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Dream About Bad meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my bad dreams mean?

i have bad dreams every single night about my boyfriend cheating on me or just breaking up with me...what does this mean?

Maybe you're paranoid or worried that he's going to leave you or cheat.

Tell him about these dreams and if he loves you, he'll put your mind at ease by saying you don't need to worry, he'll never do that!

Once you've chatted with him, read a good, happy book before bed at night, and you should have different dreams!

:-) Sweet Dreams! x

Example: What do these bad dreams mean?

i keep having this dream that my nails are breaking and falling off.

the second nightmare is that i keep dreaming somebody or something is coming in my house and they kill my daughter's father infront of me and the baby. when i try to see who did it they disapear so i don't know if it's a human being who kills him or some other force. then i see the outside world on fire and dead bodies everywhere. i am running with my baby and they almost get us but they miss. it was really intense... does anybody have any idea what these dream could mean?

also after i relize they killed my daughters father i didn't cry. then i was in a apt with a bunch of people and i went to to the roof and started to cry and told him that i loved him, i woke up crying i could really feel the devistation of loss

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

I was in the mall with bunch of people in the mall then suddenly I see a person with a gun look at me and hide behind a big advertisement wall. without hesitation i started to run toward the exit i didn't even warn anyone. then i heard gun shots and people screaming i didn't know if the guy killed everyone he sees or only me. I hid behind a sell phone market and then the guy appeared out of now were. I didn't have time too look him over or too speak. I saw his legs and at that secound he shot me. Then i woke up.

Example: What do these bad dreams mean?

I had two bad dreams last night.

Dream #1: I was lying in my bed and I was putting the sheets over my head. I heard a witch talking to me. She was laughing and saying things. I couldn't understand what she was saying. She was speaking Englsih, but nothing made sense. I didn't see this witch. I just heard her.

Dream #2: I was at my school. But it wasn't a school. It was a prison. The front entrance of the school was a gate and it was a fenced up. The whole school has bars on the windows and everything. Teacher monitoring all the prisoners movements. I was in prison for some reason and my parents came to the school to get me out.

In reality, my school does have bars on the windows and has cameras in the hallways. And they do have places fenced off, such as the gym.

Example: What is my bad dream meaning?

In my dream I keep seeing people being killed,
Usually their in a car when it happens.
There is fire around them and I'm just standing there, watching.
How they die is different in every dream.
Do do these dreams have meaning?

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

Basically, I was walking past a new shop in my local town that had been open for a few months, my mother and brother were with me but were a few feet in front of me when I got dragged into the back room of the shop, I only remember being placed on a shelf after that, I then asked the daughter of the shop owner (who was about 20) if she could change me and she did. After I ran upstairs and through the house that was above the shop and I could hear her behind me and I got to the bathroom, I smashed the window of the bathroom and jumped out, I knocked her face cream (labelled Jennie's cream) on the town centre floor below and she yelled "NO, THERE CAN'T BE ANY EVIDENCE!. OH!, and when I jumped out the bathroom window, I landed in the bathroom again, like a paradox. Then after it was daylight and "Jennie" was walking a dog, and went onto the top floor of Marks & Spencer (where my local cafe is and where my mum works) and she asked my mum for a coffee because I only liked it made by her (I was the dog and my mum didn't know) and then a stream was in front of me and my mum and it separated us.

I woke up then :/

I know it's pretty vague and weird but if you can help me find a meaning, because I've been having quite a lot of bad dreams that had the same weird feeling as this.
(the shop had hundreds of dolls inside, like a half size doll, and i was made into one basically)

None of these "check out this website!" I just want a simple answer telling me what it means.

Example: What does this dream mean? Worst dream ever?

Okay so first off, I REALLY like this boy, and he led me on for a while (he knew perfectly well that I liked him..he thought I was attractive but didn't really like me) and then randomly decided to stop talking to me all together one day. It hurt a lot, but I still have feelings for him. Last night, I had a dream
that I was on an airplane, and that his older brother and his girlfriend killed everyone on the plane (by throwing arrows into their backs) and saved me for last. I tried so hard to break the window open but I couldn't, and then his brother started casting arrows into my back and I swear I felt PAIN. It felt so real and I woke up crying. I'm usually really tough and I rarely cry..but I was shaken for a while and I still have a really weird feeling. This is the scariest, most vivid dream I have ever had (that I can remember). Do you think this dream means anything? I'm a 15 year old girl btw

Example: What does frequent bad dreams mean?

Everyday I am having bad dreams. These have different story but all ends up bad. What does this mean?

Bad health? Depressed? Stressed?

Example: What does this mean bad/weird dreams?

ill be asleep and have werid / bad type dreams and wake up and Havering pee can sumone help asasp

Example: What does my bad dream mean?

I keep having dreams where something bad is happening to me I had one a couple weeks ago but for the past 2 or 3 days I've had dreams where someone has tried to kill me or I can't breathe because I'm stuck under water. What does this mean?!

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