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Dream About Beach meanings

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Example: Angel on the beach dream meaning?

Last night I dreamed a little girl dressed in a white dress was running on the beach. She tripped on a seashell and fell bruising her leg. A lady dressed in a white robe knelt down like she was going to kiss it and a glow came from her mouth. The little girls bruise vanished and I woke up happy and felt really good. What could this dream mean? Thanks

I am no expert but I am pretty sure this is a good dream! There are many ways to interprett dreams.
I personally been taught that most of the time, YOU are everybody appearing in your dream. I am pretty sure you are the little girl, the angel however is such a strong symbol I can imagine she could stand for someone/something else.
My guess is that you feel like you can heal :) Or maybe you have someone in your life that makes you feel like you can handle the daily bumps in the road!

Example: What does this beach dream mean?

(Sorry it's so long, but it's very important, so bare with me...)

Last night I had a VERY vivid dream, maybe one of the most vivid I've ever had. I was on a rocky beach, on a cloudy day, but it was very nice and peaceful. I was sat next to a dog (not mine, I don't even have one), but it was a very nice dog. It just sat there looking out to sea, as if guarding me, and gave me a strange, but secure feeling. I also had a camera. The weird thing is, I knew this camera wasn't mine, however I looked through the pictures and snapped a few of my own. This is where it gets interesting (on a personal level, at least). The person with whom the camera belonged to was a girl I've seen a few times on the bus (I'll explain the back story later). She was on the beach too, some distance away from me, but we were aware of each other's presence, and kept looking at each other. So, I decided to take give the camera back to her, somehow knowing it was hers. As I got up to walk over to her, the dog began growling at me, which somewhat alarmed me, but I ignored her and did give it back to the girl. She smiled and was really happy, but she knew I had the camera. I said something confusing like, "I know this isn't mine, but I was just taking a few pictures, and I saw that you left it there, so here...", and she just smiled, said thanks, and took it back VERY happily. I could tell she recognized me. That's when I walked away to leave the beach, but as I was leaving, I could here here call my MOTHER'S name for some reason; "Michelle... Michelle...", and I woke up. It ended that abruptly.

Now for the backstory;
I've seen this girl about 3 or 4 times on the bus I take to get to the gym (I'm 16, she's about the same age, maybe a year or 2 younger). The first time I saw her, she just sat there and kept smiling at me without saying anything until she got off, where she smiled VERY self-assuradly and confidently. I was mesmerized because I didn't know who she was, and she was SOO beautiful, with the prettiest blue eyes and dark hair. I thought about her for the days that followed, but didn't see her again, so I kind of forgot about her. Than I saw her again, a few weeks later on the same bus, but it was busy and I was at the back so she didn't see me, but I was still in awe of how beautiful she was. Then I saw her a third time, this is where it gets interesting for me, with her mother, who I knew from way back. She used to work at the grocery store by my house, and my mother and her would talk a lot. But she didn't recognize me, so she didn't say anything. Neither did the girl, because she must have felt too awkward with her mom being there, but she noticed me. NOW, a couple weeks ago, I saw her most recently. This time was very strange but very special. On an almost empty bus, she got on, sat down, but noticed me, and quickly moved to the seat next to me. She didn't say anything, but smiled at me and kept looking up at me. I was so happy, but too scared to say anything, so when we finally got off at the same spot, I walked away in the opposite direction (I know, I lack confidence...), but she watched me, kind of disappointed before running across the street. That was the last I saw of her, until the dream of course. When I got home, I asked my mom how well she knew the girl's mother (without mentioning the girl), and she said, "Oh, the one with the daughter with the long hair?" I of course denied knowing of any 'daughter'... They used to talk a lot, and the girl's mom actually recommended a Dentist for my mother. So now I realize that this pretty girl that's been 'eye-flirting' with me on the bus somehow remembers me from somewhere, and I know her mom. I can't get her off my mind...

My questions are;

What did the dream mean?
WHY did I dream about her?
What should I do if I see her again?
What if I never see her again?

I'm really sorry for the length of this, but it really means a lot to me, and any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Example: What does mean dreaming about beach?

i've been dreaming lately (a lot , i must say) about the beach ,nowhere in particular ,just dreaming about beach ...what does it mean?, does it mean death? or what?

Example: Meaning of beach dream.?

Im going out with a guy and we are very very in love. been friends forever (literally!) now were together and it is going so so well. I really think we could end up together for ever (as childish as it sounds!) anyway I had this dream that we were walking along a beach together hand in hand, just looking at eachother as we walked and smiling. we were waking near but not in the water and I felt so warm. All the colours were so vivid and all seemed real. everything was so bright but not uncomfortably bright. anyway as we were walking and my head was turned looking at him I always felt like in the corner of my eye I could see someone, dressed in grey or a dark colour behind us. always. and it disturbed me because I woke up feeling really, almost invaded or upset, as silly as it sounds. what does this dream mean? please let me know if you have any ideas. thanks for reading :) x

Example: Meaning of beach dreams?

I had a dream last night that i was sitting on a beach and suddenly these two men started fighting

The more they fought the more a cliff near by us began to crumble and fall apart

I began to worry if they didn't stop fighting the cliff would completely crumble and fall down

i didn't see much of the sea but when i did it was calm

anyone know what this means?

Example: What does a dream about beached whales mean?

Last night I had a pretty awful dream about a beach that's next to my home in the UK (I'm living in Taiwan now) - being covered in beached whales, they were in various states, some just beached, some already dead.

I tried to help one which was closer to the water, I was trying to get it unstuck, but it just kept sinking futher in the sand.

I'd just like to say that I'm no hippy/whale watcher, but I still found the whole thing unpleasant.

Example: What does it mean to dream of the beach?

I had a dream last night about how me and this boy i like went to the beach together. We were standing on the dock and we saw alot of people (mainly old) laying in the sand. Then the ocean water came up and washed them all away.. The water looked dark and gross and scary. But we didn't care, so we just ran and jumped into the water together. once we were in the water, the water became very clear and beautiful. There were lots of fish and jellyfish around us too.

Could anyone maybe explain what this could mean or interpret?

Example: What does this dream mean? a beautiful beach...?

I've had this same dream many times. It starts with me in the backyard of a house right by the sea (I guess it's my house in the dream). My sisters and friends are outside, too, and I tell them to follow me because I found an amazing beach a few minutes away. We go there and it's really beautiful. There's this big house right nearby and we notice there's nobody in it, so we go inside and there are lots of little rooms and it's nice and we just look around, then I say we should leave because the person who lives there might come home. Then we go swimming at the beach I showed them.

what does this mean? I keep having this dream and i don't know what to think of it!

thanks a bunch!

Example: Wat does it mean wen u have a dream about the beach?

i havent been there in 6 months

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a submerged beach?

i had a weird dream about being the mistress of a ship captain, an old pirates of the carribean type ship, and that i wanted to go to or see a beach with clear water completely covering the sand. and i could not even BEGIN to understand this, please help me.

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