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Dream About Baby meanings

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Example: What does it mean dreaming of a baby boy dying?

I woke up today crying. My hubby and I are planning to have children . I had a dream last night that I was feeling very ill and on my way back from a trip we somehow ended up in the hospital with my hubby. I was in severe abdominal pain and the doctor said they had to do emergency surgery because my baby boy didn't make it. He was a beautiful baby boy but somehow his body became unattached.. imy husband was next to me and I couldn't stop crying. What does this mean?

Means nothing. Don't believe in dreams! Live your life calmly and believe in the best things you want to have. If you will not believe in dreams and not pay attention to them you will have peace in your soul and family...and beautiful kids too...:)

Example: What does it mean to dream about babies?

So im 15 and last night i had the weirdest dream. i was still living with my parents but i had like 4 or 5 babies. like newborns and i think they were all girls. they didn't really cry or fuss i was just caring for them.

Example: What does it mean to dream about babies?

I keep having dreams with babies in them. The guy I'm seeing is always in these dreams too (we even broke up for awhile and I still was having dreams that I was taking care of babies with him). They aren't our babies, but I am always taking care of the babies and holding them. What is weird is that I'm not really that interested in having children, and I'm not really into babies either. Any interpretations of the babies in my dreams?

Example: What does it mean to dream of babies?

I recently had two dreams related to pregnancy. In my first dream I'm in this house and I hear babies crying and as i walk through a doorway into a bed room I see two baby twins lying facing each other crying. I look at both and then pick up the left one and begin to care for it.

In my second dream I walk into a bedroom and my current fiance is in it with a crib and in it is a baby and he tells me that it is mine and i delivered it. My mom then walks in the room and starts aweing over her instead of being mad at me, then I turn around and my grandmother gives me a hug and says congratulations to. I was more confused over them not being mad at me than anything.

What do these dreams mean? could I really be pregnant? What do the twins symbolize in the first dream and why did I just pick up the left one? I read up on dreaming of being pregnant but I wasnt techincally pregnant in my dreams, I had babies and didnt know it.

Example: Meaning of my dreams a baby?

Example: What does it mean to dream wit babies?

I been having many dream wit havin babies or being around babies.

Example: What does it mean to dream of babys?

Example: Meaning of dream about baby?

i had a dream last night and wonder if anyone can help me figure out the meaning of the dream. i am a religious person and am wondering if this may be God's way of telling me it's in his hands. here's the dream.

I was in my aunt's bedroom which was my childhood bedroom and all the furniture was the same as it is now but we all kept referring to it as a hospital room i was not conscious or wasn't there for the delivery but as soon as the room came into focus my aunt handed me a baby boy. He was perfect in every way i could feel his skin smell him and feel the weight of him. i instantly loved him! he had a light dusting of brownish blonde hair and the most beautiful face. i knew he belonged to me. then my mom called and i told her i had a baby so she asked me what room and said she would be here as soon as she could(she drives and 18 wheeler cross country in real life) but in the mean time would call my grandma and give her the room number. then my dream switched to a house i'm not familiar with but felt like i had been there before. i was in the living room with the baby and a family member i can't identify when i suddenly realized and started telling the other person oh no i had the baby early and never had a baby shower i have nothing for the baby! that's when my aunt (the one from the beginning of the dream who in real life is actually more like my mother) walked into the room and i told her the same thing she laughed and said you have something and handed me a small bag. i sat down and opened the bag and it was a baby blanket she had made with our family tree on it but the only name i could make out was my dad's name it was like it was his signature(by the way i would never name the baby after my dad he was a drug addict when i was younger and never around but i do speak to him now.) but i remember running my hand over his name and saying his name over and over like it was the baby's name. then i took out the next item and it was a single piece of material with a sewing needle and thread attached. i remember crying and feeling like all i needed in the world to care for this baby was the blanket material needle and thread. then i laid down with the baby wanting to nurse him and woke up lying on my side holding my pillow where the baby had been and looking for him. i can still feel how much i loved him and feel as if i lost him today. btw the needle and thread significance to me is my family owns an upholstery shop and my aunt has constantly throughout my life been sitting at the sewing machine working and the same with my grandmother before her. my husband and i have been ttc for 6 years now with no luck. any ideas as to what this could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream dead babies?

I had this horrible dream about a dead baby.
I was supossedly babysitting the baby of a woman that I don't even know. Then in the dream, I suddenly remembered about the baby, and when I went over to him to check on him, he just lay there with his eyes mid closed and dead. ):
It was horrible. I still feel the horrible sensation in my throat that I had in that moment while looking down at the baby. I also rememeber feeling super guilty because I was. I remember the mom crying and telling me nasty stuff. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about babies?

Dream about Caio and Babies

I had a dream that by the grace of God, I was given two babies to feed. The babies were half felt paper and half human, and they two of them fit across the span of my right hand. I tried feeding it everything that I could think of but nothing worked, finally I find them two very small sour grapes and they survived. We were on a passion.

Then when I was about to delete this guy’s phone number, I heard the Lord say “keep the door open, a baby will come.”

After that I heard the Lord say “God first, the baby will come.”

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