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Dream About Backstab meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when u dream of a crocodile?

Okay so the other day I dreamed of being in my back yard and seeing 2 crocodiles sneek up on me. I'm kinda freaked out bcuz someone told me if I have a dream with a crocodile in it, then that means someone is gonna backstab you. But they didn't attack or nothing, they just stared at me in a weird way.

"These animals symbolise a cunning enemy or obstacle to your progress. If there are more than one of these reptiles in your dream, beware of new ventures or business dealings"(1)
"A crocodile lives on both land and water and in some cultures is associated with carrying the whole world on its back; accepting too many responsibilities will make you a servant to many instead of a master" (2)
"If you merely observed him, he's a warning against untrustworthy associates who are trying to influence you adversely. Stand firm."(3)

Example: What does this mean?!?

dream interpretation...
i had a dream a few nights ago that was so weird and unusual i wondered if anyone knew what it could mean...
it started off on a golf course like place and my sister and i were walking and then my auntys house was on the golf course and she had a baby, but it was really small and half hamster (i no haha weird). my aunty went somewhere and so did my sister and it was just me looking after the hamster baby, then it got sick and vomited everywhere a few times. then i went on school camp, and a crane was taking us there. as i was about to get on the crane i remembered the hanster baby and went back to check on it. when i did, i found it with an orange. then it died (but it didnt?) i dunno it like died but it was still alive? anyway, it was so weird i just wondered haha.
thanks :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last two nights I had similar dreams..so,to shorten the story,I had a best guy friend that i loved more than anything,and we're in a fight for nearly 3 months and we probably won't talk ever again,and I've fallen In love on the 9th day of our fight..
First,I had a dream that he accidentally pushed me and I broke my arm and cried my eyes out,and he took me in his arms and hugged me and repeated "I'm so sorry!" but the weird thing is,that he had a slight smile on his face..
Second dream was that he sent me a message on facebook saying "I want to be friends with you again,i love you <3" and In the dream i thought to myself "I don't trust him anymore,what If he backstabs me like the last time he said that.." because during our fight,he asked me to be friends randomly,but 4 days after he just randomly told me he doesn't want to be friends anymore,and from then we haven't talked..
Is that just because I miss him as hell or,do these dreams have something meaningful in them?

Example: What does my dream mean? =:(?

I'm viewing an old tree (ever green), its overcast out and gray. The tree is cut in half and now a huge black raven appears on the tree. This image turns into a picture on the front of an old book. Everything is gray but the book is a forest green.

Can anyone help?

Example: What's the meaning of dreaming about someone surrounded by red light?

I just had this dream where I was talking to someone I know in some sort of room and this person is surrounded by some sort of red light as if she had the sun setting on her back. At first the light wasn't there but after it appeared, the more it glowed, the more beautiful this person looked to me. What's the usual meaning of someone surrounded by red/orange/pink light?



Example: What does this dream that I have mean?

I had a strange dream last night that my cousin came to my house so I could babysit a dog, and I found two dogs a snake and hamsters running around wild in my house. Also, later on in the dream my cousin and I went to the store and bought picture frames, for no good reason? This sounds weird and silly but when I woke up I didn't know what tho think. What does it mean?

Example: School Friend Dream ?

I have my school holidays right now then I go to grade 9 , Ive had 2 dreams in a class room, this perhaps my grade 9 classroom, with all these mixed students. In my first dream this girl in particular sits in my table group because no one else wants to sit with me , shes rude to me . in the second dream, she also sits across to me, shes not really rude, just a little, what does this all mean ? will she backstab me in grade 9? PLEASE HELP. I also felt unpopular and hated in the first dream a little .

Example: I am having dreams?

I am having continual dreams that my best friends in the entire world are trying to kill me. we'll be hanging out and all of a sudden they'll change and pull out a knife. it's a different friend almost every night. I wake up crying and gasping for air. Some are saying it means that I'm scared a friend will backstab me? If any other answers, share them please&thankyou

Example: Dreaming of cats attacking two tiny little babies?

I dreamed last night I was babysitting for two tiny babies who looked like wierd little dolls..but in my dream they were real babies...anyway I dreamed that my two cats kept trying to attack them and bite them and grab them out of my hands...I kept trying to protect them...
Another dream Ive had more than once was that I was being held hostage by a sranger and I kept trying to call 911 and couldnt get through...like I wasnt dialing the right number and I would try and try...
Does anyone know what these mean? I have the weirdest dreams!

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