my hand about drawing a symbol which I recognized as “life”.

I let my arm fall in a state of ecstasy and serenity mixed together in a potent feeling which I can only describe as fulfillment. I let myself fall onto the pillow the remains of my shirt fell to the sandy ground and flew out of the room leaving it clean. I waited a while, then from the ground arose thread, indigo, marine, gold, and jet black. They each rapped around me one at a time forming a cylinder before collapsing into there own part of a garment. It consisted of all the components of a Japanese martial arts masters accoutrements.

One of the tea puppets came to life; it rolled down its cosway to the corner of the table and turned itself to continue to me. Once it had turned to me I removed the cup from the plate the puppet held in its diminutive hands. As I heard it leave I looked down to the tabletop from which a plate was rising, I rested my cup onto it and looked to the teapot. A silver dragon slithered up to the pots handle and rolled around it. Its head extended to me and it lifted itself with the pot above the table and came to me. It poured tea into my cup, returned the pot to its place near where the doll whom had served me had taken it place again. It left the pot and came to rest beside me on my rite where it was tied to my hip and curved, in that position it stayed.

I drank my tea and stood, I turned to look out at the desert before me. I remove the dragon, now a katana from it home and thrust it into the ground and said “Kami No Kocha” and the sand parted in a chaos of wind and delight on my behalf. I picked up the dragon sword and let it slither home, and I walked to wherever I felt drawn, hoping to find another station of tea, with the intention to play Igo.

What does this dream mean?

Example: What are symbolic meanings for a bird tattoos? real answers please.?

I am searching for a bird, real or mythological as a tattoo.

I want it to represent:
family / motherhood
new beginnings.

I know the phoenix represents new beginnings but it mainly represents resurrection.. ( not really what i'm after)

i like the crane but i can't seem to find a lot of information on it other than japanese crane, bird of happiness.

thank you for ur help!

Example: Can anyone interpret this dream for me?

I had this dream yesterday morning that I was looking out the window in the den in my house and as I looked out the window to the right and up in the sky I saw this beautiful scenery that looked like a paradise or maybe Heaven off in the distance. There was this huge mountain and exotic looking trees and plants that was more beautiful than anything on earth. It looked like it was kind of up in the sky. As I looked away from this scene and directly in front of me there was an exotic looking bird with blue and white feathers slowly walking on the air towards me! It wasn't using it's wings at all. I think the bird started talking to me but I can't remember what it said. The bird looked like a peacock but with less colors. As this bird was walking toward me and talking all these other animals started coming from the left of me but they were outside and going towards the mountain area. I asked God to give me a dream that night but I don't know the meaning. Can someone help me?

Example: Dream about green bird in jannah?

I had a dream my uncle had an Hadith book ,said to me the prophet muhammed pbuh ,when a relgious soul dies he will go to jannah ,after that I seen a beautiful green olive bird with big huge feather ,carrying a relgious soul taking to paradise ,I see only bright light white color ,the beautiful bird is taking by his claws a relgious soul to paradise ,what does it mean

Example: Very Weird Island Dream, What Does it Mean?

So here it is:
Please excuse the bullets and broken sentences, I just wrote it how I remembered it, I just woke up from it.

-tropical island
-w/ people from lost (blonde that died)
-under a tree, notice the bug fly upwards and suddenly die
-notice that all my birds only slept on the bottom 4 branches
-forcefield that kills anything trying to get out?
-find a big chest in the water
-someone doesnt want me to see it, pulls me off, screaming "no!"
-i get it anyway and open it
-its a movie projector
-some weird lady's holagram welcomes us "hello&congratulations, you are the chosen ones. you are the humani, you were put on this perfect paradise to reproduce"
-tells us we all have the same blood type
-someone hands me a bottle of milk
-tells us we are supposed to live here forever and make babies
-im upset, i run into the forest
-all the sudden people start to appear in the distance, i run to them
-theres kids, adults, old people, all the kids are dressed in sports outfits like they just got out of a game
-the adults are yelling, telling me to leave
-all their clothes are bright blue and colorful, mine are raggedy and tan
-one big black guy is yelling, "leave! you'll ruin everything get the hell out of here!"
-im way confused, stumbling, finally i just take his word for it and leave
-i bump into an old lady but before she could talk i tell her "dont worry, im leaving"
-she smiles and nods, she looks like she knows something the others dont.
-i ask her if she's ever been to the real world, she smiles and nods and shooes me
-im running around trying to figure out what the hell is happening, i figure maybe if i get into these peoples clothes i can blend in a get some answers
-i run to a few kids, they try to hide me
-i ask them if theyve ever been to the real world, the little boy nods and whispers "shhh, dont say it too loud, not everyone has, some people were born here and they cant know about the world, no one can."
-i ask whats happening
-he says before we get to leave, something bad happens, and whispers "seizure"
-they put me in some of their clothes and they wish me good luck, i start running.
-i findd classrooms and a teacher pulls me in, shes one of the ones who was yelling for me to leave but now it seems like she knows me
-she says, "i was about to leave, i was ready, but theyve put my family on hold for weeks now, i dont have enough money to feed my children! im ready to go!"
-she hands me weird coins and sends me to get food
-on the way some skater bum dude hands me real money.

I think I've been watching too much LOST! haha.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that there was a HUGE white worm in my basement. The size of this worm was seriously unrealistic! In my dream, it was hard to get the worm because it kept moving quickly. When I was finally able to get it, I used a toy sword to try and attack it. However, this didn't kill the worm and it actually made it more powerful. It started to fly around and it became even faster. I don't know how the dream ended.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Can someone help me find meaning to this dream?

I had this really weird dream while i was napping apparently I was just this valuable asset to some villainous character who sent a hired hunter after me and I can't remember if I was some bird, wolf, humanoid or w/e but from the perspective (point of view) of the dream I could fly, run fast on four legs, it really didn't make much sense at all. In any case I just ran while this hunter was chasing me. I vividly felt all the elements around me like I was plunging into snow to avoid being shot. I was hovering sort of coasting as if I was partially flying yet diving into the snowy hills to conceal myself when the hunter took aim. I don't understand why this person was so fast lol.

I continued and kept rolling downhills then I just kept running and the terrain changed from snowy hills to plains to swamps
(Friend's input: "Your soul is trying to break out of the endless winter of your weary mind")

and I vividly felt every element of nature surrounding me... The rain hitting me, the wind blowing, the chill and anxiety of running while half heartedly recognizing superior capabilites to soar, run like the wind, and maneuver. The part close to where I woke up, I was completely filthy. I seemed to have lost my pursuer but for some reason wanted to keep moving. I had cuts that burned and needed cleansing but every body of whater I came across was dirty and polluted. I tried using the water but it seemed the burning sensation was excruciating.

I continued to travel. The seasons continued to change. I witnessed exotic animals I've never seen in my life, like a fabric of my imagination but they seem magestic, I couldn't see myself despite trying to figure out how I looked. I continued to travel as if I had a calling of some sort. Some location that I mentally knew existed and would risk my life trying to reach. This force drove me and although I was conscious and alert I could not override this inert feeling.

Finally, I came to my final destination where I found this extremely versatile stream. I jump in it and my exausted and wounded body started to heal. I felt this great sense of calm. I was just carried by this stream of water, some choke points I plunge into a deeper cold fresh and revitalizing river of some sort. Then this upstream shoots me up into this paradise which I plunge into then I would just hear this oddly recognizable music that seemed to represent nature itself. It was blissful. It was just so fracking weird but I can't explain it I felt every element, like the weather and being tired and dirty and w/e that last part was like heaven. I honestly felt no worries. I didn't need to swim I was just lead by this awesome current like some water slide lol

Then i woke up.

I never felt more shitty in my life.

Wut do?

Example: Can you help me interpret my dream?

ive had this dream since i was a child and it reoccurs.
i lay naked on a stone table in paradise. i am dead and naked. there is bright light around me and a tropical forest or such with birds and flowers. i think i am cut up by someone like they do it with corpses. it is very scary...
any clue wat it could mean

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