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Dream About Back Biting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning. Bat bite, cut off arm, hospital.?

Took a nap and had a strange dream... We were all grown up, the kids and everything, it was cool. Umm myself n my middle sister always see each other but never my older sister even as older version of us, I went to visit my older sister and waiting for my niece because I hadn't seen her in a very long time, for some reason I didn't take the boys,(my children) I left them house sitting, so my neice knocks and there she is tall and beautiful, she comes in and for some reason the door stays open and after a while I decide to close the door but next a weird looking creature comes in, it was a blue with white edges, it was a bat...very weird, as it gets back close to the door I slam its head, its strong and pushes the door, n I run away, n I put my arm up, all this is happening n my sister in the kitchen not knowing about the situation, I can't scream for help, the bat is biting on my shoulder, in my dream, it hurts I felt the poison settle in. I can't scream n I don't know from where my middle sisters husband is sitting by the kitchen n I got out a help, n he threw something at it but again it gets out and bites me again this time on my lower arm. After that my bro in law shhoooed it away and it left the house. I then got up and I said I'll be fine, I had a jacket on, so I took it off, and fell on my bro in law, the bites were bleeding allot, half my body was numb. I was on the floor, yelled my throat is getting numb, n I couldn't breath. And fainted.I woke up screaming , seeing lights up, I was in a hospital, I saw they had my arms spread n yelled at the sound of chain saw cutting off my arm. N I was just in tears. (the funny part the cut of half my arm not the while thing, n I got bitten on my shoulder)After that there was a scene In this dream, the decision was up to my husband s family, my family n husband. My family decided to cut off my arm bcus couldn't c me die, husbands family to let me die, the last decision was my husbands and he decided to cut it off.

For years you are holding onto some bitterness or unforgiveness toward this older sister. And because of this the door is being left open for a demonic attack and set fear in you. The brother-in-law symbolism for angel and shoos the bat away. Hospital place of help, Could be a church, they are helping you by cutting off the thing that causes offense, helping you by showing you how to forgive and walk in love, not literally cutting your arm off. And your family loves you by helping you get passed this thing with your sister, which brings life and not death.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Bitterness is known in the Bible as spiritual poison and a means by which many are defiled (Hebrews 12:15). It is the source of countless spiritual and physical problems in millions of lives today. The Bible tells us that MANY are defiled by the means of bitterness. Bitterness can be tricky to recognize because it's not a symptom or visible on the surface like anger usually is.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Example: What does it mean to dream a screech owl biting you?

My mom really thinks that every dream has meaning to something, and she was telling me a dream she had where she was just about to go outside, and a screech owl was peerched outside the house, and it flew over and bit her. Can any tell me what meaning this dream has?

Example: What does snake bites dreams mean?

Ok so about two months ago I had a dream a very tiny snake like a coral snake bit me on my foot while I was walking bear foot in a small creek and I was trying to get to the hospital but was magically stuck in ny city traffic for house until I woke and just now I had a dream where there was three different types of poisonous a rattle some solid black one ive never seen before and a dimond back well the diamond back some how bit a girl I didnt know and was trying to bite again so I tried to stop on its head and it bit something else again while I was doing that and finally...somehow with shoes on venom slipped out its mouth to a cut on my left foot the ambo came to check me out some how I had a broken ankle and possibly a snake bite because it has bit two other things before me and didn't think there was any venom let in it to hurt me...but eventually the emts were procrastinating and making up reasons not to leave to the hospital so I got out of the ambo and there was no one anywhere!

Example: Meaning behind this dream?

What does it mean to be bitten by a red back spider? And then dream of the funeral and thinking of the last few hours of your life?

Example: What Does it Mean when a Black Dog bites your left hand in a Dream?

ive been dreaming about this dog for the past week the same dog in ebery dream.. its alway been friendly or sometimes just barks at me.. and today i had a dream of me riding on a skateboard and came accross two dogs(i havent ever seen the dogs) walking by as i kept riding the skateboard the black dog i always dream about charged me from the back and bite me on my left hand and wouldnt let go .. i kept slaming the dog against a wall it still wouldnt let go of my hand !

Example: What does my shark bite dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was on a dock fishing by my self and a pet shark that was on the dock with me, it showed its teeth and scared me, it started to move towards me. I slipped into the water with the fear of drowning because idk how to swimm but I was able to get back on the dock but as I pulled my legs out the shark bit my right leg and I had a hude black gash. Im going threw some family issues and have been betrayed by a family member. Is this a reflection of my situation? Trusting and being betrayed?

Example: What does it mean to dream about mice biting your feet?

It felt very "painful" and they drew blood as well.
Is there any meaning to this?

Example: What does it mean when you are bitten by a spider in a dream?

I dreamt I was relaxing on a couch with a female friend, and straightened some curtains beside it. I felt an intense pain at the base of my thumb on the back of my hand (can't remember which hand). It got worse to the point where it was stiffening up and then two bite marks became evident, leading me to believe that I had been bitten by a spider. I asked some men (maybe firefighters) what I needed to do and they didn't seem too fussed about the spider-bite, so in my frustration I yelled at them that I may as well call an ambulance for their advice over the phone. I was worried about being poisoned. I was then reprimanded by a female friend for yelling and tried to highlight the urgency of the situation. Then a more qualified man appeared and pointed out that there was only one mark, and one mole on my skin, and not two marks. I however knew there had been two marks earlier, and did not believe him. The whole time, I was holding my arm up in the air with my thumb up. I was then told to point it all down. I woke up with my thumb outstretched and no pain.

Example: Snake bite dream. What does that mean?

I had this dream last night about a snake bite. Can someone tell me what this means.

Let see...I remember my dad was doing something and then i saw a vision...it was like a white/tan color. it was blurry, but it looks like a recorder/flute to me. not really sure that happened next, but then there were two snakes, my mom was trying to grab it by the back of the head and I told her it was going to bite her. I was on the couch that time. The next thing you know, there was someone next to me, my brother or someone. He was trying to get the 2nd snake that was also on the the couch moving around. I coud feel it crawling next to me. All of a sudden, I was bitten twice on the finger. Someone said it was poisonous, but no one really knew. Then i remember there was a doctor there. He used a first-aid kit on me. He asked if i wanted to go to the hospital and i said, no. I just want to stay here. I felt tired and weak. Then I started to cuddle, feeling scared like a child...then i woke up...thats all i can remember. The snake was grayish in color.

Any replies would be be appreciate it.

Example: Dream meaning? i dreamed of a big spider bite me on the back while sleeping beside my wife , i scremed.and wok?

i dreamed of a big spider bite me on the back while sleeping beside my wife , i scremed.and woke myself and my wife.

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