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Dream About Backseat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where i was going home from work. I realized i forgot something. When i turned around my car started rolling backwards into the water. I knew it wasn't going to stop so i got my keys, purse, and phone and started to get out. I then thought about something i needed in the backseat. I reached back and got a white plastic walmart sack and turned around to get out. By that time the car was completely engulfed with water and i began to drown. That is when i woke up in a sweat and in tears. ( drowning is my biggest fear) Does anybody know what this dream could mean?

It likely doesn't mean much if anything. Synapses firing in your brain while you're asleep create little movies that can be interpreted somewhat but unless it is a recurring dream it is not worth looking into. If it happens exactly the same at least once a week for more than amonth then your subconcious is trying to tell you something, but your concious mind likely already knows it.
I had a guy come to me with a dream. He was upset by it and thought he was crazy. It was that he was driving a transport down the road and he saw a deer and tried to stop but hit the deer. When he got out to look at the damage he looked down toward the deer but now it was his mother. When he saw it he started to laugh, then woke up. He was very concerned. Turns out after talking the dream had started 3 months ago and at the same time his elderly mother had come to live with him and it was driving him crazy. I recommended he get her a different apt and he did and the dream stopped. He successfully made sense of the dream and you can too, just think about it in relation to your daily life and make those kinds of connections.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:
it was me and 4 friends but i dont know who they were and we were walking on the street and another friend pulled up in her car and waved at me and all i remember saying is "you have a baby?" there was a baby in the backseat and it was a girl and it was hers. my friend doesnt have a baby though in real life. the dream switched to wear me and my 4 friends were trying to cross a river or lake. it wasnt calm though it was kind of raging. then i woke up.

Dream #2. My girlfriends best friend *who i dont like* came to town to stay with us for a couple of days but she acted like she liked me but i knew she didnt. she had brought her son with her who was about 1 year in my dream but in real life hes 2 months. Her other best friend also came to stay with us but he wasnt her best friend in real life. we all took a nap and my girlfriend and i decided to take a shower together when we woke up. we went outside to help get her best friends things out the car and i woke up.

Dream #3: it was me and my 2 cousins. one male one female. and we were walking in this celebrity neighborhood. i was in a backyard and wanted an autograph from reba mcentire but when i knocked on her door she shooed me away. so my female cousin asked me who else iwanted to see and it was amanda bynes and johnny depp but neither one was home. we all ended up by a lake and there was alligators or whales in it so we couldnt get into it. me and my female cousin were sitting on a log and my male cousin who then changed from my cousin to unknown little boy was about to get eaten. he fell in the water then an alligator started chasin him but then the gator turned into a whale and the boy barely missed it. then we all supposedly were missing for 4 days and no one could find us. we had to find our own way back. then i woke up.
i know its a lot but please help me as much as you can. its really weird.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being in the backseat of a fast car?

In the dream im in a car in the backseat and its going really fast. So fast that i can feel the pressure on my chest in the dream because of the speed. Can anyone help me figure this out please?!? (i forgot to mention that my dads driving the car And im not scared or anything im just kinda frightened by the pressure)

Example: What does it mean to dream of being in the backseat of a car thats going very fast?

In the dream im in a car in the backseat and its going really fast. So fast that i can feel the pressure on my chest in the dream because of the speed. Can anyone help me figure this out please?!?

Example: What does a dream about a backseat full of popcorn mean?


Example: What does my dream about crashing in a car as a backseat passenger mean?

Ok so i has this dream today while taking a nap that was really vivid and i want to know what it means.

It started out with me in the back seat of a car with a girl i know driving and two other friends in the other seats, the road was wet and we ended up sliding off the road we were on onto a dirt road where we lost control and fell off a cliff, the sensation of falling kept getting stronger and stronger until we got towards the bottom and i experienced a feeling of slowing down very rapidly. We all got out of the car and were amazed by the fact that we were perfectly fine, me and the girl that was driving hugged and i picked her up while we were hugging and carried her away from the car. once we were away from the car we were about to have sex when a different dream started.

In this dream i was driving and the same girl was in the passenger seat and a girl i don't know was in the backseat of the car. Right away we crashed into a pond and i kicked out the windshield. Both the girls were trapped in the car and it felt like i had to choose one and i choose the girl from the previous dream.

Whats your interpretation of this dream?

Example: What Does It Mean When You Dream You Are Moving From The BackSeat To The Driver's Seat In A Car?

In my dream it started out that I was in the car by myself and that I had come to stop at a red light. I could see a white car with 2 suitcases on the outside of it. I noticed all these cars passing by. Then I realized that I was driving from the backseat and that I needed to get in the front seat before the light turned green. I climbed over the seats and I was able to get into the driver’s seat. I was able to go when the light turn green. Once I was in the driver’s seat it’s like I took off driving fast and I made a turn. And I was still driving fast and I was saying that I couldn’t stop. Then appeared that it was a man on the passenger side telling me if I would slow down I could stop. Then I was able to pull into a parking space. The dream ended with me wiping my eyes with tissue while I was talking to this man. Any thoughts.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having this dream I'm driving & the car either starts going out of control or I'm driving to fast or I'm going over a bridge & the car starts veering .I have had this dream so many times what does it mean?

Example: Tell me wat my dream means?

i had a dream about my girlfriend and i in a car in the backseat and i was about to kiss her but the car stopped really hard and i looked up and i saw my mom and her mom staring at me.

Example: What does this dream means?

I had a dream this morning that there's 2 women that I don't know sitting in my car (my car is a 2-seater), when I go get my car, I let them know that it's my car and they left. I was trying to call the police and can't get through. My car is parking in a place like a parking lot outdoor. What does it means or signify?

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