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Dream About Bakery meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dreams mean?

My grandfather has been working late nights at the bakery recently. I had a dream his car is abandoned on the street as he's taking me to school because he passes out. I had that dream a few weeks ago, and now he has an eye infection. Could this mean anything? Or am I being paranoid?

A simplistic answer might be--that you were subconsciously concerned (for some reason) about your grandfather. I won't go there. Dreams are far more complex than that. YOU, the dreamer, if you truly want to explore the meaning of this dream, need to get in touch with it deeply. Your grandfather, for example, could represent someone/something entirely different. Dreams are symbols & metaphors, UNIQUE to the person, so I'd definitely advise against any "generalized" books or websites, or anyone who claims they can interpret it for you. They can't. As for the subsequent eye infection, in this case, I think it's coincidence. There is the proven ability of having "precognition," but this doesn't--to my knowledge--ever occur in "night dreams." Precognition is an overwhelming, intense "feeling" that can sometimes then be intellectualized. I fully understand why you see a connection, & no, you're not being paranoid--just pondering the possibility that the dream might actually have been a message of something that was going to happen. At least you're "exploring" which many people don't do. I'd think about my emotions in the dream, all sorts of things--was it in colour or black & white, was anyone else there that you're aware of. These seemingly inane questions can awaken associations that will take you on a journey into YOUR dream.

Example: To dream you go into a station go on ground level and then go to a bakery what does that mean?

The bakery only sold cakes I ordered thickly iced chocolate and pecan nut cake with Belgian buns which had icing and cherry on top. They looked lush I ordered a thick slice. What does this mean?

Example: Really freaky dream! What does it mean?

so in my dream i was with a group of friends in some sort of bakery. a girl walked in who was rather strange looking.. like mean.. punk in a way.. my friends started fighting with her and i got kinda aggressive and stepped in to stand up for my friends. all of a sudden she pulled out a switch blade and started threatening me... i took a few steps back but made another smart a** comment and she came at me and cut me on my arm, all the way from my wrist down to my elbow... i actually felt the pain.. it was so real that it woke me up with tears in my eyes.. i checked my arm and there is nothing wrong with it though...what does it mean?

Example: What did this dream mean?

Last night, I couldn't sleep like usual. So I started singing that song 'A Dream Is A Wish' so after I fell asleep. I had a dream that I owned a bakery and I was selling sweets and southern food. I LOVED IT!
How do I go about making my wish come true?

Example: What does this dream mean? It's kind of creepy!?

I had a dream that I was at the mall by myself (forever alone) when I passed by a bakery. I looking into the bakery through the window and I saw my grandma, who has died about 5 years ago. She was wearing the same green vest she would always wear, but she looked a bit taller. When I saw my grandma in my dream, I knew it was a dream. I just got this feeling and I knew that I was in a dream. I ran up to her and hugged her leg, since she was taller in my dream. She looked down at me like she didn't know me. I asked her if she remembered me and she said," I do remember you, but I'm mad at you!" I started crying and asked her why. THIS IS THE CREEPY PART. she said, "You're not going to remember this when you wake up, but you stole a book from me." She then told me the books name, but indeed when I woke up I couldn't remember the books name.
I just want to know what this dream means. Can anyone tell me? Please?

Example: Help! What Does My Dream mean?

In My Dream, I'm standing in a library, looking at a very ugly painting of a woman eating chocolate, as I'm thinking to my self " That is a horrible painting" A woman comes up next me and says, "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

I Walk Away and begin to look at books, when this kid from my school tells me i would like a certain book, and the pages have been torn out and put back into the book with the part that should be in the binding facing out. I ask him if he thinks I'm stupid, and then I walk away.

Next, I Go into a small bakery and I see a whole bunch of different desserts. In the bakery are two older women, and they have their grandchildren with them, the children keep misbehaving and the women are yelling at them.

Then I Walk out a door and wake up.

what does it mean?

Example: Weird dream what does it mean?

I dreamnt that I returned to my first job I had when I was a kid at a grocery store. I was in the bakery and this girl who was mean and negative, was teaching me how to make molasses and sugar cookies. I was stirring it and finally I got angry, and killed her. My parents came to pick me up and took me home and tucked me in bed. When my mother asked me why I killed her, I said the girl was me, and if I didn't kill her, I would never get ahead in life...

Now I have been trying to get rid of my negative thoughts and focus on positive thinking. I have been trying to rid my subconscious of doubts. Can it be that this dream represents me being successful?

Example: What do dreams about cheesecake mean?

In the dream when I bought it and took it out of the bakery. It was on top of a piece of pecan pie. What does that mean? I have some ideas about it though.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night an this one takes the cake i had a dream my whole family was at my aunts house it must have been a baby shower or something because my aunt had a baby carriage next to her with a new born in it(in real life my aunt cant have anymore kids my uncle got a vasectomy) so were all at the party and we go to chuckie cheese's were eating pizza an my uncle(my aunts brother) is screaming just cussing out the waiter so i go to the bathroom an the waiter is there i come out sit an 2 minutes later the cops are there saying were going to jail we all walk out in the parking lot an we ask why were being arrested the guy says something something the waiter an sperm we get in the cop car even the baby hes still in his carriage an then i woke up what does this mean?! please help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in a bakery. My ex and his friends were sitting at a round table off to the side. He gave me a dirty look. One of his friends looked at me and whispered something to one of the other guys and he said "ewwwww" Then I sat down at the table. What does this mean? (I have never been in this bakery before and I have never seen it.)

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