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Dream About Backward meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where i was going home from work. I realized i forgot something. When i turned around my car started rolling backwards into the water. I knew it wasn't going to stop so i got my keys, purse, and phone and started to get out. I then thought about something i needed in the backseat. I reached back and got a white plastic walmart sack and turned around to get out. By that time the car was completely engulfed with water and i began to drown. That is when i woke up in a sweat and in tears. ( drowning is my biggest fear) Does anybody know what this dream could mean?

It likely doesn't mean much if anything. Synapses firing in your brain while you're asleep create little movies that can be interpreted somewhat but unless it is a recurring dream it is not worth looking into. If it happens exactly the same at least once a week for more than amonth then your subconcious is trying to tell you something, but your concious mind likely already knows it.
I had a guy come to me with a dream. He was upset by it and thought he was crazy. It was that he was driving a transport down the road and he saw a deer and tried to stop but hit the deer. When he got out to look at the damage he looked down toward the deer but now it was his mother. When he saw it he started to laugh, then woke up. He was very concerned. Turns out after talking the dream had started 3 months ago and at the same time his elderly mother had come to live with him and it was driving him crazy. I recommended he get her a different apt and he did and the dream stopped. He successfully made sense of the dream and you can too, just think about it in relation to your daily life and make those kinds of connections.

Example: Backwards hand Dream?

I deleted old question 'cause i think it was too long.
Either way, went to mansion. Dude was there killing everyone, he set all these people up to come there. I was attacked by him, and i ran away but got to the car park when i saw the dude who used to own the mansion. I grabbed his hand from behind a line of cars, then my hand flipped backwards, and he ran away. He was now set free, but i was trapped behind the cars.
I felt helpless and called for help, but people kept escaping, not even bothering with me. Eventually a chick turned up in a nice white dress and i called her over. I touched her hand, and then she was trapped behind the cars and i got away.
What's it mean?:)

Example: What does a dream mean if I'm flowing backward in a fast stream of water?

So here's how it goes. I dreamed that I was in a foreign country and that certain sprinklers at the park contained a rum and cannabis vapour which people traditionally ran through. I went running through them with some people. It was night. Some guy and I noticed that they were making a stream, and we splashed around in it. This stream combined with another stream (which didn't contain the rum and cannabis). We thought we had better be careful because where they came together looked awfully treacherous. I then started hanging out in the clean stream but got swept away to the rapids. I turned so that my feet were going first, and I was belly down. The guy said, something like oh no, now you're in trouble. I ended up being fine, and it was not as treacherous as expected. I landed at a place where I could easily climb out of the water. Then I was inside some sort of cage meant to prevent people from getting in to that spot, but I got out just fine due to my gymnastics skills. The other guy had followed me there and tried to get out the same way, but he broke the structure.

The reason I need input on this is because I did get quite the adrenaline rush going backward down the narrow rapid stream, and I am still thinking about it.

Example: What does it mean to dream that you're wearing your bra backwards?

? :) thanks!

Example: What does it mean to dream the clothes are on backwards?

I dreamt that Adam realized it was God's will for us to be together and he bought me clothes to wear... the clothes were too tight, very difficult to put on, very difficult to take off, made me sweat, and looked ugly on me...

And then I realized I was putting the clothes on backwards... I put it on forwards again, and ths time the outfit fit perfectly and was loose on my skin, it looked beautiful, a sea blue color... and had a nike sign.

Example: What does your dreams mean?

I dream that I cant walk forward, but can backwards.
If I do move forward, I can only jump, but I start jumping so high, I end up on ROOF'S of houses. :-)

Anyone know what this COULD mean?

Example: What does a dream of backwards musical chairs mean?

I had a weird dream once that I was playing musical chairs to backwards music with my family, what does this mean?

Example: What does swimming backwards in my dream mean?

I had a bizarre dream last night. It's very detailed and there are some patches that have already faded but I will stick to the main part.

I jumped into the ocean to escape a gasoline leak that was seeping into the ocean. I knew I had to keep swimming to get away from it and I knew that at some point someone would pick me up. After I got far enough out away from the gasoline, I started floating on my back and paddling my way backwards. I was confident that someone was looking for me and would get me. I was, though, afraid because it was dark and I knew that I would have to continue to paddle backwards on my back during the night hours in the middle of an ocean and I thought I might fall asleep.

Any Jungians out there with insight into what my psyche is trying to tell me?

Example: What is the meaning of lighting a cigarette backwards, in a dream, mean?

I had a dream that other night: I would light a cigarette backwards, throw it down, and light another backwards; another was lite backwards and it was the last one. Anyone have an idea of what this could mean?


Example: What does it mean if you have dreams that go backwards?

Sometimes I have dreams and they go backwards. One I had there was a train track getting built but I saw it all in reverse. That's not my first of these dreams either. What does it mean?

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