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Dream About Beheading meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Last night I dreamed that I beheaded a huge sewer rat with a Wiffle bat. Can anyone tell me what that means?

Please, inject as much humor as you'd like.

And yes, I really dreamed this.

Well,the use of a Wiffle bat,rather than a sword or shotgun could possible represent your feelings of powerless and indimidation in your fear of large grotesque marsupials.

The finishing blow by decapitation, with a very light and dull instrument may represent your innate sense of self preservation...I usually escape danger somehow in my dreams,as well(reguardless of the liklelyhood of such)except that time I rolled out of my treehouse bunk bed on to a bunch of pinecones below...LOL
EDIT: I may go out and buy a bobblehead sewer rat with wiffle bat kit...Sounds like fun!

Poor fella...his very last thoughts were selfless,wishing that I would get "Best Answer"...then his lifeless body just rolled into the gutter... freezing and unaware pedestrians walking past the gory scene,not giving notice to his motionless body, in very cold and rainy dark of the night...how sad...

(((Rammie))))...LOL...Where have you been tonight?...Probably yakking on Yahoo messenger,with Vicki

Example: What does it mean when you dream a dead relative's head?

I dreamt i fell and his head appeared next to me. He was not Beheaded

Example: Scary dream where I was beheaded, what does this mean?

This dream was very confusing to me. I was helping someone & giving them wood to use in this saw. Now the saw was a long string-like looking blade, that when turned on would move & cut through wood. I had given them a pile of wood to cut & then they turned the saw on & I suddenly realized in fear that I was standing right where the blade of the saw was about to cut, on the other side as the blade was very long & passed through a wide area.

I screamed at them to stop & wait but was too late as they appeared to not have heard me & I saw the saw approaching my neck, confused as it was all happening so fast, I wasn't sure what to do & tried stepping away to the side to get away from the saw but with a sickening feeling felt the saw cut into my neck as my stomach left me, realizing all too late that if I had just ducked down, the saw would have missed me. And I felt the saw go almost all the way through my neck but not completely, feeling no pain, just a sick numb feeling in my stomach and the thought that I was going to die. Then I awakened to my alarm, it all felt so real and terrified me.

What does this mean? Can anyone shed some light on this? it would be very much appreciated if you could do so as I am completely in the dark as to what this might mean. Usually I'm pretty good at interpreting my dreams, but this one has me very confused. Thanks in advance, take care & God bless!


Example: What does dreaming of baby snakes mean?

The snakes were babies, they just hatched. I also dreamed of a roach and a white spider. All of them were on/under my pillow at the same time

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Im not usually a religious person but last night I had what I feel was a religous dream. It was really wierd and sad but dont make fun of me. I had a dream that I cut a little lambs head off, then as it was dieing it tolled me that it missed its daddy and asked if he would see his daddy again in Jeruselam some day. Does this mean anything or am I just a wierd guy who dreams about slaughtering talking sheep?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm running in the woods and soldiers are searching for me I know that if they find me I will be killed be being taken into the city and beheaded in front of everybody. As I run from them I come across a large black horse which seems familiar to me like an old friend so I get on his back and he gallops through the woods taking me far away from those soldiers.
What does this dream mean ?

Example: What could my dream possibly mean?

When I took a nap this afternoon, I had a dream. I was hanging out with eight of my friends. We were coming home from wherever we had been when we were stopped, and six Muslim men boarded us, four in the truck bed of my friend's truck (where there were six of us) and two in the front (where there were three of us). They had rifles and the leader of the group told my friend to keep driving or they'll kill us. Which is weird because they made us stop in an empty lot near a creek, made us get down, and either slit our throats, beheaded us, or shot us to death. Until none of us were left alive.
It was so ******* disturbing I woke up crying and screaming (and kicking)!
What could my dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of beheading someone?

I don't know who the person was, but they were trying to kill me and for some reason I knew the only way to kill them was to cut off their head ...
And it was a very unpleasant dream, like I didn't just swing the knife and their head fell off, but I had to swing a few times and apply pressure (and even though I had cut their necks several times, they were still moving and coming after me) it was almost like the person was undead
The part that made me ... Uneasy with the dream was after I killed the person, I was absolutely fine. Almost like it was something normal
Does this mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean? (a friend of mine got beheaded)?

I had a dream that I was walking around in my neighborhood. But it had changed a lot. America had changed. There was a lot more violence. People stopped walking around at night, or walking alone in general. But I at first didn't know this, so I was walking alone, down the block at night. Some girl told me to come in her house because it was dangerous out. She was no older than 11 or 12 years old. She brought me into this wood house, lit with candles. And started showing me pictures spread out on the floor of all the people who had been murdered or gone missing within the last 2 years. I recognized one of them. A girl named danielle. She was my old classmate. I hadn't seen or heard from her in years. Apparently she was murdered because of some gang thing. Someone was trying to get revenge, or send a message. So they kidnapped her.

As she was telling me this, my dream took me to the church. And I saw her body. She was naked, tied with thin white rope, and she has been beheaded. Her body dumped in an old one- room 1800s church.

I had this dream a few nights ago, and its been stuck in my head. I really haven't seen danielle in years. We lost contact a long time ago. What could my dream mean?

Example: Dream about being beheaded. What could it mean?

I dream I am on a horse and carriage going through the village. This woman stops and says "You will be killed" I hear gun shots fired at the carriage. I walk through the village and am taken to a place people are beheaded. I hear "Amazing Grace' playing and my family crying. I dream and feel the pain of my head coming off. I see a white light and go towards it and feel at peace. What could it mean?

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