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Dream About Badge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was coming home from work ( Im still a child with no work )And I went on the elevator to my hotel that I live in.I lived on the sixth floor.You couldnt enter any door on the sixth floor because it was locked.So I went back down with 2 other residents on the elevator to the lobby.There was a child near the buttons who stared at us for a while then pulled out a yellow piece of paper. He wrote down an "x" and told us, " You will be conquered and eliminated, good luck" We exit the elevator, and we see a bunch of people. I hear the boss yelling ,ADULTS WILL BE HANGED, CHILDREN WILL BE BURNED, AND ELDERS WILL BE THROWN OVER A CLIFF. I just woke up from that dream. Whats wrong with me?

Im a child
I live in an apartment on the 4th floor.

6, the six means that 6 more dreams will come in 6 years, 2 the two means you will hav 2 this year the child with the x means you will face a large fear soon, and the way the people were killed and the boss may be you seeing the past, or future, if not, it is just a filler of your dream, a filler is a thing that may or may not matter, the child if a boy and was young will cause or is a sighn of great danger, if you saw a young gil than it is the same, it it is a old girl it is trouble. it a old man it is not trouble at all., it is good luck, this dream means more than you think

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was at what seemed to be a hotel. But I only ever saw the front desk, so it may very well have been something else. But I dreamt that I had several piercings: snakebites, 3 in my right ear, and 2 in my left ear. One of the piercings on my right ear was empty, the other 2 were filled with one of the dumbell looking things and thinner, longer version of a dumbell looking thing. The long one had a chain connected to it. I remember pulling on the larger dumbell piercings and causing myself a bit of pain. I also dreamt that a small part of my hair had been dyed green. I was very upset by that fact. However, I noticed that the green reminded me of a computer hardware company, which sort of seems silly, but that's simply what it reminded me of. After all of this was established, I began to remove all of the piercings. Throughout all of this, I had a faint image of a boy that I've recently realized that I have a major crush on.

Example: What does it mean to kill a stranger with a gun in your dreams?

i had one of the weirdest dreams ive ever had in my life just last night. a man - in the dream i think he was a detective because he had the shoulder holsters with 2 guns, he wore a suit/coat type of outfit and i think i remember there being a badge hidden under his coat- came in my house and pointed both guns in my face while i was talking to a female friend in my backyard. when he left the backyard he went back into my house and into the bathroom, i ran to my gun, ****** it silently and kicked down the door, i pistol whipped him a good amount first tryna get him to say why he came into my house, when he wouldnt answer i quote my self saying " No answer? goodnight", 1 in the chest 1 in the head.

this is one of the craziest dreams ive ever had and cant think of what would cause a dream like this, it was so life like the gunshots were even loud, the flash, the wounds all looked real

Example: What does this dream mean? (Dream 2 of 2)?

I had this dream about 1-2 weeks ago. I don't know what it means but I am really curious as to what it does mean.

Please note: I do not remember about 99.9% of my dreams. So for me to remember one is very significant.

The dream starts out all white. I see clouds under my feet as I look down. I look up and there is a room, all white, with an open door way. I start to walk closer into the room out of curiosity and find myself staring at some other people here too. They are in a group looking forward at someone in the front. Everyone is wearing white and I start to realize that I am in heaven.

I join the group and start to walk through the room and into a long hallway. It takes about 7 seconds for all of us (about 10 people) to get through. When I reach the end, I see another room, all white, set up like a company's front office.

I walk in and to my right I see a portion of the conference room with glass doors. I start to walk forward and I approach the receptionists desk. I am very curious as to how I got here, so I ask: "How did I get here?" to which she replies: "Your love between you and your fiance is so strong that it was true love. That is what brought you here, because you were true at heart."

I then remember my fiance. Then, I ask: "Can I see her? How is she? Does she know?" the receptionist points behind me at a phone in the wall and states: "Go ahead and give her a call."

Tears start to form in my eyes at the thought of talking to her one last time. So I go over to the phone, put it to my ear and get whisked away to another scene. In a split second, I find myself hovering over her, wearing all black with a white handkerchief in her hand balling her eyes out. She is on her knees in front of a black coffin that I know my dead body is in.

I then come back to heaven and am heart broken. I am devastated that I am even here in the first place let alone that I won't be able to see my fiance again.

I have some time to think in the office like room. While thinking, I cut to another scene in which I am talking to an angel/god (don't remember his face) and asking if there are any playing cards in heaven. I both like to perform magic with them and play cards. To which a mans voice states: "Gambling is prohibited in Heaven."

He points to a sign next to a set of stairs and "Gambling" is listed on the top of the list. I then go down the flight of stairs and enter an all white scene.

I emerge and gaze upon this deserted city street with a gray tint to it. I see a few people walking around slowly, with their heads down. I get the assumption that this is the place between Heaven and Hell (I am not religious, nor do I believe that there is or isn't a heaven and/or hell).

To my left, as the stairs lead from the Heaven stairs to the "middle" and verge to the left and continue going downwards, I see what looks like a casino lobby. Poker tables surround the entrance and there is vivid colors everywhere.

As I walk in, I see another tour guide like group in front of me. I see two people stop picking up something from the floor and run back to catch up with the group as they walk forward.

I find myself walking up to a group that some how formed in front me me and have already started to get a lecture. The tour guide looks at me and to my right and makes a statement about us being late. I did not know this person to my right, nor did I even see his/her face.

He states something along the lines of: "Your going to need these." As he turns around and throws two badges onto the floor behind us over our heads. We stare at them as they go by just out of reach. They fall onto the ground behind us and sort of split into many different cards.

We look puzzled at each other (the other persons face was very fuzzy. I was able to make out a puzzled look though) and then hear: "So your just going to stare at them?" We briefly look at each other and then start to grab the numerous cards on the floor. When picking up a few, I realize that they are gift cards. Some with $10, some with $15, some with $20, $25, and one with $50 (the furthest away from us).

I grab about 5-6 and start to reach for the $50 one, but my arm is restrained. I feel as if I can't move it any farther, like something is forcing my hand back, yet, there is nothing there. I inch closer and closer to it and almost reach it. When I am about to grab it, the tour guide slowly walks around us, bends over and picks it up in front of us and states: "You should have been faster."

Me and the other person get up and run back to join the group (kind of like a deja vu thing from what I first witnessed). I walk past the casino like room and get to a hallway. The beginning of it (a good 15 feet) is still in the casino room as we turn to the right to enter it. The wall is at stomach height and turns into a hall, very similar to that in heaven.

I walk and the set up is exactly the same as in heaven, but instead of all white, it's all col

Example: What does it mean to dream of canceling a wedding?

I dreamt I woke up on my wedding day and I knew instantly that I could not go through with it. I canceled the wedding and felt happy and relieved.

What does this mean? I am not engaged and I am not dating anyone seriously.

Example: What does my bad dream mean?

I am continuously having bad dreams about my new job that I started about a month ago. I wasn't having any dreams until this week. I keep forgetting my name badge which allows me to clock in and out for the day, ans the other night I dreamt that I was dealing with a very scary looking man who threatened me and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. What is going on? Please help!

Example: I dream of a police badge with a black string what does it mean?

i live in CA but i always dream i am in NY why?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream with this guy I have been dating on and off. I had a dream that he was in the side walk drunk and I pick him up in my arms. I was walking carrying him in my arms, he was not heavy at all (in rea life he is way too big for me to carry) in the dream he was unconscious the whole time. In real life I have praying to God for him because he is Atheist and I just really hope one day he finds God in his heart. I love him regardless of that.

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I was in a blimp/space ship floating over the water right outside of New York City. The water was royal blue and so gorgeous out the window. There were (I think) 9 other passengers and we were all wearing gray t-shirts and gray pants. A phone rang and I answered it. It told me to call Emergency Services at 405. I said okay, and dialed the number. A woman's voice came on. I said, "Hi, I was told I was supposed to call you." She said, "Oh, yes." I was looking out the window and sighed to her, "It's a beautiful city, isn't it?" She responded, "Enjoy your last look." Suddenly the space shuttle blew up and I fell into the water along with the other passengers. Suddenly all of these jet propelled water jets appeared and started chasing us. I tried to avoid them but was having trouble swimming. I knew they were trying to kill us. I didn't know if they had cameras attached or just zoomed around at random. I escaped into a warehouse, where the woman who had had us killed (probably different from the woman who actually killed us on the phone) was the owner. I saw two of my shipmates huddled together in one of the cardboard boxes so I climbed in there and huddled down with them. Suddenly I felt the box moving. All of the other passengers (except for us 3) had been killed by the water rockets.

Later, I got out of the box and was approached by the woman. I was terrified, but it turned out she thought I worked there as her employee. She asked why I wasn't working, and I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll get right back to work." She looked at me and said, "Where's your badge?" With some quick thinking I answered that I'd left it at home by mistake. "I'm really sorry. Do you want me to go home and get it?" She said yes but told me she'd be docking my pay.

So off I was into New York City. But I wondered about my two surviving shipmates. There was a lot more after that but I don't remember it. Something about my sister keeping me safe at her apartment. Anyway, what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean, please take the time to read it, its long.?

well, my mum asked me to go to Ohio, which at the tgime i thought was in japan, then i realised it was in america somewhere to fight these 40 things.
i didnt go to Ohio because i was scared, but then 1 group of these things came to my house.
they were 2 werewolves and 1 old lady.
I looked out the window and the werewolf was like, climbing on top of a pile of something.
and then it jumped on my house and crashed the roof down.
alost hitting me,
my friends just like disapeared, and i had to fight it, with like a friggen butter knife.
and then another werewolf came down.
and then the old lady was sitting on my couch.
I apprantly had to kill all of these so i went for the old lady first. (stupid i know.. why kill an old lady when 2 werewolves are chasing after you)
and suddenly i stabbed her, and the werewolves went really quiet and turned into the men again.
I sliced one of there faces and he laughed, and then suddenly died,
and so did the other one.
and i got some sort of small badge thing, it looked pretty stupid, nothing pretty.
so i got this feeling i shouldnt tell anybody, because they'd think im crazy
and then the next people were like,
Vikings, and they were at my school,
as i was being sent home because i had a fever, these five vikings stepped in.
they had black mustaches and wore like viking things.
and they had a daughter called Ashlea
( I knew that because i was talking to her before. )
and she was with them now, dressed in viking things.
so i ended up fighting them, (no with ashlea)
and somehow it just stopped.
and the next one was like this Elf family, but they were tall, and one of the guys was really cute.
so yeah, i fought them at someones house,
and they had a remote that could control what the outside would look like. (like snow, rain, sun, moon)
and as i was waiting for them to come, i changed it to snow.
then one of them came,
and it was the hot one,
and for some reason i kissed him.
and he got a blade, and i ran.
and then I went out of the glass window.
and then everything was normal (almost)
i had another badge in my hand.
and my 2 best friends, (that i never met until in my dream)
picked me up in a car.
and i saw on her dashboard,
were like 40 badges, (im estimating) in like a pretty glass jar.
so i asked her about it, she explained that her grandmother asked her too.
I asked her who was the hardest.
she said Dracula.
( before i had the dream, i was reading the book dracula, so maybe that has something to do with it)
and then i asked, how did you kill him.
and she said " i whacked him over the head with a skillet "
and then i sneezed and woke up. ( I have the flu )

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