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Dream About Backstroke meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreamed I kissed an animal? What does this mean?

I had a dream that I was in a hotel on a white sand beach in the middle of nowhere, and I was staying in the Penthous Suite alone. I walked into the bathroom, and there was a grizzly bear swimming in the bathtub (which for some reason was the size of a swimming pool) with a snorkling mask on. He was doing backstrokes, and the little kickflip thing the swimmers do at races. I walked up and leaned down, and the bear would kiss my lips, then do the kickflip, swim to the end, come back and do it again. It seemed like this happened for 4 or 5 times in the dream, and It was like a movie where I was watching this happen from afar.

Dreams are very abstract. Maybe your brain combined several things that you experienced or maybe watched on tv and caused you to dteam of them.

Example: Do dreaming of whales have a meaning?

I dreamt I was in the ocean and an orca whale was swimming next to me. The orca whale came very close to me as if she wanted me to pet her but I was very scared,then all of a sudden all this other whales(blue whales,humpback whales and sperm whales) appeared out of nowhere and the orca letf. The whales were swimming around me in a playful manner and flapping their tails but I was scared because how big they were.The whales finally left and I found my self swimming backstroke. I was swimming fast and with a very good form. I was so surprised and at the same time proud of being able to swim so well.I swam towards the beach and almost got stuck in the sand but I managed to swim back to open waters. Does this dream have any meaning?

Example: I'my dream is lyk this.. i'm swimming in the air.. what does it mean?

i have dreamt that i am swimming in the air for about three nights..

Example: I had a dream about a boy I don't know? What does it mean?

I was dreaming that i was at the beach and me and my cousin were there just watching my cousins and then she introduced me to a boy who was related to her in someway but not to me. (she isn't a direct cousin) He asked me why i wasn't in the water and i told him that it felt fine outside and he said that i should go swimming with him. i agreed and we went swimming. I went swimming and we were swimming next to each other. I never wanted to leave that place. Then i said i was getting tired of swimming and we were really far out. He did a backstroke while i hugged his stomach. Then he said i looked beautiful in my swimsuit and he kissed me underwater. When i woke up i tried to figure out who it was but i couldn't. He was the most amazing guy i had ever met. I think i was in love with him but i barely know he is.

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

I've had this dream a couple nights and its really freaking me out. Ok here is it:
I'm swimming in the ocean with a bunch of people, and its very calm and blue and pretty. I start to do a back stroke, and then everyone starts screaming. Someone yells, "SHARK!" and everyone starts swimming as fast as they can, including me. Suddenly I notice im going a lot faster then everyone else, and I turn to look at them and they all have the most terrified looks I have ever seen on their faces. I realize I'm in the shark's mouth and I can feel it's teeth digging into my side and it feels so real, I can barely breath. I kind of just accept it and try to close my eyes till its over with. I don't even fight. Can anyone interpret this?

Example: I dreamt about the dark lord being over at my place ro watch harry potter 7 part 1. What?

First, yeah i am serious!
So i dreamt about lord voldemort or whatever (dont know how to write it in english) he was at my place (the actor of course, i dreamt that the actor were at my place) and looked like he-who-should-not-be-mentioned. I offered him to stay a little longer so we could watch harry potter part 1.
So i was like "what the f***"
Why did i dream of this ****.
Wht is that supposed to mean? (please none of u dreamexplainers go on answering me, only normal ppl)

Example: Can I be in the Olympics as a swimmer?

Hey so im 17 years old and I always had this dream to be in the Olympics as a swimmer and I started swimming when i was 5 and swam for 3 years till I was 7 then i took a long break and started to swim again when i was 10 and swam for 2 years. And then I took another break and started swimming again when i was 13 and again stopped at 14 and its not that I don't enjoy swimming I only had those breaks because I moved cities. My question is : If i go back to swimming do I still have a chance to do competitive swimming or even be in the Olympics? And if not is there any other sport category that I could do without many years of training and still be in the Olympics like shooting maybe?

Example: Swimming in the olympics? ?

last night i went to the gymnastics superstars tour, and was inspired again. i dream is to be an olympic swimmer, yet i am 13 and play soccer. i know weird right? but my time on the 100 freestyle is 1:15 (Minutes) is that good? please tell me what you think!

Example: Swimming and boobs?

I have been a competative swimmer for a long time and I was flat cheasted last year and then I took time off and I got boobs. My dream is to go far in swimming but will my boobs make it harder? Cause I see all these Olympic swimmers with no boobs whatsoever and I feel that if I'm not flat cheasted that I can't swim fast. I'm an A 3something

Example: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"?

What does this quote mean to you and how would it relate to a midlife crisis? Do you have any regrets?

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