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Dream About Bats meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay so last night I had a weird dream. My friend, Troy was standing at the sidewalk, petting a baby rabbit. Then he let the rabbit free and it went to the road. A car came and hit the baby rabbit and it started to bleed. When the car was gone, he went to the road and picked up the baby rabbit while it was bleeding. Then, he broke it's neck and it started to bleed more. He then turned around with the rabbit in his hands, with blood dripping down and smiled. He then said "Here you go" with a smile and walked away with the bloody rabbit in my hands.
Then there was one with my friend Maddie in her backyard with a bat. I thought I saw a stuffed animal but it was actually a kitten. Then I saw blood splattering on the grass and saw that she was killing the kitten, she then got out of her backyard and threw the kitty on the road.
What do these dreams mean?

Hello, wow. They are very imaginative dreams lol.
I have read a very good book on the meaning of dreams, and I believe that your dreams have more than one meaning. You say these people are your friends, and so they are seen as very positive people in your life. However, in your dreams they are the opposite; nasty, horrible, cruel people. This may mean that without realising, you have a fear of your friends letting you down, and suddenly turning. That is a fear I suppose most people will have. Also, because there is lots of animals in your dreams, you are obviously very caring towards them, and have a fear of animal cruelty. To put it all together, your dreams all mean the same thing. That you have a great fear of your friends letting you down, and doing horrible things. It may even have a meaning of vuneralbility. The animals are very vunerable, as are you because you are helpless. Dreams can have very strong meanings, but you should never look too far in to dreams like this unless your friends really have let you down recently. Otherwise, it is just a dream. And I am sure your friends are not nasty people in real life haha.
That is my interpretation anyway :) I hope that was useful x

Example: What could this dream mean?

I only remmember parts, but I'll explain the parts I know fully. Something happened to make my mom mad at me so I couldn't take it and so I ran outside to runaway, but something was pulling me back. So she came and I told her words I couldn't say to her face. She gave me the crazy look so I ran inside the house then all of a sudden I was in a grassfield surronded by glass walls. My mom screamed my name and some of the glass walls started to break then my mother started to break it with a bat. I was crying and told my friends if I should run away or what should I do and they said to just see what happens. My mom started to hurt me then the cops came and took her away and there was a helicopter in the sky. My brother finnally realized what I was going through and reached his arms to me, but I was afraid I was going to get hit. He said to himself that I was dramatized and ran to go get some help. Then my friends came to me to make me feel better. Sorry that was longer than I expected, but what could this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of your g\f rapeing you?

I had a dream that my girlfriend raped me with a baceball bat.


What does it mean if I always dream about zombies? I am always running from them.

Example: What does my dream mean?

k i had a dream i was hiding in the woods and a guy came out and killed my gf. So I smashed his skull with a rock and tortured him to death. The guys friend came out of the car so i threw a log at him and smashed his head with a rock which killed him. I went to my gf's family told them my gf died but that i killed the guys. So i stayed the night but was so horny that i slept with the sister. Her dad came in and saw me and screamed i'm gonna kill you he swung a bat missing and hitting the wall. i took the sisters gulf club and smashed his face with it. I ran out of the house and headed to pizza place. The dad and the mom rushed in and shot an airsoft gun at me i was so pissed i grabbed the pizza platter and slammed his face and threw him in the pizza oven. the mom charged me i moved she ran into the oven with him which killed them both. I took the sister to my hide out but she smashed my skull with a log so i slammed 40 rocks on her head killing her. Then i went back home people on my street tried to kill me they wree in my house so i ran to my room but blew myself up with bombs by accident killing everyone on my street. is this a normal dream? be honest guys

Example: What do these dreams mean? (Theres 3!)?

1. I was in Poland, and I was running to the top of some tower, chased by a teenage girl demon (who I barely know). She had black bat wings. I was running, and when I was at the top of the tower, I saw a window. I jumped through it, spreading out white and brown wings. I flew smoothly to the ground, where I saw my angel friends (and a blind guy from 'maximum ride') and they told me to go to a fun fair cause it'll make me fly away from the demon.

2. I was in a bathroom, before my school's swimming lessons (we don't have swimming lessons in reality now) Then suddenly I saw Miley Cyrus in front of me. She gave me a lipstick, I asked her how to use it , then I did :L... Then she turned into a zombie. I ran away, to the swimming pool, where the class waited. I had the lesson, as If nothing happened, then everyone suddenly started turning into zombies. I ran away into a room next to the swimming pool and hid there watching people get killed for the next 7 years or so.

3. I was in the game called 'runescape', in the town Lumbridge, where the was normally a castle. Suddenly there was no castle, no people either, and I got really scared. There appeared some blue alien creature, and although I knew I could defeat it, cause I had a rune sword, I ran away cause I was scared I'd get hurt. While running away, I teleported. I didn't know where I teleported to, but there was a sea and a ship. And I was glad to see my friend Lola. She told me this was the ship we were waiting for, and we got on it. There was a hurricane and nearly everyone died (but I didn't) :D

so what do these mean?

Example: I had a dream that i was almost bitten by a yellow python but i wasn't afraid does anyone knw what this means?

Dream meaning...

Example: What's my dream mean?

I was playing baseball and i was about to go bat but i couldnt get my cleats on, i couldnt find my bat, etc.
Next it skips to me being halfway to first and I make it.
The pitcher throws a pickoff but I'm just standing on the base and the ball hits and breaks my knee.
My ex girlfriend who I was in a 10 and 1/2 month relationship with in junior high Was the pitcher and she smiled. She was wearing a Yankees hat(I always liked them and she said she did too but she didn't know anything about them)

The next day I saw her walking with a friend at school and she she gave me a weird look and looked away

What's it mean?!

Example: What's the meaning of this dream?

I dreamt that a girl I know was telling me about a dream she had in which she was flying in a bat tub; like with a magic carpet, but inside a bathtub. As she was telling me, I think I could visualize her dream, so I actually saw what she explained. It's the second time this month that she shows up in my dreams. What's the meaning of this, if any one knows? Thank you.

Example: Falling teeth dream meaning.?

today i went to sleep with my daughter and dreamed that my brother and daughter were in the same room, (also they were the only ones home at the time) & in the dream my brother got beat up w/ a baseball bat, then my teeth started to fall out one by one. I heard it means that someone close to you might die, is there any truth to that. Also one of my close friends was there as well as a person I've never seen before.

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