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Dream About Ballet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning couple dancing ballet?

i was walking in my dream in downtown were i was raised not born,and i crossed the street and to my left next to a park i saw this couple dancing ballet or whatever is called and the man lift the woman up high it was beautiful,i dont watch videos on that?

yesterday i feel a fire between my and a man i never feel it before i dont think it was lust it feel pure ,i think he feel it 2

If you dream about ballet dancing, you may be looking for balance in order to cope with a waking life situation, or you may be afraid of losing your balance.

Example: What do ballerina dreams mean?

i was in a white ballerina outfit and i was dancing around in the darkness then i heard a boy calling my name i looked around he came up hugging me i tried running away but i stayed there with a smile

Example: Please tell me what my dream means...?

I was home, on white ballet pointe shoes, my sister and some girl were helping me becus it has been my first time on pointe. The shoes were really white.. [Does white mean something bad?] and then I was going to change into another pointe shoes..
I'm not yet a ballerina but ballet is everything to me. I struggled a lot to find a teacher and now i did but he lives in the capital so im organizing sth so that he comes and teaches me here.. I had that dream a while go.. please tell me what it means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I've always wanted to be a ballerina but I had a dream and I was trying out for ballet and the teacher stopped me and sayed I was to beautiful for this? Can someone tell me what this means? I'm not sure but it feels important! Don't be mean(:

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok,i had this dream...and i wanna know,does this dream mean anything?or is it just a jumble of stuff from my subconcious?

Okay,i'm riding around my neighborhood on my bike and i stop at this park thing where a buncha kids are at, which is weird 'cause theres nothing close to a park in my neighorhood and so im just doing something, and i start kinda dancing like a ballerina...i dont like em, i just like the grace and stuff and i can't really dance ballet. so then i stop,ride around and i come back,and the boys whistle n stuff at me cause i guess the wind flipped up my skirt, i dont usually wear skirts,and is showing my panties,so i pull it back down and start heading home when their dorky boy who's from middle or highschool asks me if i wanna go out.i say no and keep riding.so i'm mumbling to myself how i dont wanna date and things,then suddenly i realize he's following me,so im pedalling faster and faster,trying to lose him but it's hard. so i turn down this street and i see this old friend in the neighborhood as a kid again in their family's van,and i kinda beg her to help,she looks at me then the guy,who's suddenly in a go-cart and she says to me,"uh-uh,i dont like him" so i yell over my shoulder,"but i dont like him either!" so i keep riding and i'm near my street and i glance over,and he's in a car with some man,and i scream,"go away or i swear to god i'll call the police"as i pull out my cellphone and wave it at them to prove i will.dork boy gets out and starts following me and i get the feeling he has a gun,so im pedalling and i look down at my phone,watching my fingers press 911,then i wake up.

Example: What does this dream mean. I dreamt I was dancing to Adele Someone like you. Was dancing?

contempary/ballet in the dream and it was dancing around tables (the tables were off food from different countries)

Example: Meaning of crazy dream? (Zombies, Ballet, Haunted House...)?

Okay, last night I had a reallllllly weird, but for some reason I think meaningful, dream.
It was also a really long dream, too.

Well, anyway, I was trapped in this haunted house with some of my friends, and there were these blue zombies...made of spaghetti...(I know, what the heck). The zombies had weird googly eyes and were everywhere, it was dark and I could barely see in front of me, so when you ran into a zombie it was freaky. I think we all got split up or something, but anyway, me and one of my guy friends found a room with no zombies, and a window, so we hid in there for a while. We started talking about stuff and I told him I used to be a figure skater for years but I quit because I was never good at any of the moves (which is true). Then for some reason or other, we started dancing a ballet duet, which was really cool, because I got all the moves right and danced perfectly, and I don't even know ballet! Then after that we sat down by the window which was covered in spray paint and graffiti and he ask me "Are we _____ now?" and I said yes. I don't remember what ____ was but it was some sort of phrase that i've heard from a song before. Then the scene sort of faded out into more zombie fighting, then we escaped the house.

Then after a while I had to go back in the house with a group of people on some sort of trolly, and I don't know why, but we stopped the trolly in this room and popped some pop corn when suddenly this little girl started changing into a zombie. Her mom was freaking out but the girl said "Don't be scared, mommy! I'm not like the other zombies. I wont hurt you..." and so the mom picked up the girl and hugged her, then the little girl bit the mom's shoulder and started tearing out her organs and stuff, then I woke up.

I'm not so sure what that mess was all about, but i'd like a little insight :) Thanks...

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok, im a competitive cheerleader. and i had this dream that im searching for a different gym. and this time it was me and my friend lexi. we were on top of a hotel searching for a different cheer gym. while searching we did ballet and gymnastics on the roof.
i just want to know what this means..
any answers could help!(:

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that the guy from Friday the 13th was killing like all the people I was close to. Well it was him at first. And like this little girl would pop up when he was near or something and it's like if you turned your back or let your guard down for one second he would kill you. Then a weird part of my dream was when some girl was dancing with him and they were having fun but then he disappeared and went back to killing people. But the last part of my dream was the freakiest. This girl needed help getting to vermont for some reason we were in virginia in my dream and I decided to help her to get away from all the killings/murders but then I decided I couldn't leave my family there so I asked her to take me back to the house, And she was hesitant so I got out the car and said i'll walk back home but I paid her to take me back home. So we were walking to the car and it was this family sitting outside they looked like they were from the 1900's or something and she started walking towards them saying "i'm going home" I was too freaked out to wait so I hopped back in the car. And there he was the killer he was dressed like a limousine driver with sunglasses and he said i'm filling in for her and I knew he was a killer so I had a pocket knife handy then we ended up in a clothing store where the little girl kept popping up and it was me and my brother then I woke up. :( What could this mean? It was ridiculously real.

Example: What does it mean to dream with 2 big rats dancing ballet?


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