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Dream About Back Alley meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that first, I was trying to hide from a tornado with my boyfriend, we tried a closet, but it had an elevator that would come down and smash us? So we decided to lay on a bed and every time I tried to get up the room would start spinning like the tornado was picking it up..so I laid back down. I was worried that we would die (mostly him), and after the first tornado, I found it hard to breathe. But we still survived. Then I wound up at my friends house, and I thought that she lived on a hill, the tornado wouldnt get to me. I then found myself at the bowling alley, where my family also was, waiting for my boyfriend to get done bowling (he bowls on a league). And THEN I found myself driving away from a tornado, after stuffing everything in my car, I drove through hills and whatnot, then came to a neighborhood looking for a house with a basement to sit in. But they ended up calling the police on me, where I found myself getting chased by a cop. I finally got away, finding myself in a circular arena type thing, that it was sort of a game, where you had to try to get in the water on a boat without getting stabbed with a plastic arrow, (there were people that shot them at you as a game, two rows of seats wrapped all around) and I remember trying multiple times, and getting many arrows stuck, and i didnt give up, so i just pulled them out of my arms and etc. but one time i pulled one out of my wrist, and it wouldnt stop bleeding. So they called me out of the "game" and I sat behind the leader? I guess he was but in real life i really work with the guy and back to my dream, i would hold my wrist for like 2 min, then release my hand and blood would just pour out from underneath my hand, (i did this a couple of times). So i sat behind the guy from my work (my boyfriend suddenly appears). then also another guy next to the "leader" (the guy from my work), starts flirting with me. (my boyfriend suddenly disappears) then the guy from my work starts to sit by me..then I woke up...
Besides the fact that I have really wierd dreams (cuz I have weird dreams like this all the time) what does this one mean!?

Okay..so no one can really say exactly what this means. Its believed that dreams really don't mean anything at all most of the time. But, it could be a sign of anything. Maybe you're afraid of losing your boyfriend? If you brine stresses often that could cause odd dreams to occur. Maybe go to the doctor for a check up, in case of any heart problems or if you have blood problems possibly? It could mean any number of things. If you keep having dreams like this, or have reoccurring dreams at all, you should get yourself a journal, and journal everyday. Also write down as many short notes or details of any odd dreams thy you can remember, and write dates down and everything. I hope this helps! c:

Example: What could this dream mean?

Okay, so a couple of nights ago I had this dream and I'm seriously wondering if it has any meaning. Well, I guess you could call it a nightmare since the contents were pretty dark, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, the dreams starts out with an old friend of mine (one to which I hadn't talked to for months before today.) being lost somewhere in the middle of a gigantic, rundown city. I'm not entirely sure where we were, but it was beyond eerie. Everything appeared to be in black and white. The skies were black with storm clouds and huge drops of rain poured down all around like bullets. I got a feeling in my gut that sunlight hadn't shown it's face in that area for ages. Every buildings around us had cracks and were completely falling apart. Any windows that weren't completely smashed in were clouded with a thick dust or some type of grime. I think the most creepy part was the area, beside my friend and I, was completely vacant. No cars, no people, no other life. Just us, standing in the middle of the road, soaked to the bone with a confused look plastered on our faces.

Neither of us really said anything, we just started to walk. Still, we didn't find any people.
We thought we were completely alone in that industrial jungle until we started to hear unenthusiastic moans in the distance. The first thing that I thought (because I'm a horror movie junkie) was "Holy ****, zombies." so I looked at my friend and told her we had to get somewhere safe. She agreed, and we took off running. That's when all these rotting corpses started to appear all over the place, some animated and others not. The ones that could move looked at us with their blackened eyes; obviously full of hunger. This made us run faster and faster. We were absolutely horrified but our lungs were starting to give out on us after what seemed like hours of running. We needed a safe place to rest, so we thought we'd take a short cut down a back alley. As we turned, we saw a motley wooden shack (It seemed horribly out of place in the city) and ran over to it for some reason I can't explain. Inside, there was a millions of dead, rotting rats. On the walls, on the ground, on the ceiling. Everywhere. . In the corner, a decaying woman sang her rotting teeth into one of the rat's lifeless bodies. (It was weird because all of the rats looked like the one I had that recently died.) It was appalling and we both wanted to leave. But as I turned, I was met by a horde of zombies, all reaching out to grab me. That's when I woke up. It was so strange; I can't even explain it. Any ideas as to what this means?

Example: What does it mean if u dream of being stabbed?

well acouple of nights ago i had a dream where i was walkin through my friends area and i walked into a small alley in day light and this one person on a white yellow striped jacket stabbed me the left side of my stomach and slowly layed me to the ground looked at me and walked of then the dream ended and i was still sleeping it wasnt a nightmare or anything anyone knows what this dream means? any help will be REALY apreciated

Example: Very disturbing dream, what did it mean?

Well the dream was very long, but I will shorten it up. I went on a trip with my friends, and when I came back, my mom told me that I better check my phone, that there was a very weird text on it. She said it was a video message so she hooked it up to the T.V screen so everyone could see it, my friend's little sister was there also, and the video was of a whole bunch of weird, unknown symbols and shapes and words, that was for some reason wanting to make everyone turn away, then it turned to a young boy staring at the screen, for about ten minutes he stared, until all of a sudden he screamed bloody murder and the screen went black. Everyone had their heads turned away except for the little sis, rose. So we shut it off in fear and decided to go walk about outside, (By the way, it was dark.) when Rose grabbed a knife from somewhere and mutilated everyone she could possibly see.

She murdered our neighbors in front of our eyes, some little kids and was trying to kill us but we ran inside and told everyone to be quiet and lock the doors. Including her mom who was visiting mine at the time. We could all hear screaming and crying outside, Rosie's eyes were glowing red and she looked like she was almost dead and malnutrition ed, and her teeth were sharp. After a few seconds of silence, I peeked outside and saw a headless body next to my porch along with many body parts scattered across the yard. Then while i was looking through the peep whole, I could feel the locks moving, when rosie busted in, and began to try to kill us, all of us ran next door to her mother's house, and rosie just casually walked in, holding a knife, sat down at the table, and gave us all a threatening look. "Get out you stupid,ugly murderer." I yelled. her mom snapped back "She may be a murderer but she isn't stupid or ugly!" Everyone was devastated that she was actually defending her. Because in REAL life, no matter what, rosie does get away with anything. But back to the dream. I saw rosie get up off of the table covered in other people's blood, walking towards me, it seemed like she was singling me out. So i finally snapped, grabbed my phone, and my coat and ran.

I wanted to run as far away as I could from that place, I ran very far, and in an alley I stopped and dialed 911. after reporting several murders, i heard a beep, as if someone had hung up. A man walking his dog on the street beside me, asked if I needed any help, but I ignored him and continued to run. I ran until I didn't know where I was, i saw a bridge, so I decided to go climb up it and see if if another call would work this time. I walked into a group of little girls who were with their parents, and were playing an innocent game of pushing their doll's in strollers. I walked in front of them and again dialed 911, until I saw a little girl emerge from the group behind me, it was rosie. she had been following me and blended in with those little girls. She lunged toward me almost knocking me of the tallest part of the bridge with nothing but pipes below. but i turned her around and kicked her off. I saw her falling and when I turned away, I heard a loud pain full bang and looked down and her lifeless body was caught in between 2 big pipes.

But at the end of my dream, someone had seen her down there, called for help, and she was alive again. and then I woke up because I couldn't take anymore. What did this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was dreaming that i was at school with my guy friend... I was walking around with him talking about what we were learning in class. We wanted to get a book on Greek Mythology so we asked for it. But the librarian said she didnt have it so she told us to go to the public library. We decided to go right away and once we got outside it started to rain! We ran across the street and looked around for an umbrella, but unfortunately there were none. Cars raced by and it was getting pretty cold. We ran to a back alley and felt colder then out on the side walk. He told me to wait there and he ran to a dumpster. I knew we were far from the library. He came back with a blanket around him. I shivered so much it was getting annoying. He came to me and opened his ams for a hug. When we hugged eachother, i told him i felt warm now. He chuckled and we were soaked so yea. It felt so real omg! But wat does it mean? Y did i dream that dream with my guy friend in it? Y not another guy? And y the Whole dramatic stuff? I need to know wat this dream means! Plz help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a school bus then I got off by my house but the second time I didnt get off by my house but by some alley because I missed my stop then I run but instead of running to my house I ran and got back on the bus then I went all the way to the back of the bus and sat next to this girl and she was talking about me and how I missed my stop like kinda of bulling me about it. But im not in school anymore so what could this dream mean. Lately I had bad feelings about being in college and hating it could this have something to do with it. Please serious answers.

Example: What does my scary clown dream mean?!?

well, ive been extremely stressed out lately & having horrible dreams..but i think this one has been the worst so far..

a quick back round: i live in a house that is next to an alley way..its full of trees..and creatures..and when i was little..it was sort of the "scary adventure" to do.

anyywhooo.. in my dream, im going back to the alley and my friend is with me..i see a really scary clown sitting down on a chair maybe 50 feet away..i tell my friend i dont want to go back there because the clown use to molest me (when i was younger, i wasnt molested..so not sure where that came from). my friend kept pushing me to go..saying that the clown was sorry and he promised he wouldnt do it again..but i ran into my house anyway..the lok on the clowns face was pure evil..he looked alot like the clown from 'it'..


Example: What does this dream mean?

Well in the dream I was walking down an alley way and I remember the sun was HUGE and bright and I looked up to it and I fainted and woke up in a cell full of dogs who were all doing some kind of task, like one was sweeping the floor and another was making a bed but then a cat in a suit came up to the cell door, unlocked it and then the cell collapsed and fell down a cliff then the cat in the suit shot me in the back of the head and I fell down the cliff into a red sea? what does this mean?

Example: The meaning of this dream?

I was running down an alley a guy right behind me running after me. when I get near a car I open the door get in about to close it but he stands in front takes out a gun about to shoot me so I close my eyes. Then again I m running at about 3rd time this repeating. I figure out that when he is going to shoot me I back at running down the alley again with him behind me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in this elegant college dorm environment where there are numerous dining halls and a hugeeeeee backyard type deal with arboretums and Japanese tea gardens. I was only surrounded by college students. I remember that this very handsome man approached me and started hitting on me. We started to cuddle at night and kissed occasionally. But then he started to want more from me. He wanted a relationship. I told him that I have a boyfriend and he got really mad at me. Then he never spoke to me again.
The next day, I lost my sister's dog. (The dog means a lot to me in real life.) Anyways, I was running everywhere from the huge library, the bathrooms, the huge gardens and etc. to find him and I couldn't find him. There were many look-a-like dogs here and there which made me thought that I found my sister's dog but I was disappointed each time I found out that it wasn't my sister's dog. So then I went back to my dorm room after a whole day of searching and I saw the handsome guy cuddling with a girl. The girl rolled off the couch and next to him on his left was another girl snuggled up in his arm. I was extremely hurt even though I knew I had a boyfriend.

This is a WEIRD dream for me. My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other for a week and a half but we're in a very strong relationship. We don't have any problems. So it scares me that I'm dreaming about "cheating" on him and such. What does my sister's dog have to do with it too? Also, why in a college dorm lifestyle setting?

This is a sensitive matter so please do not make a joke out of it. Thank you!

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