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Dream About Beach House meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Way older guy living near the beach, weird dream...but what could it mean? O.o?

There are alot of things to describe so I'm just going to get that out of the way first.

The man in my dream was about 40-46 years old and had chin-length dull brown hair, was clean-shaven and looked exhausted, with huge bags under his eyes. He was a rich and busy businessman and he lived on top of a rocky cliff overlooking a really gorgeous beach. He always wore a suit or at least nice pants, shirt and tie.

His house was yellow and had alot of windows, so you could look out and see his (huge) garden or the white sand of the beach and the ocean. It had three floors; the bottom was the living room and kitchen, the middle was his bedroom and the top was really just an observation tower (kind of like a lighthouse).

In the dream, we met at a marketplace in the tourist section of his town. I was my 17-year-old self. We got to talking and became really good firends,even though he was sooooo much older than me. Then one night I was out on a rocky walkway near his house that resembled a pier, and the ocean swelled up and almost swept me out to sea. However, I managed to swim back to the beach, and I found a cliffside pathway up to this guy's house. When I got there, I knocked on the door and he answered, let me in and let me take a hot bath, gave me a pink bathrobe and a hot cocoa, and sent me to bed. When i woke up he was standing over me, and he was concerned about my health and all that. Somehow though (weird part!) we ended up making out. Nothing intense, clothes stayed on, but here's where I'm completely thrown off...

Why would I be making out with a 40-something year old guy?!? Does that mean anything? surely it must, but I can't think of what.

So anyway, eventually he had to go to work, but he didn't really want to leave because he wanted to make sure I was okay but he really had to go to work. Then I woke up.

Well, either you watched way too much TV before you went to bed, or it didn't actually mean something. Dreams don't ALWAYS have to, you know. Once, I had a dream that I was a ninja and had to save the Titanic from sinking, except there wasn't an iceberg sinking it, it was Voldemort. And I still don't understand that, nor has it fulfilled some odd prophecy, so I think yours will turn out the same. Hope this helped! =)

Example: What does my dream mean? Skeletons on a beach, securing loose boats...?

What does my dream mean? My oldest son was wading out into the ocean in front of my grandparents beachfront house. I followed him into the ocean and we were headed to grab a dingy and a canoe that must have gotten free and were floating near the shore. We both wore gum boots, but went well past our knees. We were able to get the canoe, and tied it to the dock on the beach. When we started walking on the beach towards the dingy I noticed it was low tide, and that there were many skeletons half buried in the sand. I had to watch where I stepped in order to avoid them, they were everywhere. I woke up and have thought about this dream since.

Example: Flea market/ swap meet, movie theater, house on a beach with rising ocean. What do my dreams mean?

Common dreams I have:

1) My school is a flea market / swap meet. One time my legs became heavy and painful to move while I was walking the campus. One time I got lost on campus; it was turning dark; I found myself walking out onto this balcony/pier area that overlooked a coast line with a skyline that resembled Los Angeles or NYC (a bit more neoclassical looking, though); I began running down this steep pier towards land; I'm now running on one of those jogger areas in the dark lit up by a few street lights; I then find myself in an area filled with chain-link fences; then I find myself at my campus' parking lot structure; I'm lost again

2) I sometimes find myself sitting in a movie theater watching a movie with a crowd consisting entirely of people from all my schools. One time the movie theater broke into pieces over the water creating dozens of little floating groups of chairs. I remember finding myself with my crush.

Example: What does this beach dream mean?

(Sorry it's so long, but it's very important, so bare with me...)

Last night I had a VERY vivid dream, maybe one of the most vivid I've ever had. I was on a rocky beach, on a cloudy day, but it was very nice and peaceful. I was sat next to a dog (not mine, I don't even have one), but it was a very nice dog. It just sat there looking out to sea, as if guarding me, and gave me a strange, but secure feeling. I also had a camera. The weird thing is, I knew this camera wasn't mine, however I looked through the pictures and snapped a few of my own. This is where it gets interesting (on a personal level, at least). The person with whom the camera belonged to was a girl I've seen a few times on the bus (I'll explain the back story later). She was on the beach too, some distance away from me, but we were aware of each other's presence, and kept looking at each other. So, I decided to take give the camera back to her, somehow knowing it was hers. As I got up to walk over to her, the dog began growling at me, which somewhat alarmed me, but I ignored her and did give it back to the girl. She smiled and was really happy, but she knew I had the camera. I said something confusing like, "I know this isn't mine, but I was just taking a few pictures, and I saw that you left it there, so here...", and she just smiled, said thanks, and took it back VERY happily. I could tell she recognized me. That's when I walked away to leave the beach, but as I was leaving, I could here here call my MOTHER'S name for some reason; "Michelle... Michelle...", and I woke up. It ended that abruptly.

Now for the backstory;
I've seen this girl about 3 or 4 times on the bus I take to get to the gym (I'm 16, she's about the same age, maybe a year or 2 younger). The first time I saw her, she just sat there and kept smiling at me without saying anything until she got off, where she smiled VERY self-assuradly and confidently. I was mesmerized because I didn't know who she was, and she was SOO beautiful, with the prettiest blue eyes and dark hair. I thought about her for the days that followed, but didn't see her again, so I kind of forgot about her. Than I saw her again, a few weeks later on the same bus, but it was busy and I was at the back so she didn't see me, but I was still in awe of how beautiful she was. Then I saw her a third time, this is where it gets interesting for me, with her mother, who I knew from way back. She used to work at the grocery store by my house, and my mother and her would talk a lot. But she didn't recognize me, so she didn't say anything. Neither did the girl, because she must have felt too awkward with her mom being there, but she noticed me. NOW, a couple weeks ago, I saw her most recently. This time was very strange but very special. On an almost empty bus, she got on, sat down, but noticed me, and quickly moved to the seat next to me. She didn't say anything, but smiled at me and kept looking up at me. I was so happy, but too scared to say anything, so when we finally got off at the same spot, I walked away in the opposite direction (I know, I lack confidence...), but she watched me, kind of disappointed before running across the street. That was the last I saw of her, until the dream of course. When I got home, I asked my mom how well she knew the girl's mother (without mentioning the girl), and she said, "Oh, the one with the daughter with the long hair?" I of course denied knowing of any 'daughter'... They used to talk a lot, and the girl's mom actually recommended a Dentist for my mother. So now I realize that this pretty girl that's been 'eye-flirting' with me on the bus somehow remembers me from somewhere, and I know her mom. I can't get her off my mind...

My questions are;

What did the dream mean?
WHY did I dream about her?
What should I do if I see her again?
What if I never see her again?

I'm really sorry for the length of this, but it really means a lot to me, and any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Example: Whats this dream mean anout buying house, pizza, keys, kissing?

I was hanging out with a best friend from childhood we wanted pizza s o decided to go get it i told her to wait while I go visit my new home which wason a local beach but much nicr then I remember it.

When I was there I met up with an old friend sorta on the beach he held me down and pressed a key into my stomach this feeling would only cease if I kissed him and then I fell in love with him. Dream ended here.

What do you think?

Example: What does it mean to dream about houses/apartments?

Not sure I put much stock in this, but I saw the "dream interpretation" section on here, and thought maybe someone might have an explanation.

One of my recurring dreams is of being in a dwelling in which I lived since becoming an adult. Usually, it IS a place where I actually lived although the details of it are significantly changed. Sometimes, however, it's a place I have not actually lived in, although in the dream, it is clear that I HAD lived there and am supposed to remember it. Sometimes I am a little lost or disoriented in the dream (can't quite find my way around the house;) occasionally, I dream that I have returned to retrieve belongings left behind. I most often dream of my two favorite homes: an old Victorian, since torn down, whose 2nd floor apartment I inhabited, and the family beach house I lived in year-round until my parents sold it. Other than feeling extreme anguish in my dreams of the beach house, there's very little emotion in any of my dreams.

Any clue?

Example: What does this dream mean? a beautiful beach...?

I've had this same dream many times. It starts with me in the backyard of a house right by the sea (I guess it's my house in the dream). My sisters and friends are outside, too, and I tell them to follow me because I found an amazing beach a few minutes away. We go there and it's really beautiful. There's this big house right nearby and we notice there's nobody in it, so we go inside and there are lots of little rooms and it's nice and we just look around, then I say we should leave because the person who lives there might come home. Then we go swimming at the beach I showed them.

what does this mean? I keep having this dream and i don't know what to think of it!

thanks a bunch!

Example: What does it mean to dream about a beach at your house, a tree being cut and a tornado coming towards you?

I just work up and I had a dream that was kinda wired from the others I have .
I had a dream that I went into my backyard with my step dad and I was looking at our house and we had a beautiful beach mixed in with a forest. But then after at looking at it I went up a little hill to cut a tree down, as I was cutting it down I had let it drop, then I went back down and looked at the house and everything seems beautiful. The house with a beach in the back yard and a forest mixed in, it was a huge house too (I don't have a big house like it was in my dream) but as I was staring at it then out if no where I see the beach current get crazy and trees moving because of high winds, then I look up and I see a tornado come towards me. A big one, it scared me so I ran from it.

Example: What does it mean to dream that the beach/ocean is surrounding your house, and there is a shark in the waters?

Example: So Ihad a dream, and Idk what it means. I had a dream that I was at a beach house and there were approx 500?

I only knew 3 ppl and one is my best friend she was in a yellow dress and I was wearing a gown a long gown idk what color and I was wearing a crown as if I were in a pageant and there were 2 other girls in front of me the 1st that went is actually an acquaintence of mine and the other girl I just dont know who it is and we were being presented I was the last one to go and I had to go down this aisle from the beach house. They called my name and I only saw my Mother, father, and Grandfather. My Grandfather seemed to be sick and I was happy yet confused. Everybody that was down there waiting were all girls I didnt know any of them. Before going down this aisle, my best friend said to me are you ready? And i said ready for what? And she didnt say anything. She looked very pretty my best friend doesnt wear makeup nor does she have a bf now but in my dream she did. So I felt likeif it was telling me my future. Wat could this dream mean?

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