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Dream About Big Bird meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does dreaming of wingless birds mean?

I had this dream last night.
I start in a house, not my house_ it seems like it is an old friends house(whom i am not in good terms with at the moment) I give her a hug and ask her to forgive me and she does and she is caring and understanding eventhough it was my fault we were mad.
I then go outside to the garage, but it is a warehouse. It is filthy, full of dust and there are dead animals on the floor, small mice corpses, there is a small fox(or it looks like one) and a dead lizzard. this dead Lizzard is what caught my attention the most (I remember it clearly). I start to sweap the dirt and the animals away, trying to clean the mess, but I dont finish, I am intrigued by what is happening outside and go to take a look.
I come out of this warehouse in to what looks like an animal park. Behind a fence there are 3 birds, big birds, there is a falcon, a black bird, and an owl. They are separated by fences from one another...these birds do not have wings. They are climbling the fences with their beeks and feet trying to get out and they struggle a lot, but one by one they clim up the fence and down the other side into freedom...
They seem happy and achieved, but they can't fly...as they stand there I fear for their life, because they have no wings and this is my exact thhought: "but you have no wings, what are you going to do now?... you were safer in the cage"
...then I woke up

Regarding dreams, Dr. Allan Hobson of Harvard Medical School said: “They are ambiguous stimuli which can be interpreted in any way a therapist is predisposed to. But their meaning is in the eye of the beholder—not in the dream itself.”

In others words, everything that appears in your dreams are stimuli that you have experienced in real life. Everyday we see hundreds of people and things, but we don't pay attention to all of them because they do not have any significant meaning to us. However, that doesn't mean our brains aren't recording them and storing them in our subconscious.

The quote above from Dr. Hobson was also saying that emphasis should not be placed on interpreting dreams because even psychologists interpret them differently. For example, one person can say that your dreams mean you are wanting to be in a committed relationship, another person can say that you are unsatisfied with your life, and a third person can say that you have a fear of intimacy. THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES I MADE UP FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD to show how different professionals can interpret dreams differently. Don't let someone else make sense of something you are dreaming about. Only you and God really know how you are, so it's best to deal with yourself and make decisions based on knowledge of yourself while you are conscious, not based on some movie you are forced to sit through every night. (Matthew 10:30) I remember having a dream that I was pregnant and giving birth. I don't place a lot of emphasis on my dreams, but if I would have told someone they would have probably said that the reason for the dream is that I want to have children. Such a person would not know how wrong they are. I don't even like dealing with other people's kids, and I loath the thought of having my own (I believe it's called being a childfree person). But if I would have listened to such advice and went out and got pregnant, I would be so absolutely miserable since that is not what I want for myself ever.

Research has been done to show that dreams (even the recurring ones) keep our brains healthy in some way, perhaps by categorizing and storing stimuli that we have taken in. You don't have much control over what appears in your dreams or how it appears. However, if you don't want to have nightmares, then you shouldn't watch horror movies or play scary or violent video games or anything like that since that stimuli can appear in your dreams. Even scary sounds can appear in your dreams. Other than that, just enjoy the show!

Personally, ever since I started filling my mind with positive stimuli by reading a chapter of the Bible each night right before going to sleep and meditating on what it says, my dreams have been much more pleasant.

Example: What does it mean to dream of birds?

I dreamt I was in a new house, not newly built, but the house was new to me, I walked upstairs, I opened a bedroom door, inside were many birds, pigeons, ducks and another type of bird I didn't recognise, it was big, with a stripe down its head, anyway for those who believe in dream meanings, can you tell me if it meant anything? Thankyou x

Example: What can be the meaning of a dream about birds?

I had a very bad dream. I saw that I was standing on the roof of my house. There were tiny little birdies who were eating grains on the roof. Then 2-3 wild pigeons came. They seemed so innocent with there blue eyes. All of a sudden, the tiny birds started dying. There heads were scattered everywhere. I could not understand who's killing them.
Then I discovered that one of the pigeons was eating the tiny birds.
I picked up a big rod with iron nails to hit that pigeon and save the birds. As soon as I was about to hit, the dream broke.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I kept trembling throughout the night after having this dream.
Can anyone explain its meaning to me?

Example: Dream of birds?what does this mean?

I had a dream of small birds flyin at my head from the right and a big ... Eagle i guess( it had a white head yellow beak and brown body) fly in from the left and fight them off or like scare them away. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about 2 birds?

ive just woken up from a very strange dream and wondered if it means anything. first off i don really like birds but in this dream i had 2 of them, they wern't exactly big birds, more of a budgie size, but they were not budgies, anyway, i was very affectionate towards them and in the dream it seemed they felt the same, but the only thing that bothers me is that one of the birds had a broken foot and my dream seemed to focus on that, i was also more affectionate with the injured bird than with the other one although i dont know if that matters

Example: What does mean to dream of a dead bird?

I dreamt we had two or three light green small birds in a cage. I really couldn't tell if it was two or three but I know it was two or more. The cage was in our home mainly in the kitchen on the counter . I remember they were alive then I worked around the house doing chores an I came back and saw that one was dead and I left the room and I heard as my dad and brothers put it in a bag to throw it away. I couldn't stand seeing it that's what I remember

Example: What does it mean to dream about chasing a black bird?

Last night i dreamt i was living in a big house & a black bird had flown out. i guess it was like a pet so i had ran down the neighborhood chasing the black bird trying to catch it but it flew away so i ran fast back into the house.i was embarrassed going past this house that this guy who liked me stayed at 'cause he was out with his friends in the driveway.i didnt see them but i heard them, they had a group of ppl in the garage.what could this mean?

Example: What does this birds dream mean?

They were either crows or pigeons, but they looked more greenish, so they could be pigeons. All I know is that there were seven or like five birds on a gray cross with a halo around it that kinda resemble as a tombstone. Crows are one of my biggest fears and I drew a crow before I went to sleep. Could that be it?

Example: Dream meaning?bird storm rain?

hey i had a dream today, it was strange my friend was in it and i cant remember it all but i was a big dream, i was going to be late for work so i got up out of bed and my friend was beeping the horn and revving my car so i was annoyed then i went outside amd she hadto go and do something, so she was gone then i went to find her in my car and wen to the pet shop (produce) for horse feed and it started torin like a massove rain storm rk grey clouds, amd i went into the shop and there where birds and the birds were green with some pink on their chest and a bit of blue and they seemed to look like a sort of parrot but it wasnt a parrot i was going to buy one amd the lady said they were $20 then i got woken up, lol it was weird but i just have a feeling it could mean something

Example: What does dreaming about a big black bird mean?

I dreamt that there was a big black bird that flew into my back and broke my rib. What does that mean?

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