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Dream About Bay Tree meanings

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Dreaming with Bay Tree may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean...it's a dream?

A giant vinegaroon at a university
Big fleshy spider hanging from a web between 2 trees in the night. The spider is the size of a window.
a fake deer (stuffed or a robot deer) that can tell fortunes
black snails in a beautiful full of peaceful fish aquarium.
A good looking girl with a 26 inch waist, wearing a veil and singing.
A dog with an injured back who protects a girl, and keeps nosy neighbors at bay.
A good looking man being shot with an arrow, and later reappearing in the dream holding a baton and telling the girl "What did I just tell you?" (He says it very mean!)
A group of young 20 something year old men, coming from behind a wall on the campus of the university.

I have more symbols that I need help with. I'm asking this for my cousin who can't understand any of her dreams.

IDK what a vinegaroon is, but giant implies big and university is favorable, if ur engaged in a project to take u to higher places. what ever ur cousin is working on/learning about is going to take him/her where they a want to go successfully. or their school is in under a major attack by an unknown creature.
#2 Night represents an obstacle, the trees are pillars of strength and stability, the large spider signifies fortune and elevation swiftly, the web represents good association. Basically, ur cousin is going to be successful in his/her venture as long as he/she is careful, go with their strengths and be cautious of what the "night" holds,
ur cousin dreams a lot about beauty and ugliness at the same time. He/she is struggling with the good and bad in their lives. the dreams are telling them to be strong in what they believe, it is the right thing (it's beautiful), b/c the option is to linger in Faith (lose confidence) and succumb to the ugliness of the world.
"Think right and u can Fly"

Example: In animal symbolism, what does it mean when a hawk hovers over you for a few seconds?

I was walking in the morning and the hawk flew from a tree, dipped down, and few about two feet over my head for a few seconds before flying off.
I am going thru some changes in my life now, and I was wondering what this could symbolize in some traditions?
Any information or beliefs would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Example: Dream meaning - being suspended in mid-air above the ocean?

I've had dreams where I've been suspended in mid-air a few times since I was younger (I'm 24 now) - a previous one was where I was on a motorbike going through a forest or park where there were heaps of trees and got bumped off and flew up into the air (straight up, feet towards the ground) and was stuck up in the air, afraid of falling because it would hurt or kill me so I was trying to concentrate so I didn't fall. Whenever I did fall & land in a dream like this, I'd break my arm or something (I've had about 8 broken bones - between the ages of 1.5 & 12 years old, with the last two when I was 19 and then 20).

The dream I had last night (that I need help interpreting) was that I was at the beach and the tide was coming in so there were these awesome waves (Note: I haven't been to the beach in about 8 years) so I was playing in them, body surfing and such. Then there was a giant wave that flicked me up into the air and I was suspended above the ocean & beach - I can't tell how high I was but I could see the whole bay area and everyone looked very small (at a guess, maybe 40 stories high or maybe more). I felt like I had to concentrate on staying up there because if I were to fall, it would really hurt landing in the water from that height. I could also see a shark in the water, a hundred or so metres from the shore. <Then my alarm went off (in real life) and I snoozed it and went back to the dream>. When I was back in the dream, I was on the shore (somehow I'd gotten down from the air) and the shark was there - it came up behind me and bit my arm. Then I woke up.

The main thing I need help with figuring out in the dream is the -being suspended in the air- part.
I know that the ocean usually symbolises emotions & that the shark usually means emotional upset/danger.

Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream a while ago,
I'm in this taxi with 3 other ppl i dont kno and, were passing whet i believe are dorms, we pass by 2 and on the 3rd one its our dorm, its name Holocaust something and, it looked lik a dark version of the disney contemporary. The others and, i go to the 2nd floor and the 2 other girls in the group find their dorms and, open them with these werid keys and, we all go inside. Their dorm lead to other rooms and, went deeper and deeper, it getting darker and more maze like as i tread further. Eventually i find my way back to them and, i find out that my door is on the fourth floor and, im like fml but they accompany me. As we go up the stairs from the interior of the building that looked like it was surrounded in trees, some of my family members appear and, as i go up i see these black wolves. But they do not bother us, their more like guardians, i make i constact and they keep at bay... but then i sense something is wrong and i notice one tries to attack and bite one of my family members so i get in front of them and take the bite. I then- with the wolfe still latched to my arm smack it against the railing and it falls down to its death.its werid cuz the wolf is not only my spirit animal but my fav.

Example: Why do I keep having this same killer dream?

The setting is always the same and it's so vivid it's ridiculous. Since childhood, I've had this dream where I'm like in a park setting with a pond or small lake or whatever it is and there's like a July 4th celebration only it's bright daytime. Everyone milling around or laying on picnic blankets---they're all dressed weird. I guess the way people dressed in the 1800's--the men all wearing black and the women in petticoats carrying around umbrella's or whatever those things are.
And it's always the same old man taking a young girl by the hand and leading her behind thick brush. Sometimes the girl is looking after him and sometimes she is looking in my direction her fingers wedged into her mouth and crying. And even though I've had this dream more times than I can count I never know what's going to happen until right before she disappears behind the bushes with the strange old man.
The outcome is different sometimes. When I go behind the bush she's laying there dead or she's not there at all. Once, after staying up late watching an episode of Pawn Stars I fell asleep on the couch and dreamnt that I was with a group of men (same time period) on some trail rushing through the forrest or woods all of us holding torches with dogs trailing alongside us barking and baying. I remember even looking at the torches and thinking 'i cant believe how real this looks and feels'.
And then there's him, this old man who did something bad to the girl. In some of my nightmares, Im at the picnic again either standing by a tree or the water when he approaches from the side. I turn to look at him and he's looking at me his face contorted in anger, him shaking his fist at me. His mouth moves but there's no sound. I get the sense that he's cursing me.
I can't shake this dream. Why do I always have it?

Example: What does my reoccurring dream mean?

I have had the same dream for about two or three years now and dream dictionaries haven't been able to actually help me.

It starts with me being in a really bright white room, four walls, a ceiling and a floor all in a gleaming white colour.
There are six large windows {almost like Bay Windows but not as big} - one on each wall, one on the ceiling and one on the floor.
I'm floating quite high in the air an equal distance between each window {maybe about two or three feet}.
One of the wall windows shows a tundra and what seems to be the classroom I was in when I was in Year 4.
Another of the four wall windows shows a tree-filled woodland area and the Library from the College I went to.
The third of the four wall windows shows a desert and the huge library of my High School that I spent most of my time in.
The last of the wall windows shows a Jungle and my favourite place to relax - a small beach in the Costa Tropicana Spain.
The Ceiling Window shows a beautiful Panorama but it's odd and I am unable to actually describe it except with simple terms - strange shapes, odd trees, a purple sky and a white sun.
The floor window also shows a beautiful panorama just as difficult to describe, save for the fact that it seems to be the opposite of the other - a pink sky and a dark red sun.
Every time I get nearer than 1/2 a foot to one of the six windows they change positions and it starts to make me dizzy.
I stay floating in the centre of the strange 'dance' trying to figure out which way to go when there is a flash of blue light and a woman appears; she has long silvery-blonde hair and bright green eyes and is wearing a white robe; I know she is important to me but I dont know who she is.
She smiles as she looks at me and looks around, she looks at me again and tells me to follow my heart, that my 'Soul Song' will guide me, she tells me in an urgent tone to listen.
I do as she says and there is a strange thrumming hum in the back of my mind, as I concentrate on it it gets louder it starts to sound like a strange music made of wind, waves, humming and a faint singing.
I start to block everything except for the song that is now filling my entire being and feel my body begin to spin.
I open my eyes and always seem to wake up just before I find out where I am supposed to go, I think that the woman may have either been my subconcious or my Guardian Angel.

What could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

The only scene I remember is that, I was in a car looking out the window. And I see the buildings of my city's central business district. I looked to its left and there are two small tree-covered , steep hills beside the sparkling sea. It was sunset. And I just stared at it.

In reality though, the business district is not beside the sea. And nowhere near can you see mountains or hills because it is a plain. But there is a bay facing the west, so the sunset there made sense.

Example: My dream last night is kinda weird can somebody help me out?

okay my dream is vivid and quite colorful...i'll try my best to describe everything

i was biking in a clear sunny day...passing familiar streets in my subdivision...camelot street, galahad street, faye street,avalon street lancelot street etc.etc.etc (all of the streets in my place are based from arthurian legend)

furthermore as i passby the familiar neighborhood houses, it came to my attention a certain empty lot covered with grass,gravel and plywoods... on it i saw an unusual street, namely "POLICE MAP",

as i worked on to my curiosity, i pedalled to that street and see what might happen...to my surprise i saw my cousin's house

...that's funny!

my cousin's house is based in ARMOR STREET! not POLICE MAP STREET! (my cousin and i lived in the same subdivision)

as i pedalled farther to investigate, i felt something as if i've been transported to another world!...i felt like i am travelling as fast as the speed of light!

just then i realized that i am not in my subdivision anymore!, the road is still paved...but something is really strange!...

as i investigate again...i just then realized that i'm in the road to the beach 7 blocks away from my grandmother's house

(we take that road whenever we want to take a faster way to the beach during the summer season!)

soon enough...i continue on to my biking routine!...and then again...i felt that i've been transported to another world!

the next thing i knew i'm in the famous Roxas Boulevard! (a boulevard in Manila that is situated overlooking the bay)

eventhough i am still puzzled...i continue on to my biking

as i passby fronds of palm trees in the baywalk area and, breathing the "realistic" ocean breeze!, i turned my head to the right i saw a beautiful ocean with ships of different sorts passing by!...

in the baywalk area i saw people walking by and doing all sorts of things, (things that you usually do in the park every sunday) like picnicking, flying kites, strolling,sleeping,playing...etc...

later...i realize that i am not pedalling anymore...but the bike is still going on! and it has a mind of its own!...i didn't bump any people that passesby!, its like the bike is controlling itself!...

i felt like i am biking on forever!...but then i encounter a group of people practicing aerobics...and then the bike suddenly stops!...as i look down to the wheel,i saw a fat lady doing crunch ups!...i saw her look in her face when she realized i almost ran over her!...she then stands up and gave me a way!...i frantically apologized!, but she didn't mind...

and then again i've been transported to another world...i realize that i'm in a polluted,chaotic metropolis!

i then saw a group of people looking angrily at me! (as if they want to hurt me bad!)...they then step forward (to me)...and the next thing i knew i woke up!



Example: What does this dream mean?

Well, I had this odd dream that I was on some sort of path and there green trees all around the path. It was also very sunny. I heard a voice that said something like "I shall cleanse the demons inside of you" and then the path was moving VERY fast and I had major sleep paralysis. When I woke up I was scared. Its been kind of bugging does someone know what it might mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream where I was at a completely different high school down in Chicago... Called West Side Taylor's High School... And the school itself was pretty cool. It was big and dark brown, and it had like 7 floors...
So here's the dream:

So, me and my friend were sitting on the stairs talking about random stuff, when my ex boyfriend comes along and asks me to walk with him. I said okay... So we walked, and told me he had a confession. I asked him what. He said "Well, I know I've been a douche to you the past month, and I just wanted to say that I guess I was pretty mean. I'm sorry." And I told him "Seriously? Are you freaking SERIOUS!" And so we walked to this tree, and somehow the path we were walking down turned into grass... So we were in this big field and standing under a tree. He hugged me and said he was sorry once more, and then he disappeared. This left me really confused...
I walked back to the steps where my friend was. His ex girlfriend was behind him and gave him a necklace. She asked him back out...

So what I wanna know is...
Why did my ex walk me down to a tree, and tell me he's sorry?
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal and all, but it left me really confused.
Does this mean that he's going to tell me he's sorry sometime in the future?

Please help.
Thanks (:

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