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Dream About Beads Salesman meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream please about a blue necklace?

Anyone know anything about dream interpretation?
I had a dream my friend and I (guy friend) were walking thru a market place and a salesman tried selling us this awesome bright blue nacklace made of pretty stones and it was like tooootally georgeous! The saleman put it around my neck and I fell in love with it!
for some reason instead of buying it myself ( like I would) I looked to my friend to buy it for me... he refused which is also not like him... it was odd.He was really upset about it and wasn't talkative after that.
Blue wouldnt be my color of choice.. I would pick red or something. lol. But all day long i'm thinking about how pretty that necklace was lol I wish one existed like it!

I told him about it and he was like " Thats awful I'd buy it for you!" lol

I normally would chalk it up to it just being a weird dream but I keep thinking about it!

Any ideas?

i posted this a while ago... got no reponses thought I'd try again

i means you're gay.

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