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Dream About Bay Color meanings

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Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

i know dreams have meaning to them i hope someone can help me with this

i've always had a dream of my back yard laying on the wooden dock floor while peaking into the bay. i usually do this in real life but the difference in my dream is that i can't see the bay floor. it's like an endless sea and i see dolphins whales, whale sharks and a lot of sharks. i enjoy the nice sea creatures that swim by but most of the time the sharks are around and i'm usually scared through out the dream... other times i'm crossing a old wooden bridge over the same endless sea and there is something big and dark in the water that wants to eat me.

i'm not scared of sharks (only if i'm in the water and they are hungry) and i'm not scared of the sea ... only when i can't see whats in it.. so i don't understand why i'm always scared in my dream.

just last night i had the same type of dream again but this time my boyfriend was standing close by and i was fishing with a net (which i don't care for fishing at all) but i was pretty good at it, then a big dark thing appeared and went straight to the dock it stuck it's head out trying to take a bit out of the net i was pulling up then it started floating on the water. 2 times the size of a great-white, the thing was like a giant dark (almost a black agate color) deformed fat shark. as if it had a hunchback with it's spine nearly ripping through it's skin. and the eyes looked big and white (like those scary deep sea fishes) and huge sharp teeth. i wasn't scared this dream i just looked at it. my boyfriend told me that i had 2 of it's babies in my net and to let them go and to slowly move away. then i woke up... i think that shark is the same dark thing i always see in my other dreams that i'm always scared of ...

can anyone tell me the meaning of the endless sea that i'm scared of in my back yard ?
and if there is a meaning to the ugly dark shark? and does it mean i'm over the fear since i finally saw it?

... sorry for the long explanation.. can you help me?

The endless sea is something big I almost want to say a talent or a gift and you are not really sure of your self your backyard means its close to you, the shark represents your fear of failure. I'd say jump in the water.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, so this is kind of a strange dream. I had it when I was very little, maybe 3-6 y/o. (Can't believe I still remember that dream)
I was standing on the porch of my parents' house and was overlooking the SF bay.
A gorilla appeared and started beating me up (I didn't feel any pain thou).
But a clone of me appeared right across from the gorilla, and just stared blankly for a while. Then me and the clone switched spirits, so to say. I was in the clone's body and it was in my body.
I was looking at a clone of myself getting beaten up by a gorilla.
I'm not joking about any of this, really. I'm just wondering, what does this dream mean?
(This dream was in clear and vibrant colors)

Example: What does it mean if you dream of horses?

I dreamt a nice little herd of horses, they could have been five or six horses, more or less. They were of different colours and I particularly remember that one of them was brown like a cappuccino or maybe tended a bit towards an orangy brown. They were still and facing me, maybe looking at me. It was like a moment's glimpse and it was a bit blurred, but I could see them.
A few nights before that, I dreamt a herd of horses with men riding them, they were running down a hill which rather seemed to be a desert dune. They were many and it looked like a scene from a movie. They were rushing towards my direction...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have been having the same exact dream for the past 4month.
I see something coming out of the water (monster or something) as it rises i cant help myself to notice that he has seven heads and ten horns ( in every dream ) after that he turns to a baby and i pick it up and care for him . Then i take the baby to a cabin where i kill the bay using a sword . weird . I keep having this exact dream every night since like June. so will any one help me and tell me if there's a meaning behind it?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

(Note, this is long)
Dream 1: (Almost a year ago)
The world had been taken over by zombies (Like in "Resident Evil"), but the difference was that these zombies actually thought like a person. They had all the memories of before they died. Well, I was trapped in my house, and I was getting the tea pitcher out of the fridge, and these two zombies bust the door down (a feat in itself. Heavy wood here.), and start ransacking the place. Now, the zombies are between me, and my only escape, so I hide in a spinning rack that holds pans, but in this case, it had nothing in it. I spin it closed, and with all the noise I'm making, I'm surprised they didn't hear me. The leave the house, and I leave my refuge. I run upstairs and the whole floor is intact. They were looking for something on the first floor. I ran back downstairs, and carefully sidestepped the area in front of the steps, as it was covered in broken glass now. I look out of the window, and zombies are marching up and down the streets. For some reason I wish that the MPs (military police) and the Polezei (German police) would show up. Well, what do you know. The blue and silver cars the Mps are in pull in, and then the Polezei in their green and white VANS show up. The step out of the vehicles, and start shooting the zombies. I, being frightened, lock myself in my bathroom, and wait for the shooting to stop. Then a zombie comes up the stairs, and there's nowhere to hide in my bathroom, unless you can tear out the boards in a "inwall" cabinet, and hide there, but I had no time. The zombie kicked the door down, and I woke up.

Dream 2: (Last night)
I was looking out of my door, and then I walked onto the pathway. I just watched in horror as a huge bird the color of fire was blowing up my town. I ran like a mad woman to fetch of all things a camera. I turned around and kept running until I reached my house again. I slammed the door, and heard a voice from the other side. I don't remember what it said, but I do remember that it wasn't nice. I remained quiet, and then I felt something burning on me, and I woke up.

Dream 3: (This actually happened when I was five or six)
I was running up a "hill" and this man was chasing me. I reached the top, and it turned out to be a dormant volcano. The man grinned evilly and the launched a punch at me. (Oddly enough for a dream from a five or six year old, possibly even four, I had the body of a ten year old) I jumped up, kicked him in the face, and then the volcano began to explode. I ran all the way down the hill, and then I woke up. (I was really scared for some reason. To this day, I never understood why I was so scared of that dream. I think it's a little weird. Only a little compared to my most recent dreams. Only a little weird compared to being strapped into a roller coster that goes off the tracks and you survive.)

Dream 4: (Don't remember when)
I was trapped in a ship, and these Koreans were forcing me to learn their language against my will. I would either have to learn Korean, or I'd die. Well, I learned it, and they let me go. (Note, I don't know any Korean) I was walking down this dirt path, and this Asiatic black bear comes out of nowhere and starts attacking me. I ran, and ran, until I lost it, but then I lost my balance, and fell, right on my tailbone (OUCH. I've done it before. Roller skating, could barely walk afterwards. Crying like crazy.) and I thought I felt pain, but I woke up, and then the pain was gone.

Dream 5 (Last one)
This dream was really vivid, and it still is. I had it three and a half or more years back.)
I was running into my house (House I lived in three and a half years ago) being followed by a swarm of bees. I slammed the storm door shut. Then the heavier door. I walked up to my room, and the bees were there. I ran down the stairs, out of the doors, and down the street. I ran for like five minutes then the bay came into view (Chesapeake bay). I dove in. I remember that the water was so warm, and the sand so soft. I held my breath until I burst, and came out. I got out of the water, and the bees were gone. I walked slowly back to my house. When I approached the duplex (Been living in duplexes for the last five years. Three different ones though.) the bees attacked again, and I got stung. I woke up, and the first thing I did was look at the side I got stung in my dream. I slid out of bed, and spent the rest of the night with my parents. (I was only 9 or ten at the time).

I'd appreciate any body telling me what these dreams mean. My dreams have been so bizzare lately, they seem to come out of the SciFi channel or something.

Example: I had a dream my cousin was looking through a window; can someone interpret?

I want serious answers only, don't tell me to go to dream-of, or any other online dream dictionary. Plus, I want your own interpretation, no religious stuff, and don't say it is just a dream or saying dreams don't mean anything. All dreams have meanings to them.

Me and my cousin ain't friends anymore thanks to her family. I was taking a nap yesterday mourning and this dream occurred. The dream took place in my bedroom and I was looking at the wall on my left, I saw this indigo/violet light blob spitting up while white lightning was coming out of it. The white blob of light surrounded with an indigo/violet aura with the white lightning showed me a scenario. The scenario is my cousin looking through a window smiling at me.

Example: What does my reoccurring dream mean?

I have had the same dream for about two or three years now and dream dictionaries haven't been able to actually help me.

It starts with me being in a really bright white room, four walls, a ceiling and a floor all in a gleaming white colour.
There are six large windows {almost like Bay Windows but not as big} - one on each wall, one on the ceiling and one on the floor.
I'm floating quite high in the air an equal distance between each window {maybe about two or three feet}.
One of the wall windows shows a tundra and what seems to be the classroom I was in when I was in Year 4.
Another of the four wall windows shows a tree-filled woodland area and the Library from the College I went to.
The third of the four wall windows shows a desert and the huge library of my High School that I spent most of my time in.
The last of the wall windows shows a Jungle and my favourite place to relax - a small beach in the Costa Tropicana Spain.
The Ceiling Window shows a beautiful Panorama but it's odd and I am unable to actually describe it except with simple terms - strange shapes, odd trees, a purple sky and a white sun.
The floor window also shows a beautiful panorama just as difficult to describe, save for the fact that it seems to be the opposite of the other - a pink sky and a dark red sun.
Every time I get nearer than 1/2 a foot to one of the six windows they change positions and it starts to make me dizzy.
I stay floating in the centre of the strange 'dance' trying to figure out which way to go when there is a flash of blue light and a woman appears; she has long silvery-blonde hair and bright green eyes and is wearing a white robe; I know she is important to me but I dont know who she is.
She smiles as she looks at me and looks around, she looks at me again and tells me to follow my heart, that my 'Soul Song' will guide me, she tells me in an urgent tone to listen.
I do as she says and there is a strange thrumming hum in the back of my mind, as I concentrate on it it gets louder it starts to sound like a strange music made of wind, waves, humming and a faint singing.
I start to block everything except for the song that is now filling my entire being and feel my body begin to spin.
I open my eyes and always seem to wake up just before I find out where I am supposed to go, I think that the woman may have either been my subconcious or my Guardian Angel.

What could this dream mean?

Example: Dose my dream mean anything or nothing?

Last night I had a non sexual dream which involved a transsexual female who I feet like I was emotionally connected to for some reason, it took place in a few settings throughout the course of the dream which I as far as I can make out were in colour.

In the first setting me and this girl was somewhere by the sea holding hands and sitting on edge of something like a wall or something similar, but I don't think I could see people around, just her. I remember crouching down in an area what could only be described as a ship dock area and I remember looking out and seeing a ship in the distance, then the water started to very slowly head into the dock area and this girl said we best go now and I followed her out of the dock through a wooden fence I think it was, it was in a twilight setting, that period where the sun isn't visible but it just leaves a glow like dawn or dusk.

I don't know how I got to the second setting, but it was at night and we was walking down a road talking, some people having an argument up ahead, she didn't want to continue forward and behind us I could see what I think was some sort of police car at an angle in the road, yet we seemed separate from the situation. This setting was also wired because it looked like my area but not my area at the same time if that makes any sense, it looked slightly Americanised :S

There was a 3rd scene but I can't really remember it that well, but this girl who was actually very pretty was with me in each scene and Iike I said before I somehow felt as if I was connected to her in some way, as if she was my partner and for some reason this dream told me that this girl was a transsexual even though there was nothing erotic about it, so what could all this be about, dose it mean anything or nothing?

Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream last night that I was riding my old bay coloured horse. I was on the beach and was riding bare foot and bareback and we were galloping on the sand and in the sea. I patted the horse to say well done and seemed to feel really grateful?!

Example: Fantastic dream? What does it mean?

I had a deeply magnificent dream.

I was walking along the beach and the beach was calm and blue. It was sunset and the cloud was all purple and orange and black, the usual colors you would see in a sunset. But what intrigued me the most is that in the formation of the clouds...I saw AN ANGEL! She was made of clouds, I saw her face, her widespread wings, her robe and she seemed to have a scroll or a book in her hand.

As soon as I saw her, I yelled 'Mum!' and ran after her but her cloud formation dissipated ever so slowly and the angel became regular clouds, all cottony and clumpy. After she disappeared, I cried the uncontrollably until I woke up. Could she be virgin mary? I am not Christian so not to keen on this possibility.

These are other 2 dreams:

A) I was teaching my dad how to swim and I was getting complimented on how flawless I was swimming. My dad was learning well too.

B) I am in love with someone who doesn't love me(he doesn't know that I love him secretly, it's all one-sided). But in the dream, we were walking along the corridor and I got the jellies and butterflies and decided to simply steal glances and walk on. We got closer to each other and he pulled me gently by my waist and kissed me gently. Wow, didn't see that one coming. I have never been in a relationship before(im 22) and is this my psyche being all wonky because of my loneliness?

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