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Dream About Ballet Shoes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a weird dream again last night, what is the meaning ?

I was dressed like a little bunny with a pink bow (argh) and white ballet shoes and this rather large and muscular men wanted me for a game of Coursing with his two Irish Greyhounds, but the dogs looked more like big squirrels.Anyway the subject of the game was to catch me and then get proper f...ed. So I ran like hell with this two blood thirsty squirrel-hounds after me as they closed in on me I thought if I give up now I don't know what they gonna do, so I ran even faster till I coudn't breath anymore than I finally woke up, out of breath and somewhat rather arroused. Thats so weired what does it mean?

It means you are feeling squirrelry, you wanna see my nut collection, little girl? <silly grin>

Example: What did my dream mean? ( had a dream where I was a ballerina) and...?

So I had a dream that I was a ballerina at a ballet school, and I was trying on pointe shoes on for the first time (I've never had a ballet dance lesson before in my life so it was kinda odd. But I did have modern dance classes when I was a kid). And then someone was being mean to me. And then a famous ballerina came in and was like "I didn't know you had breast cancer".. and that's when I woke up. I'm also getting a puppy soon. And my parents are worried that I'm not gunna be able to take care of it. But I know I'll take great care of it. And I don't know if this has anything to do with it or what... but this dream was odd to me. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: Please tell me what my dream means...?

I was home, on white ballet pointe shoes, my sister and some girl were helping me becus it has been my first time on pointe. The shoes were really white.. [Does white mean something bad?] and then I was going to change into another pointe shoes..
I'm not yet a ballerina but ballet is everything to me. I struggled a lot to find a teacher and now i did but he lives in the capital so im organizing sth so that he comes and teaches me here.. I had that dream a while go.. please tell me what it means.

Example: I dreamed a was getting ballet shoes tattooed?

they were pink lol, im not a dancer by the way. what does it mean?

Example: I always have dreams of shoe stores ...?

what does it mean to always have dreams of shoe stores first i had a dream about a store that sells snikers then ballet flats then sandals

Example: I dreamt of the red shoes?

Hi everyone. So I had a dream I was the leading play in the ballet show the red shoes. Red means something quick will happen. I dont know if this bad or good. I thought I was a bad dancer and asked my friend "did you get the lead role" and she said "no you did" and im "huh? then I looked onto the paper and I saw that I was the one that got the lead role. I was extremely happy. Anyone have any ideas what this means?

Example: Ballet shoes for teen beginners?

i finally enrolled in a ballet class for teens, im 13. Yay!. my studio sells some dance supplies and only carries split sole canvas shoes. my instructer for the coming term says that these types of shoes are better than full sole leather ones,(more comfy, softer, better pointe) but i've heard that full sole shoes help with strenghthening your feet as a beginner. i have the choice of buying either type but im wondering what some of your opinions are on whether the instructer is right or my research is. if this is any help my instructer is a former principle and soloist dancerin europe. im doing dance for recreation, but i still want to be good at it and have good technique. i would love to get on pointe someday, im not going to rush or anything but it is a dream.

thankyou for answering it means a lot to me

Example: Is this silly of me to want to order ballet shoes, (the ones you use to stand on your toes)...?

if I am not even signed up with a dance class? As of right now I can't afford it, but I use to ballet dance when I was a little girl and my hunger and love for ballet has been passionate and strong since then. So, I was thinking of ordering my self a pair of ballet hard dance shoes you use to stand on your toes even if it means I get to just dance in my basement. That's all I have are dreams of ballet. Do you think it's silly and or waste of time to do so even if I am not signed up with a dance class?

Example: Are ballet shoes ok to dance in? ( I bought them used? )?

I wasn't sure. I got them at a resale shop, they are Bloch and have a full sole.

Example: Help with this dream about ballet dancing?

I had been ready for classes for a while and I actually got into a studio with one of my favorite instructors I was very content I was just doing a warm ups which was good. I realise that it's a difficult career path could it somehow relate to the stress I feel in reality life even though I enjoy working my body getting the workout and the expression of dance. I do believe that dreams are an extension of waking life. I had a good feeling about it since I was pretty well dressed and my clothes were clean the shoes were new does it relate to how I feel about myself in some way?
I have had dreams about ballet before, I used to relaly want to be a dancer. anyways, this one was different in that my clothes and shoes were clean.

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