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Dream About Bag meanings

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Last night I dreampt that I went to my guy friends house and him and my brother were watching an high action movie while I was just sitting there reading, then the next day (still in dream) I gave this friend a fish bowl, that was nicely decorated and a goldfish in a plastic bag, what could this possible mean?

I think the fishbowl thing and the brother/friend/tv/reading thing were different dreams. One could speculate many things from this, but you might consider some very underlying things here. Such as: Are you jealous of the friendship or closeness they have? Or do you wish they would be that close? Or do you want your brother's approval of him? Or, has the guy taken the place of you when it was you and your brother watching the tv and lastly are you secretly longing for an incestuous threeway?(I know it's gross, but you still have to ask)..The fishbowl, well decorated with fish-in-a-bag shows organization, dedication, thoroughness, generosity, but why not also have a little sack with some fish food.
the fish in the bag is the safety net which allows you/him to reject or accept the fishbowl and it's decoration, as well as take it somewhere else. or...

Example: What does a somewhat in a body bag dream mean?

I just had a dream about myself trying to sneak to a unknown place for a good cause {cause unknown} But to do so, I had to hide inside of a body bag that was torn at the top. My breast was showing, so a friend tried covering it up with dirt to blend in. It was strange because, no matter which way she tried to hide me inside the body bag; the more open the bag became. Now the body bag is completely opened and I'm trying to put my feet back inside and someway seal it back up around me but I couldn't so I just sat there, looking at everyone walk pass me and seeing others and bodybags. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: Burning rose, people in bed with a black bag over their heads - can you tell me the meaning of this dream?

These are two different dreams, here is what I remember:

1) me looking at a burning red rose, I just remember just looking at it and it was burning and I just looked at it and then blew it out and it left a little trail of smoke like a match or a cigarette.

2) Another portion of the dream is I was sitting in a chair at the end of a hallway in my house, just staring at the hallway kind of in a trance..all the doors were closed but I heard banging and screaming from them. I went and opened one at the end and the door just opened and inside there were two beds, a bedside table in between with a candle burning and inside each bed there was someone but a black bag (like a garbage bag) covered each head...the blanket went all the way up to the neck so you couldn't see it. just the bag covering the head.

Really creepy :(


Example: Please what is the meaning of having ripe fruits like banana and orange in one's bag in the dream?

Example: Dreamt of a brown bag full of fish and a piece of meat (I believe it was pork). WHat could this mean?

The dream also featured me making out w/ a sexy Hollywood actor on a sleeper train. He was dressed in black. He was the one witht he bag of fish and meat.

Example: Medicine bag dream meaning?

I had a dream that I was given two medicine bags from two clients. the first was a brown suede Native medicine bag. It felt spiritual and had a hexagon shape, dark stitching with a design in the centre. The second was Jewish, given to me by a jewish old man who slung it over my left shoulder and across my chest, letting it rest on my right side. When I held it I had a vision of a boy and a girl playing in their living room. I could only see their feet and they ran around the centre table. A voice told me that they were taken away in the holocaust and everything they owned was taken away. When I left the house, I was wearing the Jewish medicine bag, which was also a hexagon, but made from brown leather and plain and I was holding the Native medicine bag in my left hand which I had kept in the centre of an old wooden closet while the Jewish man interracted with me.

Example: What does mean when you dream bags of money?

Example: What does being barefoot and carrying bags mean.. dream interpret?

I dreamed that I went in an elevator from my residence with my son I was carring shoopping bags and I was barefoot. As I walked in the elevator the guy I like is there standing in the back looking at me. As I go in I don't look at him but I know his there. So then I get to my destination and as I walk out the elevator the guy follow me coming out then one of my bags fall and he picks it up he looks at me and I i said thank you and he return inside the elevator. What does this dream mean. I can't seem to get it out of my head I know it has a meaning can someone help me interpret this dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of buying new bag?

Example: What does losing an old girlfriends bag in a dream mean?

Last night i had a dream of walking around and i magically saw my old chinese girlfriend from 2004 appear in front of me! her eyes were glistening and she had a cute hairdo with long black shiny bristles!

she gave me a small college bag full of paper, it was so heavy! after she poofed the air i walked away from the college and i left the bag there because it was so heavy.

then on the streets i was walking past a traffic light and she was on the other side looking at me with a sad face. i felt so sad i wanted to cry! then i looked into her eyes and she said to me "you lost my bag can u go find it for me?" but strangely she said it to me with her inner voice using telepathy!
how could she communicate to me wihtout moving her mouth?

somehow i had telepathic powers and i said to her "ok" without moving my mouth, its very scary this is the 2nd night i see her... but she is in another country now, it was 2004!

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