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Dream About Bacon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this dream mean?

This dream happened awhile ago but I've been wondering what it could mean. Okay, so hear it is:

I was going to an all girls school. And I had this weird feeling that someone was stalking me. I was walking to the steps of the school when HE popped up out of nowhere. He was wearing a sparkly pink tank top and a pink spandex mini skirt with a purple purse and a blue feathery hat. Then for some reason I just knew he was following me. So I went and told the principal about it and I said the STUPIDEST thing.

She asked, "Okay, now what did he look like?"

And I said, "Well, he had a good hair cut, built body, a decent mowed lawn, AND HE WAS BACON!"

*stupid i know): but it was dream after all*

And then the principal took her glasses off and said, "Keela," *my name* "I'm a man."
Then I can't remember anything after that.

I'm not even sure if this dream has meaning, I was just wondering IF it did. So, what do you think it means? Oh, by the way, the stalker dude is a guy my friend had the tiniest crush on- if that would help any at all. (no, I never like him just in case you might have thought I did). And my principal actually is a man(:

I did NOT make this dream up. If you think I did, please, don't answer. Thanks, LATERS~!

*I laughed my head off when I woke up, even if I was really confused.*

I don't think dreams mean anything. If they did they'd all mean something, which leads to severe complications when you have one of those excessively retarded dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay well I keep having dreams about Mitch Lucker who died November 1st 2012 v.v
But this dream he was my cousin but nobody knew he was famous except me. An we were at the beach an there was an earth quake an everyone was running because of a tsunami but there was no tsunami an Mitch disappeared. I guess all my dreams of him at the end he always disappears. What does it mean?(sorry of this doesn't make sense).

Example: What does a dream of a white Elephant mothered by a kangaroo mean?

i had a dream about a baby white elephant who seemed to be lost untill a kangaroo came along and snatched him up in her arms, she looked very aggressive and protective.She seemed to be angry with me. i was wondering if anybody has an idea of what this could mean?

Example: Recently I've had a recurring dream where I'm always wrapping my feet in bacon. Any ideas what this means?

Basically whatever happens in the dream at some point I will be bending down wrapping my feet in rashers of bacon, in the dream it seems normal, but obviously when I wake up it's a little odd. I've always had very vivid dreams but they don't usually keep repeating like this.

Example: Weird Dream Meaning?

I forgot how it starts but it starts something like I was playing on the computer but then some bad people came and instead of running I actually attacked and instead of getting hurt I actually won the fight,which is so unlike me because I would usually in dreams get scared and run away as fast as possible.Then I was like broke or something,I saw a lady she was looking for a friend or something then I saw that there was a woman that looks like Renee Zellweger but never mind that but I saw that there was some people around her and I saw them teleporting and her shirt glowed red so I actually knew something was up and that lady knows too I think so she turned so fat and weird and ugly,then I ran since she is chasing me then I was running to a hotel then when I went there,there was a lady asking me which room I would like then a moment later I was like going to somewhere then the fat lady was there and grinned then I saw that lady in the hotel and she was holding a picture of a weird kind of feet with three fingers/toes that are really long and me and someone went to the elevator then it was like a movie I saw that the fat lady thinking of appearing when the elevator goes to the floor I wanted it to go to then she really appears but usually I would still be shocked and scared but no I attacked again.I ran to a hotel room and that someone tricked her and the room actually has a few people in there.ANd I forgot some part of the dream.

What does it mean?I usually won't even try to attack just scream and run.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a very strange dream last night and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it means.

I was taking my son to school for the first time, cute boy with my blond hair and my bf's eyes (i don't actually have any children in waking life) He was wearing an old fashioned uniform, shorts and blazer with a cap. The school was on the seafront near where i live where there is actually a library. As we were walking up the street to it (its on a corner opposite the promenade) I could hear music like a brass band or something and could see a weird glow. As we came round the corner I saw something on fire, like several boxes. When i got closer i saw the boxes were coffins and my boy ran off for a closer look before i could stop him. I ran after him and the coffins disappeared. At the main gate in the middle of the wall there was now a podium and a guy was advertising the coffins.
My son was stood a little further on where there were 5 men sat on chairs up against the wall. I went over to him and the men were singing improvised song depending on the subject someone gave them.They sounded very boy-band-ish. My son kept giving them rude words to sing about. I don't remember what the words were but the sort of things a 5 year old would consider a bit rude.
I took his hand and turned around and suddenly we were in a car heading into the car park of the school. It seemed to have students right up to (UK) college age and they all drove no matter what the age. I went to park but the spaces were really tiny and my little car took up 3 spaces. And for some reason I had a bacon sandwich with brown sauce in my mouth as i was parking!
I got out the car and all the students were all over the place shouting, smoking and swearing. I was about to get back in the car and take him home again when i heard the music again. I turned around and there was a coffin being carried into the car park.
Thats when I woke up.
Normally I don't have dreams quite as unusual or disturbing as this one. I don't have a clue what it means! Some of the stronger aspects of the dream are a little confusing as I don't have children, don't drive and don't know anyone who has died.
Would appreciate some help with this one as it's playing on my mind quite alot. Thanks.

Example: What does my friends dream mean?

My friend had a dream about this guy in our school. She used to like him but she has moved on. Soccer is his favorite sport. Anyway in her dream she was lying in the soccer field. Every one was playing. My friend was laying in the middle of the field with her favorite blanket. This guy that she liked never liked her at all. He knew that she liked him but he ignored it. In the dream she was asleep when this guy she used to like came up to her laying in the middle of the field and crawled under the blanket with her. His other friends joined him and he pulled out some bacon and started eating it. Then she woke up. WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN?

Example: What does it mean if you dream pork's being stuffed in your face, bacon, lots of it and not even cooked?

Example: POLL: What does it mean if you dream pork's being stuffed in your face, bacon, lots of it and not even cooked?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so in my dream, I'm running in the woods, being chased by a moose with a porcupine on its back. I'm running more and then I see a squirrel in the middle of my path and jump over it. The moose, however, squishes it and continues to chase me. Then the Macy's Day Parade comes through the woods and I stop because it is going right through my path. The moose stops as well. After it passes by, I continue running until a beam of sunlight from above shines through the darkness and a piece of bacon with wings and a halo begins descending. I have affectionately name it The Holy Bacon. Then I see a giant orange in the middle of the woods.

Suddenly, I wake up. It was by far the weirdest dream I've ever had. And I've had some weird dreams.

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